AMZ Image Review | Add Multiple Amazon Images Fast ➡

By | March 7, 2022

AMZ Image Review | Add Multiple Amazon Images Fast ➡

Get AMZ Image – Lifetime deal for unlimited sites.

AMZ Image is a vital plugin if you have WordPress Amazon affiliates websites.

AMG Image allows you to very quickly add ANY product image for any product – you no longer have to settle for the featured image available with Amazon Site Stripe.

You need an Amazon associates account with access to the APUI to use this.

Simply add the details and all of the GEO tags for each country and you are ready to go.

You can use GEO targeting if you add all of your GEO tags.

There is no other plugin like this that I know of, and for a low one time payment, you get lifetime access.

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In this video i’m going to be reviewing Aims and image this is currently Available as a lifetime deal on appsumo If you click on the link below it’s an Affiliate link You’ll be able to pick this up for just 49 Amd image is a wordpress plugin and what It allows you to do is quickly import Any images for any for product straight Into your blog post So instead of just using site straight And using the one image that they allow You to bring in You can choose any image from the Product as in this example here on the Screen Um that you can bring that straight into Your blog post and it’s just it’s normal WordPress plugin So in any blog post you can just add the Image that you want to add Now there is a pre-requisite you have to Have An amazon api integration so you have to Have amazon so you have to you have to Have made some sales on amazon To get your own api key for the various Countries So let me go through It’s not a very technical Uh product per se but You need wordpress obviously in amazon You need an api

And that’s about it So what i like is that normally you can Only bring in one image And that’s the main image you can’t Bring in the inside images but if you’re Doing a review of a product you want to Bring some different images in Just to show off their product and get Some affiliate sales and with this Plugin all the images already Pre-encoded with your your affiliate url You add the uh Your tags into the backend api i’ll show You on one of my sites in a second So in this deal you get a full lifetime Access to amz image You must be leaving 60 days and all Future updates gdpr compliant So you have to have an active amazon Associate associates account You can quickly insert images Maximum flexibility which is what i love About this Um you can search for everything within The plugin itself so you can put in the Async code you can put in a search String and you can choose the department And the country and so on all within the Plugin or within the interface as you’re Inserting the image And the bonus is you can use on Unlimited websites So i’m using on a couple unless that’s Nice to have

Uh you can also uncommission from International traffic so you add your Your international um Tags as Well and so on so There’s a couple of reviews here i don’t Think i’ve left a review yet i actually Personally purchased this about two Years ago when it was first released as A standalone plug-in I think now it’s been bought by another Company which is good because they’ve Added some updates to it That’s why i’m happy to review this now Because i’ve tested it i know it’s Working fine so that’s why i’m happy to Review it Okay so let’s see some of these Questions so yeah you can turn on show Targeting once user clicks an image Um Yeah that’s really answered unlimited Sites it’s shocking because a lot of Plugins nowadays try and limit how many Sites you can use So someone like me i’ve got in excess of 100 sites they’re not all active but i Like to use plugins on multiple sites I’m always not paying end up having to Pay more To uh use on on as many sites i want Okay so That’s not possible Dude i’m just conditioned okay so on

Okay so let’s get into the actual plugin Itself There’s nothing more for me to cover Because it’s a very basic easy plug-in Um so i’ll show you their pictures Actually so this is the back end of Amazon images inside your wordpress You enter the license key for the plugin And the License secret key You can add your amazon api access key And your secret key And your associated tags so all the tags For all the countries I zoom into this i can’t I don’t agree mics and i need to blur Half of it But you can choose to no follow links And you can choose to use geolocation And you add all your country tags and so On in there So i’ll show you the search on my site But you see you enter your so You enter your keyword search You choose your locale you can search by Asin if you want and you can use the the Whole site or just choose a category From the nodes and it shows you so if You find the product show the image and So on Okay so let me show you on my site so This is my fruit juice machine site So let’s say for example this is a new Post i i made with the jasper

Which office Here you see on top right corner it says Add amazon images so i’ve already set up In the back end so now let me search for Keyword let’s say let’s say fruit juicer I can find an asian code if i want I want to choose the us you can have Canada germany uk italy spain france India and australia And the search index choose the the node So appliances are to craft someone i’ll Leave it for all Just to search So it’s using the api to bring up these Uh these products So there’s quite a few here Let’s go for the first one so now i can Choose the image that i want like on the Main image that’s all you get with site Stripe Or i can choose the picture of this Woman drinking Um another Image this one with a Cup of juice I can do one with a person actually Using the machine One of the With the apple going in and one with I look at the images with images the Features Actually i want this one so i can choose Small medium or large Also you can see what the price is if

You want to target high Higher price items you can choose the Different ones this one 69 24 this is 200 i could use this one But anyway okay so that’s that um Okay that’s fine I’ll do insert into post i want a large Image and i put it right there So there we go snap a large image And it’s linked to the product and it’s Got my uh My affiliate in And yes basically it’s as simple as that And with this you can what i like that You can choose the image because with Sites drive as you probably know you can Only get the first image but with this One you can choose the image that you Really want to put in there And that does help with the conversions Because you’re showing off more features Of the product And it’s a bit different to other sites Now if i Update Okay so that’s the image right there if I click on it let me see it shows my Address one second Okay shows my address i won’t click on It but if you click on it it will take You straight to amazon ot to the product Page So you can see the url about the bottom It’s got the ace in it’s got my

My tag on the end So that’s that’s excellent And the good thing is if you’re going to Sell your site in the future it doesn’t Use the short shorten code So if you’re selling the site future you Can use a search replace plugin and just Replace your tag in there so that’s very Useful So that was a relatively quick review of This product Um if you’re into amazon affiliates Marketing this said this is a no brainer Honestly because it’s only forty nine Dollars Unlimited license and they’re always Keeping up with updates So i think it’s a really good purchase And every blog post can do with more Images and if you can break amazon Images and they’ve really got your Url encoded in them and using api so It’s completely legit with amazon terms Of service Then you know it’s a really good really Good feature Really good option And as with appsumo you can try it for 60 days if you’re not happy you can Refine it but this is not one that’s Worth refunding This is a really good useful plugin and I highly recommend it I mean you can see read some of the

Reviews if you want But i don’t think you’ll get any Any threes to start let me do all five Stars so far So i know you can’t always trust reviews But i think i might even leave a review Because it’s uh so good Yep they’re all five stars so far i’m Not done any filtering Can i filter by review score Let me see Come on Oh my goodness stick along Okay we’ve got three star okay elastic But that’s a absolute issue Definitely all that without its major Drawbacks i use awp and i have them for A while And i use another one called Affiliate table i think Let me see They say it doesn’t work with gluten Blocks and i’ve just shown that it works So when was this january Well i’ve just shown it works with Built-in blocks That’s by saying that they kind of line It properly now what you can do with Gutenberg Is you can add a row Oops So you can add a uh I’ve forgotten how much you do it i Think it might be part of cadence you

Can add a or organize the row so i can Have two 25 Blank blocks either side and put the Aims and images in the middle so you can Align it that way if you want to There’s always work around if you want But i don’t i don’t have any issue with This This is one of the negatives i looked up To the plugins about a year ago That’s fine i mean what other updates do You want I mean people do sometimes get obsessed With the updates But this has definitely been upgraded From the two years ago when i first Purchased it There are quite a few new features And Yes like i said someone has taken over The plugin and it’s working well so People get obsessed with updates I can’t say anything about the license Issue maybe they did manually i don’t Know Um okay Apart from those Two The rest of all five star and if i was Reviewing i’d give it five star 100 Because it solves a problem and it’s a Really cheap price for unlimited Licenses And the issues that they raise they

Easily overcome by adding a row Editor roadblock a row and some blocks Around it and put the image in the Middle on the right And so on So i think people need to uh be Realistic you’re paying 49 dollars for An empty license and they’re solving a Big issue of bringing amazon images So anyway that’s my that’s my review I’ll leave it there i think it’s a Really good product And yeah without sumo you can do a Refund if you’re not happy but I don’t think this is worth a refund so I highly recommend it click on the link Below and thanks for watching