Article Forge 3 Review | Unlimited Articles + Pricing Update

By | November 27, 2021

Article Forge 3.0 Review
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The current pricing will increase very very soon and the unlimited article writing plan will be removed. To be grandfathered in, buy now and keep the same pricing and unlimited articles.

Article Forge has just been updated to version 3.0.

This brings new features and even better, human like, AI writing.

There are more updates in 2022 including 2000 word articles, more quality and accuracy updates, you will be able to specify style and tone in future and more!

00:01 Introduction

The new version of Article Forge is a powerful natural language generation software that makes article creation simple and easy. The tool has many features that help you create high-quality articles with the minimum effort. You can categorize your articles into different categories to further increase their search engine rankings. You can also change the style of your articles and categorize them using the Advanced Toggle options. With these options, you can easily customize your articles to suit your particular needs.

When it comes to the new software, you will notice some notable changes. The tool is now capable of researching any topic. It reads millions of articles and knows everything it needs to know to produce high-quality articles. You can even use the new feature called Perfect Tense to correct any grammar mistakes in your content. By making use of this feature, you can create high-quality content without having to spend hours writing and editing them.

Article Forge can now produce SEO-friendly content in seven languages, allowing you to target multiple markets through the same articles. In addition, you can insert relevant images, videos, and links into your articles. The new version also allows you to write and publish up to 24 articles a day, making it the perfect tool for anyone who wants to promote their website. This software has the potential to be your virtual sampler – it can produce thousands of unique articles every day.

The new version of Article Forge has a number of improvements and features that make it more advanced than its predecessor. You can create articles in seven languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. You can even select from a variety of themes. By using Article Forge, you can easily produce unique and optimized articles for your website. You can also choose to have them translated to other languages to expand your readership.

While the first version of Article Forge can produce SEO-optimized articles, the new version allows for paraphrasing. It also supports seven global languages and can be used to generate SEO-optimized articles. The new version of the software has an integrated WordAi and SEnuke TNG, which enables businesses to target a broad audience with a low amount of work.
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Get the unlimited plan now at:

In this video i’m going to be reviewing A new writing tool or writing service That i’ve signed up for And it’s called article forge and the Reason i’m i sign up for it and the Reason i’m talking about it now is Because they are removing the unlimited Article option within the next few days And also the pricing is going up i Believe it’s going to be in the middle Of next week i’m not exactly sure the Date but they just said After the black friday period So if you go through this whole review And you see the content you definitely Want to sign up but you should you Should sign up as soon as possible Because this plan and This price will not be around for very Long So what is article forge now i’ve heard About this uh i saw some i heard about It a moment a year ago I didn’t really consider it as a good Option because i didn’t actually realize How good the content was and now it’s Actually unbelievable it’s really really Good Um So they’ve just released version three And it creates even better content and The differences with this and the other Tools i reviewed and reviewed before and I use

Is that the content is more authentic It’s more real it’s more factual And it actually makes sense From the first draft so you have to go In and keep rewriting it Now the way it works i think is that it Scrapes the internet for the for the Keywords and then it uses ai to put the Put the words in automatic sentences and So on Because their partner company or sister Company is word ai which i’ve also got a Subscription to And that is also amazing for creating Content from Different paragraphs from different Different pieces of Content i’ll link below to that review And i’ll probably make another review Because i’m using that a little bit more Let’s get back to article 4 so um yeah Creating content right now it takes a Bit longer than 60 seconds because it’s Really really busy because they’ve Signed up so many people And people are testing out this the Service is the server they’re quite busy Now It should settle down in a few weeks But the content output is incredible It’s unique content is the same and it’s Not better quality than human writers There was a sample of content that they Paid for from human writers

Compared to the content their Own system produced and you can see a Vast difference So if you have a lot of blogs or you Want to keep your blogs fresh and Updated You can use article 4 to create unique Excellent content very quickly Um seo optimized They’ve got some samples that you can Look at here So in this marketing article the main Keyword was how to rank on google and The sub keyword to create content and Create links and as you’ll see in the Demo that i show you The way it works is you want to enter a Keyword but don’t end up just a Enter a long tail keyword or be Descriptive set a tone so it will write A Better article for your content And what you can do if you want to write A pillar content long content you can Create Multiple articles just use different Headings Be descriptive and it will write a whole Massive post for you Entertainment so Starfield which is a game and they enter Some more keywords about game developer And release date So it will actually go and pick up real

Content And i’ll show you in a in a sample Content in one second but um it goes and Picks up real content Very recent to uh The uh look the news at the time Local articles health I’ve got a few uh health websites and I’ll definitely be using content article Forge to Beef up the content on the site And even finance and crypto and so on It’s up to date with all the little Stuff So enter keyword wait and receive your Article Now this is the current pricing that you Can act start a completely free trial For five days Um i believe you’re doing it to your Credit card editor but if you cancel it But before the five days are up you you Won’t be charged at all so you’re not Charged until after the fifth day Um the monthly plan is 57 And at the moment it’s unlimited Articles So um You can so you can generate as many Articles you want from within the app Itself but there is a restriction on the Ap icon so if you’re using it with Another tool such as Ranker x i refuted a few days ago

That has got a api link up with article 4 which if you’re trying to create a Spun content Um ranker x can fetch content from Article 4 with the keywords you give it And it will um create new content for The backlinking sites i think the limit Is 200 000 Words or characters per month i’ll Double check that i forgot what it is Exactly But if you create the content from Within article forge itself It’s unlimited for now at the time Recording And that would that would be going away Next week Um actually let me just pull up the Email so i can show you Oops so this is the email i’ve got today So black friday um they’re not doing Deals and discounts per se But you see uh before the energy content Plan goes away and our prices increase For good So what what they’re saying is that They’re going to take away the limited Plan And they’re going to increase the prices By quite a lot it seems As long as your account remains active You’ll create you can create create Unlimited articles for life Even when others have played double

Triple ten i don’t think we ten times But double or triple And So They’ve got uh major quality and Accuracy updates and i can match that Because i actually tested it a few Minutes ago With a new product And 2 000 words article with sub-headers And a single click I’ll show you the upcoming updates yeah Because i know now it was up to 750 Words so it’s massive two thousand Articles You can specify tone and style And you can Control exact points and so on Um so in 2020 2022 it’s really gonna Launch with even more amazing stuff i Can’t wait Um you sign up Now you’ll you’ll keep the same price And For black friday you can have a Completely free five-day trial and then You can judge for yourself if you want To keep it or not Okay so let me show you So this is a little bit of um best Practices how to make article forge work For you now this is where i got stamped Last year when i first looked at it I wasn’t sure how it worked i’m not sure

How accurate it was But in the example here that if if you Put in a main keyword chiropractor it Won’t bring up enough content but if you Want to make good ranking content and Accurate content putting a long tail Word benefits of a chiropractor in miami Who talked about miami benefits of Chiropractic and so on And there’s more examples You can control the sentiment I’ll show you that in one Example in a second Uh long tail content and long form Content As i was saying earlier for example if You’re doing a product review for just Say the pixel 6 phone Which i believe is the current google Phone at the time recording i’m not Really a Google android phone person But um you can have just say you’ve got A you want to have a long pillow post so Your your first main article or content Will be the About the pixel 6 phone Then your second article will be about The camera quality your third one will Be about the chip And so on and so forth And you see here to each article is i Don’t know how many words this is Um

But you can break it up into it’ll be Broken up for you into these separate Articles In this current version article forge And then you can put that all into one Long one long post And that way you can have all these Different articles and You can you can hit every single point Into one massive pillar post And that will really help with their Ranking the article rank in your page Um let me show you an example so Actually let me show you inside the Control panel just pull up something Okay So this is the actual control panel of Article forge At the end i’ll show you my uh why i’m Really impressed with the article i Wrote about a recent product But this is the main control panel So you can do a new article the article You’ve written you can link it with WordPress Post scheduler api information Affiliates and Whatever okay so api um okay so you get 200 200 000 Words per month And um [Music] And yeah so if you look at something Like ryan corrects or any other plugins

Or any other apps that we use article Forge it will open up behind my api key There I’ll probably just regenerate it anyway So you get apache at the top and then You um Shows you the requests made and the Monthly words and now what it is if you If you know you’ve been using a lot you Can actually prepay So it is 25 cents per thousand words So i think you have to you can have your Credit card on file you can just just Pre-pay and it will just Take the payment or you can have overuse Protection on so you don’t want to pay More than your your allotted amount You’ll switch that on and it won’t let You exceed your Allowance But for me that’s not a problem for now Because i’ve just started using it i’ll See how it goes but i think i don’t Think i’ll be getting over that limit Um so let me show you A new article so right now you can see They’ve got this big head on the top There’s been a massive response to Article 43 And so for um for now they’ve got this Little warning on top that it takes a Couple of minutes to write in high School normally it’s about a minute

But i think that takes a couple of Minutes This is the actual interface so you put In your main keyword main not just one Keyword but think for long term keywords So Best cameras for Wedding photography Um you can pick your language And you expect sub keywords so Um I don’t know um date i’m reading i’m not Terminating i’m not sure what another Sub keyword would be for that And you can choose your length of Article so for now you’re limited to Very short 50 words short 250 medium 500 Long 750 as you saw in the email earlier They’re going to be increasing up to 2000 in 2022 And you add titles you can add an image That you will go and get a royalty free Image You had a video so embed a youtube video Because as you know Um content with images and videos Embedded videos To rank higher in Google Uh replace keywords with links So you can add a link replacement i Haven’t tried that yet And you can post straight to your WordPress blog so you can choose the

Blog You can choose the individual blog and Then post it straight to the blog i Won’t be doing that And if you’ve got wordy eye which i do You can actually enter your api key You can create 10 unique versions And then you can use that to post if You’ve got just like 10 blogs about Wedding photography you can post a Completely unique version to each blog Completely automatically I’ll turn the offer now Um i’m not gonna write an article right Now because it’ll take a bit of time I’ll show you some of the articles i’ve Written Um let me see which one is it Okay for me it’s my articles So this is a few that i’ve written Just testing out And so for example Uh this so my my my keyword on my Long-term keyword was but i knew new Features of article 4 3.0 And it went out and uh wrote this Content i think i chose 500 words i Think i chose And um it wrote this content it’s all Pretty accurate because it is their own New version Let me show the other one i wrote So in this one i enabled a heading A title

Image i think yeah and and i i got a Video in bed So what you can do with this you can Copy the html and put it into a WordPress site onto another content Management system or your own html site Or you can uh Copy and paste it or you can spin it You can export it as text export html Export pdf or post to wordpress Um I’ll show you actually i’ll show you Posted wordpress I got my sites linked up Okay i’ll post it to this site here so This is this site it’s just a demo site I made Um it’s got no post no content this is The site Let me just get that content so i’ll Post to wordpress Actually no sorry sorry before i go to Let me show you what i did uh wordpress So to to add a wordpress blog You put in the oops Just refresh this So let’s just change my blogs okay so You put in the blog url you have to make Sure you copy exactly because i had an Issue Um because i put in https and i didn’t Enable ssm on the site so it wasn’t Posting i couldn’t figure out why But make sure you copy copy the full url

Of the blog https colon slash selection Blog name blog url Excuse me Um enter your admin or email address and Your password And this you don’t need to worry about It should be standard and this one i Just chose get only blogs within the Pubmed url So it saves your blogs in there And the error i had was this error here Uh failed to post asking i couldn’t Figure out why it’s because i did i Didn’t enter the https I didn’t enter http as it was in the Blog then i have to go and change it i Fixed it anyway it’s Working and also you can Check with your You can you can whitelist the ip that They post from Because it’s posting to your site some Host might see as a Ddos attack So you might check with your host but You can you’ve got a little help Document here anyway for you to read Um let me go back to the article so Operations Post to wordpress And i said in their options that you can Add as many wordpress blogs as you want So it goes to Head mail

Uh categories I haven’t got any categories set but Once you click it it will sync up your Category i’ll just choose and categorize Tags okay there are some demo tags now I’ll just put Workshop into my own facebook gaming Uh you put comma it will make it a tag Article you can change what you can Leave as it is and do post So give it a second we are posting And it’s done So now if i refresh it There’s our post and let me just refresh On the site This is our post so you see there’s the Image That title that’s all the text And that’s the embedded video Okay Okay That is how easy it is to post to the WordPress blog I’m sorry i’ve got too many tabs open Okay let me go back to my obstacles I’ll close this one And so The the article i’m going to show you So just say for example you’ve got a Review site And normally if you use a an ai writing Service You won’t be able to get the latest Content or accurate content

On something that you’re reviewing or Something you’re talking about So what i did i thought i’ll write a Sample article a review article on a Camera but i didn’t i don’t know Anything about cameras So i called the best cameras of 2021 and This website digital camera world This was number one nikon d3500 So i put that into article forge And what are the best features of the Nikon d3 500 camera If i can get it out now you see it i got An image i got the headline and i’ve got A video So i can what i could do i can just Forget the image and the video just use This as a As a subheading i’ve got to say what are The [Music] Um i don’t know um What what are the main Features that not features but what is The Well the advantage of this camera Um I don’t know anything about camera sorry Um How long is it battery life i don’t know I can i can write some facts about this But using word i know nothing about Cameras as you can see as you can tell But this went and got me this whole i

Think it’s about 750 word article about Just what are the best features I’ve actually got a camera site i’m not Posted to for probably two years And i can actually now update It with content about various cameras i Know nothing about But i know that i can trust article 4 Which has got the content accurate i can Obviously double check it But um as you can see it’s really good Content and i could go post it straight To the wordpress site And put in some affiliate links or Whatever or Do some episodes to a course Or just do an opt-in form and get some Get some leads So all that was just from just from the Model name the model number sorry And i just put in one of the best Features i’ve got i’ve got half an Article here Um so that is that Let me close that one Don’t need that one okay i think that’s All the future that i need to cover Over the best practices So as you can see let me show you one More actually Um Make money with blogs i think this was The first one i did So again i’ve got um i’ve got a title

I’ve got a picture and i’ve got a video And this is just a generic article how To make money with blogs Actually what was my c keyword does it Tell me I think i think this will then make make Money with blogs And you see it’s written article here About how to make money with blogs so You can again Uh just do One made long-term keyword another one Another one you can make long posts Just from a few keywords and you can be Pretty certain that the content will be Very accurate So that is my review of article forge it Was a bit longer than i expected But um i will be doing some some more Upcoming videos and i’ll be showing you Actual real content Because i just did a review of jarvis And As you saw from that video i do love Jarvis but now i’m questioning should i Be using this to write Actual content for blogs because It is a lot quicker And Because i don’t really need to edit the Articles much But with jarvis i do enjoy just doing Composing just going through the article I guess we’ll see i’ll give it a few

Months And go through it But both both resources will get you Rankable content Both are unique the article forge is More accurate and it’s more human Readable straight out of the box without Editing So and the pricing is well i am paying a Lot for travis but java is gonna be a Lot more Than an article for articles just Basically for articles But again it depends what you’re going To do i’ve even got word ai Which i could use to replace jarvis I’ll link to that video as well below So right now we’re lucky we’ve got Plenty of watch we’ve got blogs got Plenty of options to get content and you Can even use this as a gig service for Fiverr or upwork or whatever And you can write content and people pay You for it Because this is better than some of the Content i paid for on some of these Writing services So there’s a lot of possibilities um So i hope you find it useful please do Leave me a comment and give me a like Subscribe And If You want to see more content for my

Article forge Subscribe because over the next week i’m Going to have a couple more Sessions of using this to actually write Some content i’m going to reveal one of My New niche websites I’m going to compare writing content With javas and write content with Article forge And just i’ll go through the whole Process of writing the content and Posting it to wordpress Just so you can see which one’s quicker Which one’s easier So if you find this useful Then let me know below in the comments You’re going to pick up let me know Don’t forget this deal of this pricing And um this offer of unemployment is Only valid for a few days from The release this video so please do sign Up And i’ll see you next video thanks for Watching bye