Create Your Own Linktree in WordPress for Free Fast ? TikTok & Instagram Bio Link Pages

By | August 22, 2022

Create Your Own Linktree in WordPress for Free Fast

This video will show you a free WordPress plugin that you can use to create your own custom Linktree style page for FREE!

You can create unlimited pages and there are 10+ themes.

I am using as a homepage on a short domain, get your own .com domain here

00:01 Create Your Own Linktree in WordPress
00:23 What is LinkTree?
00:46 Linktree pricing
01:16 WP MyLinks plugin
01:25 How to install WP MyLinks
01:51 Install PrettyLinks
02:15 WP MyLinks Introduction
02:28 WP MyLinks Demo Site
03:22 WP MyLinks Theme Examples
06:09 WP MyLinks Setup Demo
09:20 PrettyLinks demo
10:26 WP Links Bio Page Example
18:18 Conclusion

More about Linktree:
Linktree is an online service that will allow you to add links to various social media sites. Whenever you share a new link on social media, you will be greeted by a new website. This tool can help you get around Instagram’s one-link limit. With this tool, you can add as many links as you want to your Instagram bio, and it’ll keep it updated without the need to update your bio link.

You can customize and create your own custom dashboard. This website is extremely customizable and functional. The links on your Linktree will showcase your organization’s expertise, talent, and capability, and will help your stakeholders find your website or service. Linktree allows you to organize and categorize your links to maximize their effectiveness. It also has a community-building feature, which will help you increase brand awareness and create a stronger online presence.

Once you’ve created your profile on Linktree, you can start posting links to it from various social media sites. This service is particularly useful if you use Instagram. It also works with Pinterest and TikTok, and it’s free to sign up. You can also copy the URL to your Instagram or TikTok bio, so that people can easily find your profile on Linktree. This way, you’ll have more visibility on all of these sites.

Linktree works by creating a landing page with multiple links. When someone clicks on a link on your landing page, they’ll be taken to that page. This way, people will be directed to your website instead of just Instagram. This makes managing your biolinks much easier. This multi-link strategy can make you more successful on social media. It also allows you to use multiple links on one page to increase engagement and traffic.

Another way Linktree works is to create a personalized landing page. This page contains important links that are relevant to your brand or business. Linktree works on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. The free plan has a lot of features. If you want more features, you can upgrade to a paid plan. You can even create multiple pages and promote multiple offers at one time!
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In this video i’m going to show you how To make your own completely free link Tree style page And we’re going to do it in wordpress on Your own hosting with your own domain Now ideally what you’d want to do is use A short domain or you can install this Plug-in and use an existing domain But i’ll go into that a little bit later On But a link tree if you’ve not heard of It is what a lot of people use to put Their social put some links in their Buyers so when they say click on the Link in my bio You’ll go to a link to a link free page It’ll be a url like link dot tree or Something And then it’ll be like this sort of page You see on the screen will be uh Their their profile and a bit about them And their links here You should link three pages they aren’t That flexible with design And also Um they can start Well if you need one more feature you Have to pay for them and so on and yeah It’s just not brilliant They hold all your data and you don’t Really get that much option with it I mean the cheapest package apart from The freezer 250 or about three dollars a Month and so on

So link three is good but um Yeah i just prefer not to use i just Don’t like just don’t like it So the one i’m going to be using is Completely free and this will wordpress Let me quickly pull it up So the plugin you need is called Wp mylink so just go to uh Plugins And you My links I’ll show you which one it is it’s this One here wp my links with this turquoise Background and Um it says it’s like it’s not it’s not It’s not tested with version 6 of WordPress 6.01 But i’ve tested it fine i’ve got php 8 Installed it’s not a problem it’s all Fine Okay i also recommend when you do this You also install pretty links We’re going to use that to cloak the Link that’s pretty link so install that One as well And also maybe while you’re at it if you Can add a duplicate post plug-in So the one i used is this first one here Duplicate post I’ll go into why in a second so this my Links Um So these are some of their templates It looks really nice and neat

Uh they’ve got some good options this is One of this is their demo Their demo and website So you’ve got these social media links You’ve got a profile image or a name or Username Uh you’ve got a little bit about them So you can add your links here add a Name add a little Uh image with it You can add a youtube video here Some more images and more links and Pictures and so on it looks really good And for completely free plugin i thought Was quite impressed with it So what i’ve done i’ll show you how i Set it up i’ll set one up Right now so setting let me see what Else do we need Uh global i don’t really want to mess About too much the themes will go into That in a Let me just quickly find well the list Of themes Um [Music] Lagging a bit Well the list of themes i don’t know Where they are one second I think in the plug-in information it’s Got plugins where they’ve gone plug-in Installed Um view details And

Things link Okay so these are all the let me just Quickly click on these I might as well come with quite a few I think this person is indonesian so It’s a Indonesian names And quite a few of this for free plug-in Okay that’s the default one So this is our instagram standing Musical story style And this is the say it’s when you hover Over the link it changes color it’s Really nice even the default one is nice This is called Babu with a different color background And So on this was very nice This is cool chicory again another nice One This one is called Ceremony I’m butchering the names but it’s Another one Uh salamat Another nice one Cinder They’re all very similar to different Backgrounds different hover effects I think you can change some of this Stuff with css you can’t change it from The default setup basically we’ve got Really nice effects on it looks really Professional

Polo is a nice simple one clean one That looks very similar to that one Different hover effect Another one pastel Um Copy hit him Copy susa i don’t know what that means And it’s the last one here Clip one so which one did i like let me See this one’s all right So called Secret okay let’s do that Okay that’s that so let’s go back into The plugin Now the way i’m gonna use it is i’m Gonna use i’ve got a short domain So i’m going to use this uh as the main Page for my root domain so i’m going to Send people from tick tock and youtube Shorts or whatever any platform I’m going to say go to this site so for Example but because it’s a WordPress plugin you can also add your Own add it to your own um WordPress site and have a separate it Will be without a separate directory Called my links Then it could be link one link to Wherever Or link page one link page two and so on And you can always use something like Bitly or some other short link provider To uh To direct people

But for me maybe i wanted it was just to Get one simple short link page because i Don’t have time to sit down and design It I know i’m skilled to sit down and Design okay so this is where i’m gonna Start this tutorial now without too much Waffle Okay so we’ll start here my link so add New I’m gonna call it just links Click off here and then it will create a Page Uh for slash my link for such links You can’t edit that and change something Else but leave it like that for now Um let me click here Okay one second okay so we’re gonna Choose the avatar which goes at the top Of the uh page so choose avatar already Made this fake editor use And you can have the storyline border Shadow or place i’ll use story like it Looks pretty nice Name to act Uh Demo name Check Sorry Check out these amazing Sticking finds in there And then that pointing Point down And the females are called

Chicory Theme is trickery Position social media okay This is a slight annoyance um i wish That they would have an option where if You don’t enter anything it won’t show All the all the Buttons along here After this one doesn’t show it okay That’s weird i have to figure out maybe It’s hidden with css Anyway if i just for tempe i just put in These Let me just preview it because i tested It did Let me publish this and just quickly View it All right it doesn’t show okay okay Maybe it’s just me oh maybe it was just The demo theme that i used okay no Problem But anyway so let’s say we have got Facebook url put hash in there You can upload your own facebook icon or Whatever if you want To uh Twitter go to [Music] Instagram Youtube and Tick tock Now let’s test it Sorry Okay open this page

Okay and that’s what i’m all here so you See it’s got nice looking um logos there And this was talking about the story Story mode thing story story mode style Um Profile pic your profile name the text It looks really good Okay so now let’s get to the [Music] Images top and bottom And somewhere we’ve done all that Let’s hide that now stan Okay this is where we get to the The real Situation since we’re at our link so Just say you’ve got A lot of people reading amazon let’s say We’ve got um amazon Um i don’t know Oh let me just put Airfryer Uh link Https I don’t know sorry sorry sorry well you Can put a direct link in there but i’m Going to be using pretty links Let me open up a new pretty name show You how to do that Excuse me Let’s add news how call it amazon air Fryer for example Target yourself url https And then upload the uk i’ll put here you Can’t leave that as default but you can

I always change it You could put a note there or whatever You want that’s obviously here you put In your affiliate link so Forget link Just copy the whole tag And to be safe with amazon they were a Bit funny in their time to position you I think you have to mention amazon Subways and amazon links let me update This And then you click on this little Clipboard here go back here So i’ll call it airfryer put in bracket Amazon Link url image Allocation with your links grand style Landscape We choose yesterday images okay let’s Let’s see without card Now you can put in a youtube video one Second Uh so it says they don’t enter the other Field to print a youtube video but we Don’t need that right now update And now let’s look our page again Down there So air for amazon And there’s no image there so let’s Bring in a new image where’s it go on This one Featured image um i just grabbed this One in there Demo

You’ll update Let’s see it again And there we go that’s a little featured Image So it makes nice and round it makes it Fit this this this design So that’s pretty cool so if you’re Showing people clicking on your tick Tock you know click on this link blah Blah blah They’ll see the title they’ll see the Featured image And so on so that’s that’s really nice Really professional all your social Media links here as well Let’s see your face your name everything That’s pretty sweet Okay now Now what i want to do with this Let me do a new links So i can do one called uh Main or something And then um it’ll be same avatar Uh name demo name and let me copy that Description was it gone Okay theme was like this one you could Choose a theme actually because it’s the Main one but now let’s try a different Theme let’s do the default And social media links again uh let’s Leave that see what happens So now you see it’s going to uh It’s going to main Ah why is it why did not do the director

Yes bit strange I’m not sure why anyway let’s see Have a look at this so there we go This is your page now what i want to do With this Is I want to add These links page as different categories So i can do a category here call let me Close this bit Call Um amazon fines Link urls it will be a link real to that Just pretend it’s called amazon links Oh sorry not this one wrong page And what was it called I was calling say yes sorry it was Called links copy No no i’m not duplicate sorry Okay so i’m going to go to links I image I could put the amazon logo in there Let me just put something else Wherever this is Um we don’t use card layout no okay save And now we’ll go to the This will be the main links page I’ve got too many tabs okay this is the Main links page so now you see it’s got The amazon files And it’s got the uh the future image i Put this one they go to this one That goes to this page so now i can have Everything nicely ordered i’ll get rid

Of social say maybe Everything will be nicely ordered and Then They can go back to the main page and Look something else Instead of having one i’ve seen some Pages where they’re absolutely massive With that never-ending list and people Put the comments oh i can’t find this i Can’t find that But if you have it nicely structured and You get unlimited unlimited by your Pages You can uh have it nicely ordered nicely Nicely done So again let me go to all my links I’ve actually got stats i didn’t know That And then what you can do you can link to The uh to the main Main page Now what i want to do to make it easy i Want to make this the actual main Website page so for that i’ll go to Settings reading And go to static page and go to Main my link page save changes So now If you go to this page so this is not What the um store is an independent page If you go to this page now It will go to this main page now this is This is exactly what i want so i’ve got I’m gonna have a short four five six

Seven domain name so go to this page get My links none of this link dot three Four slash blah blah blah just go to This page it’s cheap to get a domain ten Dollars i’ll put a link down below to One or two of my favorite hosts And go to this page get this product Blah blah blah and there we go make it On link page And i did kind of rush it a little bit But that is so easy to do And it’s much better than having your Data with link free And the reason that’s all the copy Plug-in let me go to my My uh sorry my links Now essentially what i want to do i have A main page so this is the front page Now I’m gonna spend time working on that Make it look nice add all the socials Everything then once i’m set with that I’ve got the theme i want i’ve got the Social media links i want i’ll just Click copy with that plugin i used Earlier i installed earlier duplicate Plugin Copy give it a second Now we’ve got main two so let’s edit This one And i’ll call this Let me see Ebay for example Edit the url

Ebay okay Oh it doesn’t copy the avatar stuff okay That’s a shame Oh cause i’m not i think i’m gonna set One up that’s why Let me see Um I do that’s a shame i can’t copy exactly Let me try another plug-in quickly Because i don’t really use that one I normally use the the yoast It will be slightly annoying if i can’t Do that Okay go back to my links It could be something in the settings i Didn’t do some main Um let me uninstall the other one let me Deactivate it What was it called This one i think yeah Okay And yesterday post so copy Copy everything Let’s see if this makes any difference Okay go back to my links all my links Let me delete uh this one Ah why did i allow me to copy This is strange Let me just pause it for a second Okay unfortunately i had a snag there i Tried several but i think some sort of Custom format or something And it won’t copy all of the details so That’s a bit annoying

And so up what you could do is just um Just put it in the notepad all the Details so you have to save a bit of Time That is slightly annoying But anyway the actual the concept itself Is fine because you can just Create as many as you want I also the developer if there is any way To duplicate the posts So that would save some time but um I suppose most people won’t have too Many link pages but just my own use case But anyway the tutorial stands as it is Because that is how you set it up And that is how you create these pages Now i was doing it in cadence and i was Sitting there Making Spaces and row columns and all that Stuff just took too long and annoying it Looked ugly This is just so much quicker i just Quickly create a page And load up your links like that and Then just Add more pages and do whatever you want So anyway this was a bit of a Long-winded video hopefully you will use It and if you do make a link page Uh Now once i put it down below because It’s like a problem with the youtube Comments but anyway just say you find it

Useful And sorry it took so long to make make This video It was longer than expected And i’ll see you next one thanks bye