Eyoyo Bluetooth Portable Barcode Scanner Review with Demo

By | November 27, 2022

Eyoyo Bluetooth Portable Barcode Scanner Review with Demo
Get this barcode scanner here: https://geni.us/u19Ly
The Eyoyo Bluetooth Portable Barcode Scanner is a great device for anyone who needs to scan barcodes on a regular basis.

The scanner is very easy to use and is very accurate. The scanner is very lightweight and is very easy to carry around.

There are 3 connection options:
– Bluetooth
– RF Wireless (dongle supplied)

In my demo, I connected the barcode scanner to my iPhone and showed how quick it is.

This scanner is easy to set up and use, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems.

Overall, the Eyoyo Bluetooth Portable Barcode Scanner is a great option for those who need a reliable and easy-to-use scanner.

More about barcode scanners:
– Inventory management
By scanning items as they come in and out of your store, you can always know exactly what you have in stock. This can help you avoid overordering or running out of popular items.

– Price Checking
When you’re out shopping for supplies, you can use your portable barcode scanner to quickly check prices and compare them with your own store’s prices. This can help you save money on your purchases.
This is a great barcode scanner for retail arbitrage, it saves time and is very effective for this task.

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05:25 Barcode scanner demo
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06:00 Barcode scanner description
06:26 Demo
07:56 Size
08:20 iPhone pairing
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Get it here: https://geni.us/u19Ly

In this video I'm going to be reviewing This new Barcode Scanner I've got it's Called a yoyo 1D laser Bluetooth barcode Scanner This is quite a unique and very handy Little device it's a three in one So you can use Bluetooth you can use the Provided cable which is USB C to usb-a Or you can use the wireless RF receiver I've tried all three and it works Flawlessly with either method I'll actually show you a demo in the Next part of this video where I show you It sync a pairing with my iPhone and Just scanning some random barcodes I've Got around the desk So this is a small little device I say it's about a quarter of the iPhone Screen it's very small little device It's got a little lanyard with it so It's easy to whiz around shop and Scanning prices I know a lot of people Like doing the Retail Arbitrage Which I've done occasionally And yeah you just quickly go around to Our shops just quickly zap up zap a Barcode and check on Amazon now you Could do with your firm by it means Getting the phone like loading the app And doing all that with this you can Just scan multiple Pockets very quickly No messing about Let me go to some of the stuff that they Show on the listing so it's got multiple

Pairing modes you can choose to have Beep or no beep It's got a vibration so you kind of beep Off but have vibration arms you can just Make sure that you've scanned the Barcode Uh multiple pairing mode like I said so 2.4 G wireless wire and also Bluetooth And yeah that's the connection modes You can add a prefix or suffix so for Example time and date It's got very good very fast scanning Performance Um I don't know the exact distance I've Tried it but I've tried Burgers from Quite a distance maybe 30 centimeters Maybe more And they've picked it up just fine and Just Medium darkish to medium lightish office Environment And it's fine it's got 10 hour working Battery life it's two hours to fully Charge it and it's got a 30 day um Standby it's also got steep options if You don't use it for two minutes five Minutes so on you could say to sleep Um yesterday his work's all made your Windows Mac and Linux IOS and Android Three-month connection mode and so on Covering this first bit um also yeah one Thing I should mention it's got a nice LCD screen on there it also did this Screen LCD screen I mean

Where it shows you the connections There's no so you can have different Modes have normal mode which is use Presto bonus scans it's done or you can Have continuous mode where it just keeps Looking for a barcode so if you're Quickly passing the items in front of me Like packages for example you can do That as well It shows the connection type so it could Be Bluetooth wireless or or PC or wired It also shows the battery life so it's All on the screen very easy to see And it's got a very good Advanced scan Engine so you can scan 1D barcodes very Quickly that includes all types of 1D Parker so Amazon barcodes UPC Ean and so on Very light very compact so it's really Handy for playing around the warehouse Really handy for when you're doing your In the shops you're just checking for Prices very quick And so on oops My mouth is lagging for some reason just Let me just quickly turn it off and on Again Okay Um yeah it's got a smart electronic Screen Bluetooth and so on I've shown You all that Um shows DS to show the normal mode the Bluetooth mode volume battery level time And date and also

Yep that's that Yeah so you can do normal normal mode Which is when you I think I got it wrong So normal mode when you it sends the Barcode straight to the device or Storage mode it's got 16 megabytes and I Think they said in the book is a hundred Thousand barcodes you can hold So if you're out of range if you're in a Far Warehouse or you're in a different Place you can just use a machine still For inventory and so on You can also add date and time so you Can adjust the barcode the date before The time before then the barcode or Barcode then date and time It's a Sandy feature And you've got the sound option and so On it's compatible with computers laptop Point of sale smartphones tablets iPhone IPad Android and so on Uh it's compiled with Linux and with iOS And all the Windows and Mac OS Uh word excel novelty so use that QuickBooks and all these ones Um I'll show you a demo which is getting Simple apple notes A very long work time so on so that's That now let me get into the demo so I'll end it here but just before I Finish at the bottom there is a link to Buy this one is an affiliate links thank You very much bye by my link And if I can't persuade them to give me

A voucher or coupon I'll put that in the Description down below So hopefully they'll give me something To just swing the deal a little bit So yeah I'll get on to the demo Okay so in this part of the video I'm Going to show you a quick demo of the AEO scanner So I mean this is what you're getting With the Box you get the USB RF wireless Um Receiver You get a USBC to USB a cable charging Cable and also a PC data cable This is the uh the item itself and it's The manual Let me see if it focuses properly second Okay so this is the close-up of the Device so that's just the menu up down Button that's the back That's the power on off button That's the LCD screen that's gonna And that's the USBC charging port Let me quickly turn it on and sorry on The front is the Army burn is the main Scanning button Let me turn it on We have to press the button okay Would it focus focus focus Okay that's current time you've seen the Top right Corners it shows you the Connection method It's currently Bluetooth is normal

Scanning mode so it's going to be Scanning and sending straight to the Thing to my phone The battery power and also the beeps it Says Bluetooth connected Let me check my phone where's my phone Here it is Okay we'll plug it in Let's quickly check my Bluetooth Richard and there we go it's Already connected There but it's just a normal pairing Mode so what you do I'll show you quickly Now you press the downper and you go to Focus please You've got the top option preparing away Press the orange button And you choose Bluetooth 2.4 G wireless Or you plug in the cable It's back [Music] Okay so now let me show you a quick demo Actually show you the size of it let me Get measuring paper Put the measurement paper Okay so let me just quickly grab the Tape To get a bigger Okay so This is Um six and a half centimeters by Three and a half About one and a half centimeters depth It's very small very late

Actually could they give you the lanyard With it I think quickly put on your wrist and do Some important scanning Can I show you a quick demo so I've got Hooked up to my iPhone You quickly open the notes app We need to leave the stuff I've got in Here so I leave my phone here Okay and Let me scan something so the first thing I'll Stand is the box for the Down a bit So I'm about 20 centimeters away One second Okay nobody yeah okay it's nice hooked Up it's nice down my phone it's got a Thing barcode Let me scan this phone case books Straight away done This cream bottle I've always got bright light facing this And even when the light it still picks Up perfectly fine let me turn the light Off actually it's gonna make the Difference Lights off Try again Perfect Um well so I've got any other barcodes Around here I can't see anything Okay I can't see anything let me try This uh

Box again Box done I've even got it at a funny Angle I can't see where it's pointing there it Picks up straight away See I'm quite impressed with the uh with The scanning ability of this You see it's got it actually it's got The focus focus focus It shows you the broken on screen so you Know that you've got it And it's a really nice little device It's really good for when you've got I Know people like going to Cherry shops And they're going to the supermarkets or Whatever And they critically whiz around just Scanning special offers and seeing What's good You can't be fine in one hand on Amazon Or wherever eBay wherever you're looking And then quickly go with this on the Other hand because it's just tiny you Scan your items with I'll show you the Size compared to my phone This is the iPhone 14 pro And this is the device it's barely a Quarter of the screen Tiny And it's and it's got LCD screen on it Because I've seen some other ones with Actually quite a lot bigger with no Screen So yeah it's handy nice little device

A very good battery life on it as well 10 10 hours working time more than a Average working day So I'm very impressed with that See what more can I see Um it's a nice device very small very Light very easy to put your pocket keep On your wrist And what else can I say yeah it works With iPhone Android PC Mac Linux Basically everything that you could use In a warehouse or at home to do any Pocketing And yeah so there's a link for it down Below it's an affiliate link thank you For your purchased by my link If you find it useful please give me a Thumbs up and I'll see you with the next One oh yeah also if I do get a coupon For this I'll often think give me some Sort of coupon If they say yes I'm putting it in the Description down below thanks for Watching bye