ArtSpace AI Review & Demo | Special Offer Ending 24 hours ??

By | December 11, 2022

ArtSpace AI Review & Demo | AI Art | Special Offer
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Artspace.AI is a new AI art tool that creates all kinds of art from a few simple prompts.

In this video I show the current pricing, the dashboard, I show several examples and at the end I give some monetisation examples.

00:01 Artspace AI Review
00:20 Artspace AI special offer
00:35 Why AI Art?
03:30 Artspace pricing
04:07 Artspace AI sample
04:45 Artspace AI Dashboard
08:30 Artspace AI Demo
17:45 Artspace AI examples
24:45 How to make money with AI art

AI Art
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting new area of art that is becoming increasingly popular. AI art is created using algorithms and computer-generated images, and has become a popular form of expression due to its ability to create unique and often stunning works of art.

AI art is created in a variety of ways. Algorithms can be used to generate images based on input data, or to manipulate existing images. Artificial neural networks are also used to create abstract pieces. AI can even be programmed to create music, animation, and interactive media.

The popularity of AI art is due in part to its versatility and its ability to create pieces that are not attainable through traditional methods. AI art is often more complex and interesting than traditional art, and can be created more quickly and easily than traditional art. Additionally, AI art has the potential to be interactive, with viewers able to interact with the artwork.

The possibilities offered by AI art are limitless, and the potential for creating stunning and unique art is huge. As technology continues to advance, AI art will likely continue to grow in popularity and will likely evolve as well.

Overall, AI art is a fascinating and exciting form of expression that offers endless opportunities for creativity and experimentation. Its increasing popularity is a testament to its potential and its ability to create beautiful pieces of art that cannot be achieved through traditional methods.
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In this video I'm going to be reviewing A new AI Imaging tool called They're currently offering a 50 discount On their lifetime deal So that is unlimited art for a one-time Price And I believe it ends in about 24 to 40 Hours from this video Uh let me just double check actually When it ends Um So it ends on the 13th of December 2022 So it's about one day 11 hours from now Um oops back to the top So you might be thinking why do you need An AI tool to create art I don't know about you but I've got Loads of blogs and stuff and it's always A bit of a pain trying to find a unique Stock image or even paying for like Deposit photos for for these photos for Art for vector image and so on And it'll be nice if I haven't got a Skill to do it and I can't afford to pay Someone full time to do it So it's nice to be able to have a tool To create high quality images for you That you can customize just by entering Some text just changing a few things Here and there you can customize your Artwork and just create what you want Just adding some prompts now this is a Fairly new space And this program itself this app is in

Beta so it's ever changing But with the active Facebook community And the prompts other people are sharing And you get an idea of what works well For the users and what you can do in Your own uh for your own artwork Okay so Um I'll show you a demo shortly but this Is the actual interface of the app as it Is right now Um Okay and then a second So what I've noticed is that some of the Best images or what I think are the best Images that people make I've made so far Is that these fantasy images and I've Seen people Um publish books on Amazon just by using AI writers and AI image creation tools So there's no copyright and everything Is custom made by AI so they can Distribute and do what they want with The content So you've got the full license to do as You wish with this with the images And I'll get to how you can monetize This later on So there's few demo images here and so On So here's some more images on the bottom Here you see how nice these images are These are all created with this tool And I think they even share the prompts

In some of the demos so you can actually Create it and Tinker with yourself to Make something similar So the main function is the drawing so You can draw from the your text prompts You can use other people's prompts you Can use seed numbers to create similar Images and so on Um in painting I'll show you a demo of If I can Make this image I'll show you a demo This this is where you have an image That you've made but you want to add Something else to that image like a Background or a certain Style You can use in painting out painting is When you Want to extend an image so just say You've got an example of a An office situation you want to add Another section to it to make it even Bigger and wider you can choose out Painting through the direction and you Can it will use AI to extend the image To make it a bit bigger add some more Detail There's a short video here And yeah this is the Dual so you get a Special introductory offer because They've just launched it recently in Beta And it's 147 for Lifetime one-off Payment and is unlimited and you get 100 Percent

Uh guarantee On there So I've actually purchased this let me Get into my account so this is my Account here one second Because it's just to create I just put In just something quick quick demo I just put in uh Qatar or cathode World Cup 2022 Stadium image this actually Looks I think like a stadium there it's Got the Qatari colors obviously they Don't have all this nice Greenery around It I don't think But anyway this is just for example if You've got a football blog And you know how expensive the images Are to license you can make your own Artificial images And just add to my social media images As featured image for your blog post and So on And images always catch the eye Especially on social media so something Like this on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or whatever well it's Eye-catching image And you can make it it took me two Seconds to write this Took about five seconds generate the Image So you can choose the uh all the detail All the configurations here and it just Helps an image for you Actually let me go through this uh this

Control panel So this is the main interface So history shows all your generated History lab with this you have to be Careful because this is The history from your browser cache on The PC you're working on Including the Chrome profile Because I accidentally left on my Personal profile and I was generating a Whole load of images And only history is based on the browser Cache So yes that's history formulas is Subjects you can choose different styles Airbrush and so on photo Bio-pound Cube these are all different Things you can research them what they All are but there's a lot of variation Here You can choose artists if you know a Particular artist and you want to copy This style you can add one or multiple So and you will hold Banksy and so on So four matching of 3D renders for 3D Images action photography Um all these different types here Cartoon CGI charcoal drawings So boosters such as chop up the images a Bit you can put something in like 4K These are all these are all called Prompts That tell the AI this is what I want This is the style to use and these are

The features I want in the final artwork Okay and then you've got vibes Which I don't really miss either too Much but you have bright Charming Cinematic colorful And perspectives So um 85 millimeter aerial views I used That a few times Close up dark background drone which I Need to try All these different perspective all of These different things can add a Different variation to your image So um you can quickly create a lot of Unique Images just by spending five ten Minutes Trying a few things become a whole Library of images Let me show you some of some of my History oh sorry this side here It's a seed so on this side here you can Download the image reset it Got this bit where it says when the Download expires so it goes off their Server And this here this is the seed number if You really like this image and you want To use something similar in future You can use this seed number copy it and You save it somewhere put it in the word Document or whatever Notepad And you put that in here And then then you collect more textures Use that base image but create even more

Similar to that on top of that so on You're supposed to upload an image here So for example just say you've seen I don't know a picture of something that You really like and you want to create Something similar you can upload the Image here And then once it uploads you can add Some more text below so you can say For example if it's a Bright sunny day you can say a Um Similar you have Sunset and then you can Have Countryside whatever I can't even Think what I want to get out here but You can add all sorts of text to it And you say different perspective and so On so it will copy the sub elements of The image Depending on your variance And then it will output something Similar so let me see for example I've got any decent images downloaded Um let me see One second Okay let me see this one for example so I've got this They said juice fruit juice a manual Fruit juicer So the variant is how different you want It to be from the original image you see From zero to 100 so 100 is completely Different zero is is not too much Difference

So you do want to increase the variance And you have to Australian out of the f2m try a few Things So let me see for example I don't know How well this will work this image isn't The best but let's say On a kitchen Top for example let's see what that does That's the magic button there that does The work Let's see what this brings out it might Be something completely weird I couldn't find any other good image on My Timer's folder Okay so it say it's got the same fruit It took away the machine The juicer and on a granite Countertopsis it's kind of what I said So you see that there's taken some Elements from the seed picture and just Put it into the main picture Let's do this variant let's say 10. And Let's do magic now also this is the Size So one by one is a two zero four eight By two zero forty pixels Um I won't click on it actually let it Finish and I'll show you So there's some weird juicer again it's Got the yellow

Of the lemon and it's got a countertop So it's a little bit closer to the image But again it is a bit weird Let me show you let me show you the size Itself four by three so it will be two Zero four eight by one five three six You can of course take them up and down The sliding scale so customize however You want can you type in let me see I know you can't type in you have to you Have to do like this with these slider Then you've got three by two one and Twenty by 1280 which I think is ideal Block size Oh well they normally do 1200 by 800. Then you got 16 by nine These were the variations that you can Do inside of course you can customize it So 1280 by 1024 Um let's do eight let's do 75 variants Foreign So all I've done is put it in a couple Of words It's probably better to win a lot more Keywords now we've got a pepper Can't stop some fruit and I don't know What that is Let me show you some of the history Actually what I've been something you Have done So let's go to the top here so that's The World Cup one this was a garden

That's Another World Cup Qatar Stadium This is England win the World Cup which You know what happened there this was a Blogger working on a computer Um this was supposed to be a glass of Apple juice but it became Orange But this is a nice image here I'd use This one You click on recover It will bring in the seed and it will Bring in all of the Actually I need to remove the seed It brings in this I need to bring that Image to bring them to see them I have never actually tried to recover Let's see what it does Maybe supposed to reset it first but Let's see what happens okay no point in The same image that's fine that's the Seed number right there I avoid the exact same image so from There Okay let me try the Um out painting function I'll show you That so obviously the main thing I'm Going to be using is drawing you were in Painting so if I only change this black Um Counter top whatever is here and you say For granite marble Countertop I can do in painting Let's try that I'm not trying it Properly so It will be a live demo so select size of

The brush so you choose a brush So this purpley pinky thing here That will choose the background I don't Know how fine you're supposed to be Okay I'll get as close as I can Without messing up So this is the area that you want to uh Make changes to close Oops getting very close This bit this bit let me change the Brush size I tried this before but I didn't really Pay attention to being a little bit Better now Because that demo had a really good Results But they had a better image to start With let's see what this one does I want a white Granite Worktop So let's see If this works first time excuse me It's working it's working Foreign It didn't do anything Um I like Granite worktop is that not Enough detail Real this stick In kitchen this wasn't random words in There Um I don't think this needs to be on Let's see what it does now

Let's get this in beta so there are some Bugs occasionally And I speak to random image here Oh yeah I'm asking to figure out how to Get the in painting working properly It's a bit embarrassing But the demo was amazing So it's in beta so I'll just put it down To that Um anyway so let me show you the out Painting let's see if I get that okay So just say I want to extend this right Hand side The box there And then you press the Actually do I need this Let's see what happens Because these tools I'll be honest I've Not used I just use the drawing tool All right but it's called these in the Demo it looked really good So let's see if this works It's a little bit slow too than it has Been Okay Um it's put the white granite counter Topping on the side But anyway it made the picture bigger Um I'll just leave it out of this honestly It's just supposed to be a demo of the Actual possibility of what this can do When it comes out beta Let me see

What's another ones I did Okay this is one that I Excuse me Okay this one might not come out well Because when you pull it from the seed Let's see I used a seed image And so just say for example I had a Lawnmower plug And I wanted to use a made-up lawnmower Okay that's completely different But you use the uh I use the seed image To make that The image of the lawnmower And this was an AI image that I'm used I Think I said I choose intelligent Represents an image realistic 4K Let's quickly pull that one up So I can use this image as a base image I can make something different from this So let's see for example if I do About painting let's make it a bit of Tricky and see if we can extend this top Bit here Let's do that let's see what it does This would be a good test I think If we make a separate head whatever it Makes In addition to that top belt head I'm not seeing this feature in any other AI tool I've got access to a ping for Jasper art Which is about 20 a month And I use it occasionally for blog post

Images I just want to see how it Develops But I'm actually cancel that okay Dave It's gone up and it's gone right Actually it's gone right more than that Which is weird With a nice smooth another image here Which is interesting I know it's just me doing it wrong but Anyway it's very weird You can download it and then it will You can use it wherever you want I see some more that I made for this was Gonna go back to draw And click on this one again I think it's The right seat I think it has Excuse me Okay this was Robert Downey Jr and Superman so I don't know why how he's Quite Superman here It's quite nice you could turn it Straight away Obviously you don't be using these Images on your blocks these are like Likenesses of Celebrities famous people whatever so You don't use any logos and things like That but this is just a poor demo Another good one I made was this one I should mention in the beta there is a 15 or 20 second delay between image Generation just to Um just to keep the keep under control I Don't know the gestures anyway

So what I put here Robert and Junior as Super Mac instead of Superman That's why I made him like Iron Man Let's look at one more This was an image of Oxford Street London Christmas lights View from The Amazing realistic 4K great Detail This was an interesting image I'll show you one more after there's Actually another nice one that I made Again there's no exact space It looks like London It's Christmas Eve Oxford Street One more I do like this one This was a prompt I took For maybe the Facebook group I'm not Sure I'll show you the fact of the formula Building a second It's a really nice image here looks Really realistic I will mention with AI if you're not Familiar with the AI art scene at the Moment There are some issues with replication Of hands or feet or faces and so on There are some workarounds you add Certain prompts add certain things to it And there is this option to enhance For phase corrections but To be honest I wouldn't really use this For human replication it's not really Ideal

There are some images I've got that were Decent let me see if I can find This is a Robert Downey Jr opening the Bank of England at Lord's cricket ground I think because he's quite famous it's In the AI system and it knows and So it does give a half decent Representation Should I load up quickly But I'll show you one that I used so you See it looks kind of looks like it was Hairstyle And he's batting for England There was one like like this let me see This one here The programmer working on encoding a Home medical copy on the desk blah blah Blah quickly load that one up Okay so you just you have to wait Times so Press it again I think it's 15 20 seconds I'm not sure Give it a chance to load This has been too long I'm sorry Okay so you see his hands are a bit Wonky his face looks all right And I don't know why he's facing that Way and the monitor's over there it's Half Apple logo Even they said uh as I mentioned PC Like my PC That's interesting but there's one more It was it was Okay this is a good one here

So Lewis Hamilton winning in winning the F1 Championship Sports photograph action Photography so Let's generate that one this is the last One I'm going to show you It's been almost 25 minutes It's supposed to be maximum 10 minutes I'm sorry If you get here Then you're a champion I forgot I need to talk about the Monster okay so this um uk-ish Flags This looks just like his uh F1 car Patronus sponsor and same color scheme And so on And he looks a bit weird but yeah you Can use this on the F1 blog because People see the color scheme they know The team they know the Subjects and so on so this would be Really good for just making quick free Images you're paying one-time free and You can make as many of these as you Want And use it wherever you want and let me Go to the monetization now excuse me So for example Let me click on this one quickly let's See I've seen in various Excuse me Facebook groups People are Making these uh AI images and putting

Them on posters on T-shirts and so on And they're actually selling them and Then getting really good sales Because people do like abstract art and All these Funky images And some of the stuff out there is Really cool And you can also do something like you Can use print on demand so let me pull Up a quick site Uh printify I've never used them but At the top of Google so it must be doing Something They've got 700 Unique Products you Could have a whole Just so you can make a WordPress website Make it all about Let me think of something um Gardening merch And you can have a whole load of Air that's all about gardeners and You can create some product festivals or Stuff they do Account Let me play my email there Hey catalog if I want This so you can have socks Um stickers very cheap very easy to uh Easy to make So you can make some funky Stickers to make a couple of nice small

Cartoon images Uh make an account with these people Printify make some stickers put up some Facebook ads Google ads or just put them On Tick Tock or whatever you want Paints clothing women's clothing Accessories Click here And all the dishes all the t-shirts So you can make some really funky funky Designs stick on a t-shirt And then just stick it into a Etsy or Facebook ads and so on And you've got instant business or the Term now is side Hustle And if you just take a few minutes to Create some really nice images with this Tool And let me get the FAQ actually they Talk about the licensing It tells you about the tool Um is they're using I think a stable Diffusion but they also use their own Workflows to make it unique and make it Good So it's unlimited but you get a short Delay this whole prevents spam it might Get a fair share of server resources Maximum resolution is 2048 by 2048 but It will off higher in the future Legal questions not issues Um so if There's no technical owner but always be Careful you don't want to use any like

Instead of logos of people personalities And so on So just be careful but just general Artwork like some of the ones that I Showed you here not this one obviously But Um Let's put this one for example Something like this give me a second I Can make it as wall art And that will look really nice and it's My own image that I've created with my Tool And I can sell that as a postcard as Whatever I want Looks really nice and next little Etsy Sell it on Wherever I want Get back to it Um no free trial But obviously you pay and then you can Get the 14 day Trial customizing has technology And uh yeah this is the same team behind Closes copy let me just pull up close This copy now closest copy is an SEO Writing to an all sorts of stuff and They actually currently Pricing there to like 49.99 a month I signed up for on a lifetime deal For about 60 or 70 dollars I can't Remember So for the cheapest package to make it Obviously self-sustaining and

Sustainable they charge a monthly fee so This is going to go the same way There will be a monthly fee eventually So that is my very long Flip the next 30 minute video of our Space And I'm playing with the tool all day I'm really impressed with it actually Paid for my own account you can see here This is my account here And I really like the tool I'm actually Going to stop my other subscription to Jasper art because it's not worth paying For that when I've got this And this is less complicated than Actually going into the the main AI API In doing the coding and working on Yourself It's all done inside this platform and It's really easy to do And I see as it's evolving it's going to Become even more powerful and you'll see A lot of ways to make money with this or Even use it to save yourself money Thanks for watching and I'll see you Next video