Chibi Ai Review | Jarvis (Jasper) Alternative & Cheaper

By | January 15, 2022

Chibi Ai Review | Jasper Alternative & Cheaper is available here:

Chibi is a newer AI writer, I have been using it since launch a month ago.

It is reasonably priced:

$39 per month for 35k words
$59 per month for unlimited words
$49 per month/yearly for unlimited

Chibi is similar to other AI writer but has some unique differences that can make it more appealing to some users.

There is no toxicity filter which can be useful if you are writing about sensitive topics. I recall in Jarvis, I could not mention a religion or group of people as it was blocked in their filter.

The sentence ending button us useful for quickly ending a sentence briefly.

List cleaner is also a nice feature for converting a list into a paragraph.

Overall, Chibi AI is a cheaper and very effective alternative to Jarvis.

00:01 Introduction
00:45 What is Chibi AI
02:53 Chibi AI Pricing
04:57 Chibi AI Dashboard
14:01 Chibi AI No Toxicity Filter
15:18 Conclusion

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In this video i’m going to be reviewing A newer ai writer called Chibi is slightly different to the other Writers that i reviewed including jarvis And writer In that chibi has got a different Algorithm and it it’s not as restricted As the other Ai tools in that it allows you to talk About different topics and some sensor Topics And so on because i know with jarvis i Had some issues when i mentioned some Keywords where i would stop writing it Would come with an error And i confirmed it with java support That It was restricted on their end I think it was an open eye issue anyway But Um anyway so chibi is Is slightly different in that it’s more Focused on the writing experience than For people who are writing But when they expand what they’re Writing with an ai tool So it’s not like uh My favorite tool which is article forge Which is just Goes out grabs it grabs the content and You can just Use it as it is or just spin it around a Bit And this is more for people are writing

A lot of content And they just need some guidance for Them more information as they’re writing Sorry okay So like i said chibi is an all right to Help you develop your ideas by Harnessing the power of artificial Intelligence So you can write more powerful content And connects with your reader I’ll show you the interface in a second But this is it’s a very simple interface Um So Because i signed up About a month ago i think it was just my Still my first month Um when it was released to I think it was in the facebook group and There was a beta release And yeah i’ve used it a little bit i’ve Used as much as i should have But i’m using a bit i meant to do a Review a while ago And it’s Similar to jarvis boss mode but the Content app i think is a little bit Better And the experience is a little bit Better too Um that’s only if if you’re using other Writing tool like jarvis’s I don’t know my javascript is slightly Different

Because javascript you get a lot more Um what they call templates to work with So there’s loads in there So it depends what you want to do Um i use Javascript quora questions for Creating a product profiles uh User profiles and for writing blog posts And so on And chibi is like that it also is good For an article for article writing blog Post writing Um i’ll show you inside the the Control panel Um let me see They’re not going on here Okay let’s get into the pricing So the pricing right now is uh 59 a Month for For the full access so there you see no Toxicity toxicity Filter Of unlimited use with uh unlimited word Sorry with fair use I remember when jarvis was A few months ago they had completely Unlimited boss mode plan and people were Really They were using bots and automatic Content it was really killing the system It caused a lot of issues for the for Their network So they had to include Include some limits

So you do get limited words but but with Uh chibi You have to use the google login and you Can’t it’s there’s no multiple logins so It’s one account can be logged in at a Time And So like i just had one open in one Browser and i tried to open it again in My other other account And it wouldn’t let me open it it didn’t Say it on the screen but i figured out That it’s because You only have one login they are going To include a teams feature soon they Said About the moment one user one login it Says 59 a month you pay monthly And that’s full access everything or if You pay annually It works at 49 a month which is 588 a Year And there is a limited plan which is 39 A month and you get 35 000 words now be Honest 35 000 words not that much Depending on what you do but even when I’m testing I can use 10 15 000 words So i’d always go for This this plan the 59 dollar plan or the Annual plan Um there’s no free trial per se because They want to stop abuse obviously every Every word that’s written costs money

Cost credits So they don’t want people to come and View the system But there is a seven day refund Policy And no paypal is stripe only And you have to have a google account Okay Okay so let me show you inside the panel Let me get that one Um so i’ve written a few test documents So this is the actual main dashboard It’s very basic Um you’ve got a new document your Document that you’ve written you’re Going to your account to change your Plan or Whatever They just added a course So you can go through the whole process Step by step how to write content help And community So this is a document i had open first Let me show you about show you around The control panel you can add tags To your To your document so you can quickly find Them This is your title and this is the text Area So let me go to articles so your article Copywriting or persona The article is standard article blog Posts so on

Copywriting is for products for Advertising ads and so on And all the various tools on the side I’ll go through my second and persona is If you’re writing If you want to relate to A certain audience and so on you can use The persona setting i’m not really that Sure how to use it i haven’t used it yet But that’s not what i’m i’m using she Before And you’ve got save auto save undo any Ai content that or any ai process that You’ve done Previously or the last step And copy is to copy all the content This one is paragraph shredder So you can basically simplify a Paragraph or make it shorten But if you copy some content in and you Want to rewrite it you can use paragraph Shredder This is the List cleaner okay i don’t know what that Does actually Let me see what it does Okay it made the listing two It made it into a uh A little paragraph Uh this one is the Cut so if you want to break up your Large content into Uh shorter sentences that’s this is Called mobile cut

And this is the title case so make Uppercase lowercase and so on This is the main area you’re going to Work in On the right hand side here where you See right Um this one’s called I just want to give you a foot wise call Let me see i made some notes That is called pathways so it gives you I think normally two or maybe more Options on how to continue your from Where you from where you stopped And this is the sentence finishing Option So in this box here this is the Important box this is where you write Your contents if you see put your mouse Over this eye This is like this is what chibian sounds Hi chibi please write about Uh what’s the juice diet and uh what was The bet what are the benefits And what are the benefits and pitfalls Okay let me just start from down here I click on right Okay it didn’t right because it’s a Blank area and it obviously because it’s Written some stuff But let me just show you from here so This is what i wrote before Um i should have used three but i think I just don’t use rice so Let me just click on seed so that would

Be like the uh Some content to get you started Okay i can carry on so if i press space Then right Okay i said that’s a good meaty portion Of texture So if i want an outline so it will use This content box to give me an outline So i can break my document up into these Um detailers so what is the juice tyre How did juice ties work what are the Potential dangers And So on so this is actually really good Content And from there i can use these headings And then Um He’s right I don’t know want you to practice i Don’t okay I think it’s usually it’s done this Because of these so i think if i do this Um which one is it Smart lock okay smart lock And click right I don’t have information there okay i Need a bigger sentence let me Delete those I know i’ll do smaller smart lock um So wherever you are in your document you Can use smart lock to Create more content around that Those sentences say for example if i

Wanted to write more about 0.5 here by my right up here I can do smart lock around this this Center these two sentences Put my cursor here and then click right So use that information to write more Content so let’s see if this works now Okay right okay there we go Okay i don’t know what’s getting the Name anyway That wasn’t the best example of smart Lock Okay it’s not good it’s already started In the middle of a document but i just Want to give you a quick uh Quick overview okay headlines So we’ll look at the content and give me Some headlines to use So this could be a good uh long tail i Think That’s interesting what what do juice Eaters eat Okay and then questions so I’m gonna add some questions in there These are all possible questions And yeah all the content does make sense Does give some pretty good output And i do actually quite like him with Liking i do like writing jarvis According to jarvis is chibi i’m so Sorry chibi not jarvis I’m obsessed with jarvis okay Now let’s look at copywriting And copywriting so let me go down a bit

So copywriting you get all of the uh The popular copywriting frameworks So attention interest desire action ada Pass bis and bab So it will use this This is really important because you can Use this throughout your document so if You If you’ve got a particular Keyword or phrase or content that you Want to focus to be on You can it’s it’s important to use this Box up here to uh To get chibi to find context So this is mainly for marketing Advertising can use it you can use it to Grab attention you can make Give more interest about a product or Item where we’re writing about Desire action you can write about Problems so The problem here you can maybe write About weight loss or dieting or Overweight or obeseness and that’s a Word And they can write about that as a Problem Let me see if so what are the What are the health Okay so i’m gonna spell Okay So that’s that and then we’ll go to Problem Okay i’m not using that box maybe i’m

Using it wrong Okay weight loss The problem may be actually juice and we Can do use this button here to end the Sentence so this is like a unique Feature that not in javascript any other Tools i’ve used Where you can just use that to just end The sentence it doesn’t go on and on and Write lines and lines we just finished Sentence So it finishes over the full stop of the Period Okay it’s fine let me find another Sentence Let me try it here so in this in this uh In this faster series i did a couple of Words and ended it right there so that’s Hand if you don’t have to end the Attendance Uh persona i don’t use much time when You talk about that So anyway this is cheap actually i want To show you one other thing Now with the toxicity filter i noticed With drivers i couldn’t mention Certain words Um I don’t know if i should mention on Youtube but I can’t talk about religions i can’t Talk about World events and so on Because it was filtered on the jarvis

Side and i think could have been on the The uh the opening eye side but let me See i did create a document so i wrote About This here and i wrote 220 words we just I think two clicks And yeah so if you’ve got like these Other topics you want to write about or Even stuff like health and I can’t do any other things But stuff in general i mean She be more unrestricted than other is The most unrestricted ai writer So i mean this is this is it’s a really Handy tool and You can go down more avenues than with Just jarvis or writer or any of the Other tools So hope you found this uh useful Um let me know if you use any other Tools or if you if you do pick up gb Through the link below it’s not an Affiliate link there’s no affiliate Program at the moment I think that’s why there’s not many Reviews about you because there’s no Affiliate program Everyone’s pushing jarvis and all the Other ones But chibi is probably the most unique And it’s got a lot of potential and it’s Half the price of drivers Um But my opinion is i mean i like chibi

For writing the full writing blog post But i prefer javascript writing for all The templates i i don’t i’m not great Writers i like using templates just to Get to the point And job is handy for that so i’m not Gonna keep both so i’ll decide it in a Month or so Which one i’m keeping And you know kind of useful i’ll see you Next one bye