Couponify Review | Coupons Domains Bonus | Affiliate Coupon Websites Fast

By | March 28, 2022

Couponify Review | Coupons Domains Bonus | Affiliate Coupon Websites Fast

Couponify is available here: – on 31st March @ 11am EST/4PM UK

Couponify is a great affiliate tool for making Affiliate Coupon sites fast!
You can create sites in almost any niche and use multiple affiliate platforms including Amazon, Rakuten, Gearbest and more.

I am giving the first 10 buyers a custom curated and researched list of 2100+ Coupon and Black Friday related .com domains available at the time of publishing.
I am also giving some training videos on WordPress site creation, Security and Performance.

Couponify is cloud based and you can use their subdomain but it is better to use your own branded domain or WordPress site.

They give you a WordPress plugin and theme to use, it will import all of your coupons.

You can create multiple sites and niche down to get better traction.

This is great for Social Media traffic.

You can also add content via RSS feeds or NEWS API for new content via keywords.

Coupon sites are one of those great internet business models.
You don’t need to create a physical or digital product to sell. In fact, there are no deliverables in this business whatsoever.

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There are many benefits to becoming a coupon affiliate. You can generate a high volume of sales and use this method to spread awareness about your new product. However, there are several disadvantages to using coupon affiliate marketing. These issues include low cash flow, high commission, and lack of quality data. In order to avoid these problems, you should consider other solutions. You can calculate the cost of your product, including the discount for the customer, and your affiliate’s share. In addition, you can figure out how much to discount your product and still make a profit.

Ensure that you choose reputable coupon affiliates. Be sure to review the metrics of the site before choosing a partner. If the site has very little traffic, it’s not worth promoting it. Additionally, be sure that the affiliate is working with a genuine affiliate rep, who is committed to your success. As a result, you’ll be more likely to make more sales and increase your commission. Besides, you’ll have a greater chance of earning more money.

When selecting coupon affiliate sites, look for those that have a large community of active members. The more active these communities are, the more likely people will buy the product. These forums are user-driven, and brands can develop individual affiliate relationships with the most prominent members. The biggest disadvantage of coupon affiliate marketing is the number of fraudulent sites out there. But there are also many legitimate sites. The best thing you can do is to learn about the industry and choose the best ones for your business.
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This is a review of couponify this is a New cloud-based affiliate marketing tool That you can use to create affiliate Commissions It’s completely done for you And you can use it to create your own Coupon affiliate sites I’ve got several bonuses for you the Feature bonus is I’ve collated and researched a list of Coupon black black friday related domain Names And i’m going to give give the first 10 Buyers that that complete list of 100 or So domain names that are available to Buy at the normal wholesale price And you can use that to point to your Couponify affiliate sites So that the domains would be keyword Rich for example black friday coupons or Similar And they’re probably 100.coms But i’ll research it and i’ll put the Whole list together i’ll give it all as A bonus Plus i’ve got some other bonuses related To wordpress i recorded it’s how to Create wordpress sites how to manage Them how to secure them And how to improve the performance Let’s get back to couponify now this is A new product And what it does you can create Affiliate coupon websites very fast in

Multiple nations multiple categories And you can get commissions from Multiple sources including amazon Recruiting and loads loads more i’ll Show you a demo shortly If you click on the link below you can Go straight to the sales page It’s completely web-based nothing to Install if you want to run it on their Own servers and like i said you can Point one of the domains you get from my Bonuses straight to your store so it Will look like it’s complete Um store Sorry a coupon site So you go through a process you log in You choose your categories you add your Store name And then you just start making Commissions once you get traffic to your Site I was thinking some of the best ways to Get traffic to this site of course Rankings gonna be a bit difficult at the Beginning But i noticed a lot of people are doing On tick tocker and twitter and so on Or and even youtube video just say link In my buyer and someone they link to Their sites So you can do a tick tock video saying I’ve got some great offers for you on This such and such products and say go To link in my bio they’ll go to your

Coupon site And you’ll get some commissions that way There are some nice features in here That i’ll show you where you can Actually add content to your coupon site To help it rank organically in Um you can read our sales page there’s a Lot of detail here Let me see Now the launch pricing i believe is 37 And that’s only available on the launch During the launch week to the demo there For you to watch And there’s a lot of information i won’t Go through at all I’ll jump straight into the demo in one Second okay i’ll jump into the demo Okay so this is the actual dashboard of Couponify You see i made a couple of uh sample Domains So um your normal url will be your store But what i’ve got set up for you is i’ve Got a whole load of coupon and black Friday related to you urls will be Domains for you That you can buy you can point to [Music] This uh domain name but it will be it Will just show you actual domain name Not these Names here So that’s great for branding and so on

Okay so just go to some of the the Options here so The dump free oops let me log in again Okay sorry about that So on the left hand side you’ve got Dashboard the manage done for you my Website manager affiliate settings blog Campaign manage articles ad manager Subscriber list And so on let’s go to manage them for You So these are the Website domains Let me say for example this one here So this is the my my wordpress website Url And it’s just a test setup domain And then what you do you download the Plugin and you download the theme Installed onto your wordpress site And then you link your wordpress site to The to your store to your affiliate Coupon store As you can see from the list here There’s Loads and loads of categories now what i Highly recommend is that you you Specialize your niche down So for example you have one computers Um just say Are you constantly on computers software Computer and office and so on Uh you niche it down as much as possible And then you set up that store

You have another one for fitness one for Sport and so on And what you do you choose custom domain Name and then you’ll be given the Details to set up your just say for Example cloudflare and where you’re Going to point the c name and c records And a records too So um it will go to the right page That is probably the simplest way to set Up right now if you want your own Branding or you can use their own Website name this will be your And then there’s a wordpress website Which is what we’re on now we just Download the plugins install it on your WordPress site Okay so let’s go back here This is the pinify example So if you set up using their own url Uh you can add your logo add a contact Email address a little bit of content Here Add your social media profiles And add some kind of feedback on site Type and so on You can add a Chat Chat box Okay um You can also add pages to your sites so For example on this site

I’ve got a page called contact us you Have a page called Welcome or hello or About and so on And you can assign that per site that’s Easy to manage I’m sorry my vote voice that it was Today Okay i feel like this is important i’ve Put some demo data here Both amazon flipkart gearbest Recruiting trade doubler all of these Pro all of these different programs here You can put in your Id And um It will add your affiliate link to each Product And then you’ve got a news api so if you Want to auto to auto blogging automatic Articles You can get a free news api key and add Articles to your website to help it rank A little higher with some content Okay uh blog campaign So You can create blog I’ll choose the sample website So this is where you can use your own Rss feed You can use their extensive database of Rss sources Got plenty here Or you can use uh your own blog content

So you put in a keyword and you’ll use The news api To uh search for articles related to That topic for example if i had a Computer parts website i might put Nvidia or Geforce in there and it will search for Articles containing that keyword i post It on my on my website blog If you’re also going to manage the Articles yourself You can edit them as well You can add links And all sorts images whatever you want You’ve also got an option for ads Manager so you can add advertisements to The To the site just choose a website Choose a position Then you choose whether it’s like for Example google adsense you can add add Code here Or you just add your own banner Then you upload your banner image after Your banner image then do the target Link that’s all inclusive in the system Subscribers so when you go to the site There’s a pop-up form let me see let me Refresh this You’ll get a pop-up where it says uh do You want to subscribe and so on Is it going to come let me see I think i’ve been on this page for a While it’s not going to come now but

You’ll get a pop-up saying do you want To subscribe for more coupons and so on So you can build up a free email list That way What else we’ve got okay change paths We’ve got training section bonuses and So on So let me show you a sample size let’s Say sample site I’m not sure which categories did i Choose okay i chose computers computer Hardware 3d printers gadgets and so on So now on this page it’s got all the Popular deals coupon online or just Deals So for example what’s this A hepa air purifier if i click on show Code It will Incorporate my affiliate code into this This offer and it will take them to the Product page and then i’ll get my Affiliate commission that way I’ll show you the page example so i did A contact us page for example This is just a plain page i didn’t put Any content in here you can for example Embed an email form or you can make it a An about us page or welcome page and so On So all your pages will be listed here And then you’ve got your blog here for The content

I haven’t added anything so i don’t Think we’ll show anything Let’s go back home Okay also here you’ve got a list of Popular stores so these are all also Hyperlinked with my affiliate link And yeah you see we’ve got fans all Sorts of stuff And also their share buttons on all These products as well so people can Spread the word for you Let me quickly show you the wordpress Site now i couldn’t get this working Properly i was issued with the theme i Think also with my i had it installed on A test vps I know the issue with my night speed and My php configuration But you get A plug-in that you use to link to your Pre-made store so you may store first And then you do the web president then You can fetch all the coupon them to Play on the display on the site Also you’ve got your own separate uh Amazon and so on all these ids So you could have different ids for Different wordpress stores this one your Own hosting so the coupon will be Imported from the 2.05 system it will be on your own Hosting so you can do whatever you want Now i had an issue with the theme i Think could be a php issue on my side

I’m going to contact the developer and Tell them I ask them to investigate um let me Quickly show you the theme I can’t show you too much because it Might cause an issue but Let me see so you see you can customize The theme as much as you want And it will input all your coupons and You can add comments blogs wherever you Want It’s a really useful way to Get more affiliate commissions and also You can add content make it a content Site as well And it’s when you’re hosting so you can Do whatever you want with design it’s on WordPress so Yeah it’s easy to do So um i think that about covers all of The product Now there’s a few things that what i Like is that it’s so easy to uh Set up the system to quickly create a Coupon site Um i was literally up and running in a Space for about a minute or two I just chose my store name and i chose My categories And had a completely working site Straight away And then what i could do is use one of My domain names and just point that one To my

Quantify name then i’ve got a fully Active Uh coupon store i could promote on Social media and so on And what else Relax edit is really good for tick tock Social media and so on Now i recommend that you always niche Down so If you’re going for pets choose a Certain type of pets if you’re going for Health and fitness choose different Types Niche down as much as possible to make It unique And this this is probably one of the Fastest ways i’ve seen to make coupon Sites and also you’ve got access to Multiple affiliate programs so it’s not Just amazon you’ve got multiple in there Plus it’s unlimited sites so you can Create as many as you want and just Point your proper dot com domains to Your componentify url set it up in Cloudflare and i’ll say away you go Now there were some issues i noticed i Think i mentioned it already about the WordPress side Um but i think that’s more to do with my Setup so i will give them the Information and see what happens now Something i recommend Uh when you go to your plugin You go to your

Australian one you go to website Settings Oh sorry sorry not here sorry where’s The setup Um it’s this one Sorry not this one i forgot i did it one Second Oh it’s done for you sorry don’t okay This one and then go to this one So when i say niche down i mean like Just choose computers choose Stuff related to computers or phones or Just do one for toys Don’t do too much on one site You can of course have one massive site Just to check all it will choose all of These categories there’s loads of them Air purifiers chess games desk lamps There’s probably about 200 different Categories Now you can if you want to choose all of Them But one issue i found is that Um you can’t deselect you have to go Individually you can’t do deselect all So just do it slowly and wise and just Choose what you need So once you’ve done this don’t pick all Of them just pick a few And then go to your wordpress site and Then do want to fetch coupons click Check that one and then do save Then it will import if you’ve got very Slow shared hosting it’s not a good idea

If you’re a reasonable mid-range hoster You can just bring in hundreds of Thousands of coupons Without an issue And what else i made some notes here Yeah i do not important plugins And Yeah the wordpress situation i’m going To contact them so i wouldn’t recommend Setting them up straight away Um i’ll check with them see when they Fix it and i’ll post in the comments on The description But i highly recommend going for the Custom domain option So you can have a brand new website Create downloads and do whatever you Want it will look cool Um i think that’s it so yeah again so If you buy via the link down below i’m Gonna give you a very unique bonus and Give you a researched Um list of domain names are related to Coupons black friday and so on It’ll be in the region of about 100 Domains And that would only be for the first 10 People who buy within the first 24 hours Because it’s a limited list i can’t give To everyone it’s only for the first 10 Buyers If there’s more domains to add i’ll add More but i’m only constantly on the dot Coms and you know they’re hard to come

By So yeah that’s that and also i’ll give You a A few videos on my own training on how To Um How to fix your wordpress sites how to Create wordpress and those how to Speed them up and secure them and There’s some vendor bonuses let me have A quick look what they are Okay i can’t share the page but it’s Multiple one wordpress um Plugins and so on Um actually can i show you from here let Me see if i need to blur this Okay i’ll need to blur this But there’s a page builder there’s Traffic builders viral clicks and so on WordPress analyzer wordpress Transformers and multiple bonuses That you get access to As well by the link below so yeah i hope You find it useful and i’ll see you next One