Emailwritr Review and Demo | Easy Email Autoresponders Written Fast

By | March 2, 2022

Emailwritr Review and Demo | Easy Email Autoresponders Written Fast
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EmailWritr is an amazing cloud based service that writes customised emails and autoresponder messages.

I was amazed at how quickly I had a 7+ autoresponder series ready to go for an affiliate product.

This tool is truly umami.

The email output quality is very good, it also does the subject lines.

It is simply a case of fill in the blanks where prompted.

The DFY option is quickest as minimal info such as product name is required to get started.

The custom option has a lot more questions to fill in but can give better results.

In this video, I had some issues as the site went offline for a brief period. I will stick with it as I think this will be a superb tool for writing email auto responders.

00:01 Introduction to EmailWritr
26:40 Conclusion

You may already know that email marketing is a powerful way to grow your business, but it can be time-consuming to write effective emails. Without the help of a copywriter, you may miss out on the benefits of this marketing tool. To avoid this, EmailWritr provides you with templates and scripts for different industries, including health, fitness, beauty, and more. This tool allows you to create five- to nine-day email sequences for a variety of purposes.

EmailWritr is designed to write any type of email, in any niche, with just a few answers. If you want to write a series of emails to send out to a large list, you can use the EmailWritr template library to generate multiple email copies from one copy. All templates are created by professionals and are easy to customize. Even if you don’t know how to write your own emails, you can take advantage of the template library to create multiple messages and save your drafts for future use.

EmailWritr also lets you set up a series of email sequences in minutes. Whether your niche is health or fitness, the tool will create an email that suits your audience. You can write a series of emails that will appeal to your readers. Depending on the niche, the emails can be tailored to your audience. It’s possible to set up an unlimited number of templates, and you can even add different messages to your sequences.
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In this video i’m going to review One of the recent appsumo products i’ve Purchased I’ve been busy this morning i’ve Purchased three products And yeah i thought they were pretty good And they seem really useful And i’m going to use them to replace Other products So actually not in the case of email Writer let me go through the i’m going To do one review in each each video so The first video will be email writer Now second and third will be send fox And share seo The links for all of these will be down Below all affiliate links so thank you For purchase So email writer i’ll come up with the Little Blurb here Um it generates emails that you can you Enter you enter a few details answer a Few questions And it will generate one email or a Sequence of emails now recently i’ve Been trying to focus on my email list It’s a completely different story but i Had an issue with get response and I’m just resolving that right now but I’m going to change my email provider But i’m working on automation Autoresponders and my email list in General

And Email writing is actually really hard to Write good engaged emails i’ve got ai Tools that i should be using more like Jasper not jarvis And i should just use it a bit this Morning to write some headlines and some To write some emails for me But that is that is quite general but This tool is what i like about this is That you can split up into different Subjects And you enter a few data and it create a Whole sequence for you So let me stop rambling and get on with This So you can read all this stuff you click Link below you can read the whole page Yourself But the tldr generally unlimited single Emails and follow-up sequences across Multiple industries Um So it’s alternative to these Alternatives to javascript copying and So On um you get access to 1300 plus fill In the blank email templates It’s good for digital market marketers Which i do and so on business owners Oops okay so this is the This is the dashboard then click on your Your subject field i’ll get into the Demo in one second

It’s a lot to go through Okay so this is the plan of future so i Bought the base plan at 59 And in my opinion and for what i need it For that is enough for me So you get lifetime access which is Standard for absuma And it will be updated along the lines Of the Premium plan But if you have two codes it will be Based on the expert plan updates and Three codes Is the agency plan Okay signed up too much we must redeem Within 60 days and a couple of times I’ve forgotten in the past and i’ve lost My I’ve lost my money and i’ve lost my Access Uh gdpr compliant and so on Okay so featuring all the plans so you Get a limited custom email sequences Uh at the moment is 1 523 pre-made Swipes 27 plus industries and niches Create all email types simple dashboard And actually went in blind i just Started using it without going through The tutorial And yeah within i think was about two Minutes Um i had a sequence of seven emails for An affiliate product

I just made up just to test it Okay so the plan is so 59 is all the Features above and you get three users Which is quite generous for the base Plan If you double it you get the expert plan Features and ten users and you get Access to email bank i wasn’t sure Exactly what this was I thought it was an additional Set of temp um Swipes and so on But it’s just somewhere where you can Store your own emails and you can use Them later on inside the sequence It’s useful but not essential And for agency you get 50 users and 30 Premium plans sub accounts so what you Could actually do because this is 59 for A single you can resell these for 30 Each for example And Whatever that works out 900 you can make A lot of money By reselling the plans now i did look in The comments So i mean the questions And once the account is is has been Accessed or once i think once you’ve Created the account You can’t delete it and go back and use It once it’s used it’s used So it’s pretty much 30 one-time account Which i suppose it’s not bad still

I mean if i bought this one accident for Twenty dollars each still made more than Enough money back That’s an idea Um there’s a lot to read and the the Developer the Vendor is quite responsive Which i like they answer a lot of the Questions very quickly You see a lot of replies Let me get into the app let me just log In off screen Okay just logged in but one thing i want To mention that you know i’m into Domaining i i really like the writr It’s a really good domain now let me Actually Let me grab another screen quickly Oops i messed it up One second Okay it’s back Okay i want to go through the actual Page itself it looks very good quite Professional I did notice some of the emails were Some spelling mistakes so hopefully They’ll pick them up But just use grammarly um free for Chrome and you’ll pick up all the arrows You can see a demo on how it works Um let me see where’s the Pricing so these are some of the some of The uh some of these subjects

Some of the issues even So e-commerce emails welcome email Sequence post purchase black friday Carter management and so on Emails pre-launch launch email sequence Affiliate program and so on real estate B2b Webinar and there’s no storytelling Emails Loads in there So Okay there’s loads of good Pricing For standard pricing if you buy it Without the lifetime needed 39 a month For the basic plan but we’re going to be On the premium plan See all the current features you get no Branding You can create email and so on there’s So many swipes to get started with If you want agency expert these are the Features here Let me see email types what’s that how Can that’s just that i’m going to say Roadmap Sorry So scripts will come boarding email for Course creators which Okay i suppose that makes sense Influence influencer outreach email In progress additional industries Autoresponder integration Uh yeah let me see which one say

Okay they’re working on them Maybe i should put a couple of Suggestions in A new email script for the existing Industries probably integration Okay i’ve got these ones alive okay Let’s get into the software itself let Me bring my thing back This one okay so you can watch the Tutorial i just got straight into it So Let me show you one of my projects i Just tested Can i open it okay So i just went through a little i think It’s about only two or three questions Uh Questionnaire I’m just putting a few details so i want To get people back on my email list So hi first names in your autoresponder You’ll change this first name to Everything your autoresponder And then you add your name and your Title on your site and so on And as it appears automatically this is Email two So in this sequence i’m giving people a Free gift if they come back to opening My emails So email sequence 2 the Subject is my nice little gift to you Hi first name again as a link Premium gift

You put the title of your gifts in the Questionnaire You put the value in there And You put your link in manually Okay and then your third one so another Freebie A premium course i think i might mention Course in the freebie too Same sort of stuff but the email is Slightly different And then again It says here Um This is the value of the second gift And email subject for So far this seat was before Again i’m a bit of a story and another Free gift And number five i didn’t see what do you Want from me okay so This is where you’re asking them to to Reply and that’s it you can translate it Export it If you click export um single sequence Doc switched it as a doc Let’s open this Okay so can i drag it across microsoft Word Okay You can just copy and paste this we’ll Just straight from the editor copy and Paste straight into Automation it would be nice if they i

Suppose it doesn’t matter if they put Like lines or something in between so You can Quickly tell I suppose the bolted lens is fine So that’s that one Um i did do another one but i think i Did not save it So let’s do create new project and do a Done for you sequence So these are the industries so sas Emails webinar E-commerce dating affiliate marketing Make money online And coaching and consulting beauty skin Care Weight loss real estate self-help Health and fitness b2b websites and cold Email B2b graphic design lead generation Advertising Social media management agency video Creation agency Copywriting agency website content Writer Article blog post writing sales funnel Single emails You get their standalone emails so you Can use um for whatever you want that’s Your agency review testimonial feedback Requests others Repetition management So you can use this to find okay i’ll Look a bit let’s try

Let me look at others So you’ve got i welcome your email Sequence My re-engagement secret pre-launch email Sequence launching my sequence cart Abandonment upsell and crossover Affiliate promo So i’ll probably be most likely to use The Um Welcome email Reengagement and the affiliate promo Seinfeld email if you want to entertain Your subscribers I don’t know if my subscribers want to Be entertained like that Black friday promotes that that’ll be Really useful Uh new post emails So that would be good let’s see Affiliate promo Let’s give you a product name so My keyboard not too loud let me bring my Mic up a little bit Okay give your project okay Free from email super general assist Everything was different use other People’s offers for free All time commission one exchange for Final service so this is the subject Line my favorite Uh maybe think of an item Okay my favorite youtube Ranking

App So i’m trying to if you’re trying to Rank higher in youtube for example Would you buy a Ranking app to help you do it If yes Is there an option to [Music] What do you do I’m not sure if there’s an option to Actually have a default settings for These I suppose it wouldn’t make sense I’ll have a look at that i’m not sure if There was hung touched any settings I suppose it wouldn’t but this is just a Quick highlight you just go in there and Just copy and paste your Details So which uh ranking app would you Recommend someone serious about getting High rankings and so on Because it’s got a whole email all laid Out every little bit that you need to Change is quickly highlighted Okay email two so more about this Product So again it’s a different And subject This is shorter a little bit shorter Than another email so what i like about This is that it helps you Map out the email you want to send Because i know my emails are very short

Or some are just too long So this is a nice balance in between a Lot of the work is done for you You basically need to fill in the blanks And just modify a touch to suit your Audience But as it is Um it’s not it’s not too badly generic Because it’s good enough Okay emo three was email four So this is actually a good one questions Answered Okay that’s another one email five you Want six There’s a lot of emails about one one Product but I mean if it’s high ticket product it’s Worth being persistent And just reminding people that you’re Promoting this product and giving all The features etc etc So that’s that example let me just do One more Um what’s custom sequence i think There’s too many questions in there Or take too long to go through Let’s do Make money online Okay so Yeah so people that i’m smiling straight Away this is a welcome sequence Promotional okay let’s do soap opera Yeah this is a proper okay It’s a project name so what’s this

Called Um let’s call it soap Okay okay i don’t know why it does You that the sender Oh it’s quite quite a few questions okay What is the industry um yeah marketing Oh this over the freebies okay so Make money book One Ebook Uh the products that you want to promote So Make money online Or Beginners It’s a Training course Who’s a vendor Um Dave Okay and make money line What is the use of this button here so Yeah make Money online The core result Is getting repetitive let me just copy And paste it make money online They will yeah quit your 95 equipped Car spell quit your Nine to five Grind I mentioned second benefit um Spend Time oh they’re better for the course

Okay Make 10k per month Third benefit I have more free time With Family homework take without seeing Ultimately one day Let’s say 30 days Please no more questions Um is it working Well time is something Not sure what it’s doing Oh Oh there’s more questions okay i did not Oh okay Help you to Take More honey And your Job Oh goodness me okay leave your dream Custom Oh there Too many girls Got Frustrated small target audience um What do they do Okay Marketing The hands are actually pretty good Please no more questions oh my goodness Me Okay um

I’m going to copy what they said Was a regular price of this offer let’s Say 997 I’m offering a Oops uh 50 discount 497 I’ll give you Draft a list of all let’s say one bonus It’s a 20 minute video already Um The best Training Ever So Amazing okay we’re done three pages of Questions That’s because i chose the custom Sequence i just want to see what the Outcome is now So if it all in It’s a bit unclear what’s going on Is it working Okay this is not a good sign Just paying all the information and it’s Not going through Did i miss something No i didn’t Why they’re not completing That’s not a good sign For that effort Let me open up a new tab Maybe i’ve done something wrong i’m not Sure

I think they’re experiencing a sight Issue Well that’s unfortunate for this review I suppose it’s better that you see Come on guys sorry out Okay I’m gonna tie tissue Maybe it’s really popular That’s not a good sign when you’re Trying to do a review of the site of the Work But overall I can see the amazing benefits of this Because they’ve done for you emails They’re really quick you only have to Answer two or three questions And it will create a sequence of four to Seven emails And email is is really powerful it’s Really popular still because you’re Directly going to someone’s inbox you’re Not fighting on facebook or flying on Twitter or youtube for rankings you can Stream someone’s inbox so if you’ve got An active confirmed list not just a Crappy Call melee email list Then you will access to people directly So if you get the right subject line and The right to offer You can uh make a lot more money without Any competition so let me end the review Here because it didn’t wasn’t a great Success with that form

And i’ll talk about okay that’s working Please please submit please submit Don’t make me do it again Okay i don’t know So i think i’ll end it here um Now you know what i’ll do i’ll do a wc I’ve done one yet i’m showing you money I mean Let’s do the same topic you made money Online let’s see how short it is so Let’s do so proper sequence again let’s Say Done for you so let’s see how short this Process okay Story base and blah blah blah so day one Of seven so let me help you to Make money online so this is See i know i had to do nothing here So the done for you service is really Quick It’s not as customized obviously but It’s really quick So this is me First off i’m going to show you blah Blah Industry design results so i do like This very easy to see where to fill in The blanks Emo two the day of my conventional Approach fill me The day my commissioner read So day two of seven Okay Okay three of seven only

Senders would make money online Training that worked for me Day four hidden benefits Day five success stories day six did you See this That always gets people clicking let me Ask them a question Another experience And day seven or seven just for Information And that’s it that’s the If i click save what does it do So it saves it I probably end up in my projects You translate email into wow That’s a feature and a half Who must you spend another spanish Where is bunnies Oh fancy I have no use for this feature but it’s Fancy Nombre terrain Day Excellent get back to english please Okay Anyway so you see the actual Done-for-you process is really quick Really easy And the option is there for you to do a Custom sequence and completely customize The Or get get more customized and get it More personal That’s really good um send emails what

Is this Okay where’s the integration actually Before i end the review where’s the Integration What on earth is be about Why didn’t you create interview with This one I know they said they want to integrate With more oh and i have some more Product i bet if there’s I shouldn’t look out for a new email System so let’s see if this is any good Give me prices Wow hundred dollars a month i don’t need Social media They land pages down the analytics So 70 bucks a month expensive Okay so they did say there’s more coming Soon Someone mentioned get response and some Other ones so Anyway you don’t need integration just Copy and paste it Anything else Um training Okay they give you some training here Struck templates personal scripts And that is about it i reckon Yeah that’s it So hope you found this in some way Useful it was a bit long we’re at 25 Minutes already Um it’s my first look at look at it i Think this is one of those

Products i’m not going to be refunding Because i can see the value i can get From this Because i’ve got multiple email lists And It’s always a struggle getting good Emails getting original sounding emails And it’s hard sometimes just sit down And write them so if i can make a Sequence of seven by entering a few bits Of answering a few questions Then that’s incredible for me So if you do anything with emails it’s a Very highly recommended tool again the Link is in the description below so Thank you if you do purchase by link It’s an affiliate link And i’ve got two more reviews coming up Probably today One is for an email um App And one is one seo app so i’ll see you Next time