Creating Fruit Juice Machines Affiliate Site with AI Tools Part 3

By | December 4, 2021

In this series of videos, I will be creating content for an Amazon affiliate WordPress site using only AI tools.
In part 3, I continued the buyers guide and created a product table.

The tools I will be using are:
– Article Forge:
– Jarvis AI:
– Word AI:
– Rytr:

For the theme, I will be using my current favourite WordPress affiliate theme:
– Popcorn Theme:

Uppbeat Music:

I will be using images from:
– Envato Elements:

The reason I am creating this series is to firstly show the process of creating an affiliate website, but also to highlight the AI tools with real world example use cases.

I had some comments recently where people said the AI tools were not producing good content, well I will put that to the test.

Follow along, subscribe and leave me a comment if you want to see anything in particular with the tools.

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This is part three in my series of Creating an affiliate site with ai Content Um as i said in the last few videos i’ll Be using mainly article four word ai Jarvis and maybe writer as well I’m gonna continue where i left off it’s Been a couple days by saving my turbs Now using the one tab chronic chrome Extension So last time we created these two posts A passion fruit juice recipe And what is cold pressed fruit juice I used uh jarvis necessary word ai for This one and Article forge for this one and also java Is to create some outlines So What i’m going to do now Is create some more Content And i’m going to create another Informational post information post Information or whatever it is So uh i’ll use answers So crates socrates are crazy sure Um Fuji squeezer reviews For just makeup reviews Okay so can future so near Food juice squeezer For business for shop Okay fruit juice It went great

With a great content there uh whichever Site was there Um To add them to my sheets Okay i didn’t i just added the products There All right let me go back to my post what Was i working on last Actually something new i’m going to try And play some background audio so i know You guys are later So i’m using upbeat Um so hopefully it’s not too loud let me See That should be okay You’re saying having to add in later to Fill in the uh Silences Okay i was working on best whole food Juice let me finish up this pose first Excuse me [Music] Okay i was going to add a table And um i added the uh What you call it the side stripe Images Button I’ve got centrifugal juicer again the Same thing So i want to duplicate this I think i can group it i’m not going to Okay i’ll just do Um what’s it called line Separator

And then there’s just a title and so on Okay let me find So i pick it ready Let’s back up Do i do Shadow let me see If i’ll do chardo I’m going to do this with the article Forge Okay let’s pull this one up Let’s see if we can find the uh The product from just this small Bit of text here And if you have Gonna see how it works so we want 500 Words And title and nothing else I use only main key we should add other Ones but This will take a few minutes I’m in the meantime i did actually sign Up for a For a plug-in i don’t i don’t want to Really want to buy anymore but um I signed up for a philly table Which i still don’t think if i installed On the site i did yeah Affiliate i’m going to do a full review On this but um i use uh normally awp Which is good But it’s not perfect but i like Affiliate tables they’ve got a few more Different options Nice layouts and nice clean tables and

Stuff So how do i play with the with the table Let me see my preview Um what is this crafting table The site and do yeah And the way it works that you create the The content on the affiliate affiliate Table site And then it syncs it with your wordpress Site you install the plugin and you can Just use short codes And i won’t go into too much i’ll do a Full review But i didn’t i didn’t really want to Include any premium plugins But it just looks nicer with the Comparison tables and Product box and Yeah it just looks a bit a bit cleaner Let’s put together a fortune on this Done It’s not a great topic this fruit juices Button It was just a domain name so I’ll work on it so which juice machine Is the best [Music] And so i can pick a few and just put in There ctrl shift v [Music] How do you how do juicer machine work I mean i can usually run i’ll talk about That Just do the article forge

Here for now i’ll put it on three below Can Fruit juice Can Fruit juice juicer Okay Can fruit juice do so well Okay For fruit juices squeeze on amazon It’s fruit juice juicer This is a common theme fruit juice Juicer Just fruit juice is fine Anyway I need to use another tool i think to Get some better questions and And let me see But if i use one of my other tools i’ll Give me all my Content and my niches i won’t be using Some of them Which stick to i’ll use google trends I thought i made a spreadsheet oops i Thought i might just appreciate all the Topics but i didn’t so i’m just putting Fruits I think the fruit juice machine is a Good Keyword let’s put it in Um United states worldwide Food juice machine price Brilliant search For this topic

Oh 75 Six I missed your fruit juice Food you search them Okay stainless steel fruit juice freezer Um fuji squeezer These will rising Just mean let’s copy it quickly copy it I’m being lazy Okay let me just put it in here Pull jowls Just put that Oh Okay food juice squeezer One How to make Dragon that’s all that term i know what Is dragon fruit juice I India and indonesia probably want to be Suited to My target market Um best fruit juice for weight loss this Is a very good topic Because on your site you don’t just want Reviews and comparisons you want buyers Guides you want how to and you want tips And so on So all of this you can integrate Affiliate links as you go along text Link it doesn’t have to be with Pictures and so on You can also sell the informational Products and

Ebooks and so on there’s so much content Out there So much Potential to earn Natural fruit juice I mean the food just is natural so Okay do top So we did passion fruit juice How to make fruit juice Fuji’s recipe okay i’ll do that so fresh Fruit juice Food recipes Fruit juice machine [Music] Slushy smoothie food okay Okay um so fruit juice And Not make any Juice fasting is interesting Because people who juice fast they’re Very it’s highly slashed in north America Even the juice box will need a A uh food juicing machine so Break out topic does juice claim work so You can do some research on that I could download the whole spreadsheet Turn day choose cleanse pdfs people are Searching for that So i don’t know if there’s a specific Pdf document but you can make your own After that What to eat after a youth cleanse I think add that to uh

Just a big watch Juice cleanse And i’ll do a couple more then i’ll go Back to article forge Three day juice cleanse Squeezed juice cleanses Juice plant benefits So you can make one massive post about Juice cleanse And a link to your pics of the uh best Juice and so on Okay and also choosing to lose weight Okay let’s go back to article forge see What we’ve got So let’s see if it found it Okay that’s right three inch I saw in the in part two there was one One of the the articles that wasn’t them Completely accurate That’s fine 400 watt motor is that right [Music] Okay three tube [Music] That’s right so far so good So i took a couple of minutes and uh It’s written a 500 article for me so Let’s copy this [Music] Big on each one okay Okay it looks good And then what we want to do is Oops Duplicate this

Section here [Music] Duplicate and then send it down [Music] Save some time And then you need your correct product Information so it was shadow Yeah this one Um one second okay let me get the uh Image first I think i’ve been shooting medium that’s Fine so you want the full tracking id Copy and Paste I also need the text link Uh [Music] [Music] Okay Let’s pick some different features Big mouth three feet [Music] Okay Three inch feet A shooting tube Feed shoot Um same formula one motor Maybe i’ll mention anti-drip And you see cons [Music] They’re all saying that they’re all very Noisy but i don’t know what people Expect it’s gonna make noise It’s not terrible it’s not great either

Just okay [Music] I need to figure out how to mute my mic Quickly when i’m coughing Instead of pausing the video And i see the two strokes everyone says It noisy You can see four-star reviews [Music] Here i should mention easy to clean Is to clean pulp [Music] Clean pulp Um That’s the third product done You can go through and bowl some of the Key features and so on but I won’t be doing that Um did i make a featured image Okay table Uh let me go through the table [Music] I’ve got to add links to my to my uh Document So the [Music] Oh sometimes [Music] In a second And I just put saj on the Door [Music] Image

I’ve replayed the feature just copy from Here This is handy for when you’re making the Table [Music] [Music] Okay So we’ve got the image Three features Sorry image A title [Music] [Music] Post And three products isn’t it for now So safe draft And now let’s look at the table So Um for free and for free plug i’m going To be using the ninja tables Um so this is the table here So that was the first one Um i think i need to change the bottom To the matter anyway So features title image and link Let’s add data So we want That title Okay i got a title Number two is the Glute I should probably change the order Image Text paste visual

And Features I’ve got Ctrl shift v Make it um an ordered list little list And then the link Excuse me Check price Bold And link That Make sure it’s all correct That’s fine And when we just did The shadow Centrifugal Um oh i messed up the mess up the order Can we move this one Here [Music] This is the image text let me just do it Again Can i [Music] As well Text Paste visual And then Text link For link Copy [Music] And paste we link here And

Table put a link And Check Price So if you have a A table plug-in or something makes it Easier to Do The affiliate plugin [Music] Features [Music] This table And preview the table So there we have our juice now with the Other plugins you have something like First pick or you can rank them where You put colors around the borders but This is the free way to do it It looks better than the built-in WordPress table and it’s better than Using table presses very Is free completely free But you have to get very technical to do Things and So that’s why i didn’t use table press You can add all css codes and stuff but This way just freeway to have a decent Presentable table You can see the rose highlight when you Move the mouse it looks neat you’ve got A link here you’ve got a link in the Image Perhaps i could have folded the title

But doesn’t matter that’s fine So we’ll get our shortcode And it posts Here so Type sh short code And save draft and preview See how big it looks It should be responsive Okay there’s a nice neat table Our picks someone looks it looks decent Okay best so let me add a bit more text Here actually publish the post i think i Need to make a Featured image Um We That’s five now just a brief paragraph The main thing is the reviews Okay i’ll say you’ve draft And let me choose the categories I’ll put in Buyer’s guides Publish This i might just change the color we’ll Just change the layout Six minute read Our table let’s check the link Yeah I should go to the mueller That’s right So this is the full review of the Mueller Pros cons and some more Links

We’ve got And that one and then we’ve got the Other associated topic okay that’s not Bad So i’ll leave i’ll leave this video here Um So i think you can tell from this video That my my uh ai tool of choice right Now Is article 4 is because i I put in no effort and i’ve got a whole 501 article And they look ready the information Accurate i just put it straight into the Post copy and paste nothing else Um i’ll also try one with javas but Javas won’t have all this this Javascripting is better for Informational posts Rather than reviews and Maybe buyers guides and also doing Little descriptions and things But if you just want to quickly get some Reviews up optical forge for me right Now is the way to go Because version 3 has really stepped it Up Let me I’ll put this in the other keyboard Topic anyways let me close that So i hope you found this useful Um in the next video what i’ll do I’ll try and use These jarvis for that one and i’ll make

Some sort of informational post using One of the keywords that we found Earlier So we find it useful and i’ll see you Next one bye