Creating Affiliate Site with ArticleForge, WordAI and Jarvis AI – Part 1

By | November 29, 2021

In this series of videos, I will be creating content for an Amazon affiliate WordPress site using only AI tools.

The tools I will be using are:
– Article Forge:
– Jarvis AI:
– Word AI:
– Rytr:

For the theme, I will be using my current favourite WordPress affiliate theme:
– Popcorn Theme:

I will be using images from:
– Envato Elements:

The reason I am creating this series is to firstly show the process of creating an affiliate website, but also to highlight the AI tools with real world example use cases.

I had some comments recently where people said the AI tools were not producing good content, well I will put that to the test.

Follow along, subscribe and leave me a comment if you want to see anything in particular with the tools.

The links are affiliate links, if you purchase via these links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. This helps me produce content and tutorials free of charge on my channel.

00:01 Introduction
00:55 Amazon Affiliate Site
01:40 Popcorn Theme
05:15 Article Forge Demo
09:25 Envato Elements
13:50 Jarvis AI Demo
21:30 Jarvis AI Product Description
29:20 WordAI Demo
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In this new video series i’m starting I’m going to be working on one of my Niche websites i pretty much abandoned Um it’s a domain i’ve owned for A couple of years but i just never got Around to working on it So i started I uploaded a theme to it recently and You’ve seen my book called popcorn theme Um and i just made a logo to put up a Couple of posts You can see i started in 2019 i just Didn’t bother working on it 2018 Actually So what i’ll be doing in this series I’ll be going through the process of Using the popcorn theme And using different ai writing tools To add the content because my biggest Issue is i don’t Take the time to write a lot of content So by using some ai tools Um i’m pretty sure that i can Generate a lot more content a lot more Quickly And make some income from this site and Get it to rank and so on So this will basically be pretty much an Amazon affiliate website And i’ll be using [Music] My new favorite tool article forge Word ai and also probably jarvis Maybe writer but it’ll be these three

Tools Mainly and i’ll be showing you some a Bit of keyword research and google trend And so on So as you can see this is the The website as it is right now um i Uploaded the popcorn theme let me just Show you And the popcorn theme is a It’s a very fast And well-made theme It’s especially made for affiliate Websites And i’ve had it for a couple of months I’ve just started to put on some site Because it seems okay seems very good I’ve got a limited license so i can put It on as many sites i want i can resell The sites I think it’s like a full commercial License It belongs to everything below Everything i use in this series So let’s start off with a bit of Research Um so i popped into google trends i just Put in um Fruit juice and food juice machines and I just pull out some topics and See what’s rising see what interest is It’s going to be a us-based website Um so i noticed uh for a lot of the The topics passionate fruit for some Reason were really popular

Um So obviously make some make some topics About passion fruit juice Obviously oranges Fruit juice recipes That they’re very easy to do how to make Fruit juice Um [Music] I saw one for aloe vera Just general fruit So this is rising um Fruit on keto keto diet Keto fruit again These are all rising massive Percentage I think i want to set up five years okay What does it ma’am just give an example Keto fruitless keto friendly fruit again And what’s this one this is just juice Take dog apple juice i don’t want those Squeeze juice cleanse so a fruit juice Cleanse Um Okay and cold pressed juice this was Another popular topic Best juicer 2021 So what i’ll do i’ll make a spreadsheet And i’ll put some topics in there Okay i’ll probably make some sort of a Spreadsheet and i’ll just put the Keywords in there Maybe search volume and Whatever else

But for now for this video just off with Some content Okay so So the article i write today i write About Cold pressed fruit juice And so i’ll pop over to amazon see if They’ve got some Cold Press juicer Okay so we’ve got some product here so What i can do Um look at the The one with a lot of reviews Uh four star plus I can pick out a few as recommendations And i can go through the reviews and Pick out these strong points and the Negatives and Just give some recommendations So yeah they’re quite expensive as well So That’s always good for affiliate So let’s write a little bit about cold Pressed fruit juice i don’t know Anything about it so let me Let’s write article fortress it’s a cold Press Okay now what is Cold Pressed Fruit juice And sub keywords i’m not sure yet it’s Article length

I’ll make it 750 My titles i’ll find my own images i’ll Find my own video Um And let’s create article Use any main keyword for now I’ll give it a second i’ll come back to This Okay it took about two minutes and it’s Done so let’s see the result Excuse me Okay so what is called press fruit juice Uh so you see when it highlights here You can change the uh The word or the sentence or where the Selection is Okay Okay so that is about 750 words so i can Put that into uh Into a wordpress pro straight away they Look pretty good Uh so yeah just just copy Um what’s it called what is cold press Fruit juice Post i knew Okay delete this one Cold pressing juice gravy Okay i don’t need this bit i’ll delete That A lot of tips later on i’ll delete this Bit How many birds is it 626 Corporate juice is bad for you they’re

Fresh then fresh fruit juice Along the shelf life Okay I’ve got a sub-heading here What are the penny Of All Pressed Juice Okay That’s not bad um so what i’ll do i’ll Probably add a A featured image And maybe um I’ll have some product boxes for my Recommended Fruit juice Fruit juice Compressed fruit juices Okay Um so where should we get an image from I could go to pixels or pixabay but i’ll Go to invite elements i’m paying for Anyway Let’s look at Photos This just says for cold Press Fruit juice it all comes up That’s a nice image That’s nice as well This is one with a machine inside it Like this apple one i’ll take this one Okay

Download It’s a hefty image Okay yeah it’s a massive one Okay i’ll go to edit i’m come back in a Second Okay i’ll just point the image and i’ll Just um Make it a bit smaller Okay So um Now that some recommended Best Coal Press Fruit Machines So i’ll go to amazon and i’ll bring some In I’m not sure what i’ve got installed on This site i’ve got any product blocks Let me have a quick look Or just use the basic weapon whatever’s Included Okay now i’ll just use just use those Ideas so let me go to amazon Um this one here So i’ll grab the image Um i’ll grab a medium image That’s the right one so copy Back to the site Um html Okay and What’s it called Joku slow juicer

Masticating user Okay Um this one Slow juicer I should really use a An affiliate blocks plug-in it looks a Little bit nicer but i just Add a link in there Um text link Full link don’t ever use the other link Okay copy Back here Link Um no follow and Yes Okay so let me get a bit of information About this juicer Um I’ll use I’ll do jarvis for this Um Which template Everybody’s paraphraser I’m not spiders product description let Me search My second one okay So the product name All right go back to the product Joku Slow juicer Um tell us about the product so Let me close this Um suppose the features Two speed modes

Can extract all kinds of Fruit and veg Oops wrong one this one Um Small feeder should let’s remove seeds And peels Okay What else All positive in high quality food grade Material Excuse me Wrong one Oops One touch assembly Dishwasher safe Um Ten year warranty Okay we’ll see what happens with that Okay Tone of voice Informative english English american Okay And we’ll do three outputs Let’s go Excuse me it’s only pretty quick okay Okay There’s a okay I like the second one so i’ll copy this And put that one below here Okay Let me find another one I could maybe add some more content like Say customers say blah blah blah go

Through go through the reviews Or close from the questions but Just go just do that for now I’ll do one more quickly Um it looks very similar and find a Different looking one This one Looks like a beast Okay so this is Isuku Okay cold press extractor Because i need the image i need the text Copy this Clip back here No no no you don’t know Html Yes The title was Suku slow masticating juicer Corporate expector And we’ll get the link Text link for link Copy You always want the full link because in Future if you ever need to change the uh Your amazon tag you can do a database Search for your tag and do it that way But the short link will be impossible Means a lot of manual work so Link in The follow that’s done And now let’s write some content So for the zuku This one

So the title i gave let me see Where’s they gone Extractor Yep Blank jarvis Delete all this And let’s go again Um Nearly upgraded several Seven spiral auger Sounds good Next Sounds good Okay save the other one Next Pretty much the same Okay next [Music] Okay i’ll put that piece in there Oops This was safe easy to clean And i just used our nightmare to clean Okay and Three year warranty And lifetime technical support Excellent Okay formative english north american Three outputs let’s go let’s play these Let’s go again with these Seconds it’s normally really quick Okay upgraded samsung Okay sounds good Okay Okay sounds good

Okay Um i think this last one is my favorite So i’ll put that one in the post I should add something here um Check out Oops Our favorite american spelling our Favorite and cool Press Juicing machines on amazon Okay that’s fine update that A quick look at the article So many words we’ve got Okay 900 words not that much effort into It I’ll make a featured Image think maybe add another image Somewhere because it’s got a lot of text Maybe divide it up a little bit more And maybe add a spacer Um well maybe i’ll try and align this on The right I’m not sure if i can do that in the Html let me have a quick look Um there’s an option to align right have To Write it I forgot html I think i’ll have to I think it’s probably a line right Um with high border alt Let me have a quick look Okay i think i need to do css i’m not Bothered in now just being a spacer

Very tiny Oops Oh i’m something that holds on to rule Okay That’s an actual gutenberg block space Off See how long it’s been since i’ve been Uh playing with uh Gutenberg Separator Okay there we go that’s right You can choose a width Okay wide light that’s fine Don’t worry about this seo score for now Um i’m not sure this i’ll get rid of This Okay this i need to divide it up a Little bit Okay so Oppressed Fruit juice is oops I owe u.s I think Shelf life so of course what you want to Do is going through google just getting Headings I’m just going to Do like this for now That’s fine So it helps you break up the text a Little bit Now what i need to do is create a Featured image Um

And i’ll make a I’ll make another post with word ai That’s more about rewriting i’ll just do A test post okay Let me make a new post pick another Topic um Let me see i could do passion fruit Juice recipe let me google that Okay Okay it’s fine That’s what i’ll do with wordy Uh There’s quite a few results here um Just pick this one I’m gonna use it for inspiration Okay do they mention fruit juice Machines or blenders I think i know where this content is From Okay Okay we’ve got blender at least Okay what i’ll do i’ll take bits of the Content and i’ll put it into word ai and I’ll make a new uh A new post so that’s wordpress Um Passion Fruit Juice Okay Um so let me see so Copy this put it here I don’t know that’s true bubble down There so

Um Copy that I do control Shift v to paste without the Html and Links Okay i’ll copy this I forgot to do it Ctrl shift v Save time you want to get rid of the Links now I can’t It’s an affiliate link Delicious yes Okay i’ll copy this Um they’re gone Let me close them i’m not using these Control shifty Um Oops not this one not just let me close These ones Okay how to make passion for drink here We go So now we’re defining Key terms Just bring some meat into the contents Wherever you want this one Joshua fee Okay so now we’re into the recipe A lot of big images on there plenty of Space reds Wash your feet Okay um Are there any methods for that

As well Oops control third ctrl shift d actually I could do that actually I need copy again That’s a heading that’s fine I didn’t realize how long this was Another method oops don’t have done that And normally what i would do i’ll go to Different piece of content And i’m gonna Use that for inspiration no i won’t just Take from one but it’s just an example i Will probably Rewrite the whole article Okay we’re still going It’s probably not essential this visit Okay then we’ve got a whole separate Recipe down here This is just an affiliate site um okay Let me just copy this bit as well Let’s see how this comes out Be interesting of whether i can Create something good about this Okay Done okay now where do i let’s see what What it does so one rewrite Um I want to make it readable so i want to Make it conservative And let’s go let’s see how long it takes Done Okay so let’s go to beginning So if you put your mouse over the text On the right hand side it shows you the

Bit that i rewrote so passion fruit is Pleasantly tart and super refreshing Okay they just switch the words around And drink some eliminator that’s fine See i like the way they rewrite the Sentences it makes sense But it is also unique 70 uniqueness score now if i went for Regular it probably would have been in The 90s So known in hawaii as see i made Complete readable sense this is why i I like a word ai and article forge Because the content is completely Readable and it makes sense an article Especially the content is amazing Okay it’s looking good What i’ll do i’ll copy the article as it Is Um Remove the heat to have the heat Okay that’s great And let me save it how was it I’m not sure if i copy it would it go Straight to Export html I could send this html and Let me do a html and see what Okay where is it That’s the content there And let me see if i can copyright into WordPress Um So remember in the old wordpress you

Could copy as Html This one everybody tried it Code editor Okay let’s switch it back to visual Okay So now i’ve made it work i can do Convert into blocks Preview Preview Okay especially blah blah Headings Headings Okay Preview Okay we’ve got the whole the whole thing Here now what we can do with an article Like this But don’t be pushing the products in too Hard so as they did with their article Where’s they gone You just put the yard text link here and There so forth they had one fourth Serrated knife And somewhere If they had they had a text link here For some serrated knife Um It’s an internal link It is yep And internal links let me let me find an Image Let me get one off uh pixels Passion fruit so

Let’s grab this one I’m going to be small That’s fine free download Okay let me just upload that quickly Um where did i save it I’m just reading the file it’s always Good to rename the file And Okay A line All right Make it a lot smaller Let me move it up don’t worry There we go over there Okay it takes rapture nicely so how to Make passion fruit drink Okay that’s not bad that’s a complete Article Let me find some amazon links let me Find the blender Um 24 review 64. Ninja one’s normally good i’ll grab this One I’ll do a text link And let’s find full link always ctrl c Dimension blender somewhere In a blender Which is the whole thing We’ll give the knife serrated knife Serrated knife Okay let’s grab this one Text link for link control c And where was knife

Oh did he change the word Um Where was it roughly Wasn’t you delete this Um Okay Some more serrated blade okay i’ll just Do it with a knife i’ll leave the plate Doesn’t matter And we’ll stick in here Publish Okay if you post This four minute read how many words is It 868 There’s one affiliate link The other one was above So that’s too articulate the other side Looks i need to add my uh You add some uh Fishing images i’ll get rid of some of These old posts But we’re on the way so i made two posts This video has been about 43 minutes That includes bit of research and stuff It’s not bad progress I’ll make another video Sorry And i’ll use um I’ll use article forge Again for some more content But i’ll leave you here for now this is Part one i don’t know how long the Series will be

But i’ll do my best to update it Regularly i’ll probably do at least one One or two more videos this week And i’ll see you next time thanks for Watching bye