Epik Hacked : What to do Right Now!

By | September 16, 2021

Epik.com was unfortunately hacked.
The CEO sent an email last night and the domain forums have been pretty active.
Right now, you need to login, change your password and add 2FA.
I use the following free 2FA apps:

Read more about the hack here:

I will remain with Epik for now.
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Hello everyone this is rohan from Phonereviews.com And just a quick psa today unfortunately Epic domains my new Well it was my new registrar of choice They apparently had a big data breach And a lot of data has been taken Including um customer details i think Credit card Might not have been But um according to a lot of these sites A lot of data was taken And it’s available on torrent sites Now the best thing to do now if you’re An epic customer is to log into your Account change your password immediately At minimum But also install some sort of two-factor Authentication Another ones i use i use authy which is Free and also [Music] This one called sas pass You just use a google authenticator i Think it’s a ios and android app But use any of the free ones And then just uh Just log into your account enable to Authentication download the app And scan the qr code and enter the Details and your your account will be Secured that way Now i don’t know what this means for the Future epics a lot of people are there’s

All these wild stories out there That could be the end but i don’t think So Um If their stories like uh i’ll put a link To this site there’s a name pro is my One of my favorite domain forums Um the people talking about because the The owners got some got certain views or They host certain sites That’s why they were attacked Um i’ll show you the email actually the Only sent out yesterday So just they said that there was a There was a preach was very basic email And when his prayers and Okay that’s fine but yeah it wasn’t them Uh the best eman they could have just Said look log in now change your Password to do something but I don’t know it’s up to them how they Handle it Um this is apparently a note from one of The hackers And you’re saying that let me see A decade worth of data [Music] All domain purchases domain transit in And out Who is history unredacted Which is worrying um dns changes email Forwards casuals payment history no Credit card data Um if you’re not in that game

Account credentials for all epic Customers hosting anonymized vpn and so On Internal system servers and epic golden Logins In plain text wow So of course you’re gonna think twice by Using epic now luckily i’ve only moved About five percent of temperature of my Domains over probably five percent Because i was switching from main side Because the price rise I think i’ll hold on for now see what Happens It’s unfortunate i really like epic they Had a really good system for selling Domains But anyway and there’s more news about This you can read i’ll put a link to Some of these sites where you just Google it Um it’s a bit extremely extreme right For every webinar you just got hacked I had no idea the politics of the owner Or the company probably just the owner But Right-wing’s favorite host i don’t even Know they hosted my ring sites Anyway I’ll leave you too i’ll put something to Fill up some of these stories but if you Have got my account epic highly Recommend you Change your password get two fact

Authentication and Hope for the rest Thank you bye