Getresponse are Holding Me Hostage

By | March 1, 2022

I have been with Getresponse for almost 3 years.

I have a very modest list as I have never been focused on list building.

I upgraded to their Plus plan 2 weeks ago in the hopes of using their automation features.

Alas, they suspended my account as I had a high proportion of non-openers on my list.

My fault, I know. I should have spent time on list hygiene.

I have contacted them to get this resolved but the suspension remains.

I am very frustrated with this situation.

Luckily, I have a backup of my lists and I have another solution I was using for the past few months in the form of the much cheaper Mailerlite (get here

They are a third of the price for unlimited automations.

I will eventually create my own hosted email with Mautic or similar so I will no longer be at the mercy of the tyrants!

I still like Getresponse, they platform UX is good and the site is quick but they need a better system rather than a straight suspension with no warning.

You can try Getresponse here – their autoresponder setup is great and it is easy to integrate with multiple platforms.

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In this video i want to show you a Little issue i’ve got with uh get Response Now i don’t have a massive email list Only 100 or so maybe 150 200 i’m not sure Double check it But um i’ve not been through the list Cleaning process and and i know i think A lot of emails don’t get opened So anyway i upgraded my account last Month to the Middle planning school plus because i Want to do some automations And then say i got a message because i Was freak configuring my account and Adding it to some websites and just Doing some general stuff with forms I’ve got this message out the blue Saying that they did a routine checkup And they found that my account contains A number of inactive addresses about 103 And you know mention the last six months Fair enough that’s fine but what i don’t Like is that they suspended my account So i can’t download my list My own list And i can’t really do anything until i Satisfy them Now they just copy and paste the same Messaging again which is annoying So i told them i don’t agree with this And i want to deal with automation but To do that i need to upgrade to the next

Package apps basically the highest Package i think is So for a list of 100 something i have to Pay 75 pounds 190 a month not worth it So i’m going to give them a chance see What they say see if they let me go Through and actually send a message And then if nobody if the people don’t Open it in a certain amount of time then I can delete them They say you know i’ve got a backup Anyway And i’m just going to switch to melee Like because i’m Pretty annoyed with the get response And i was about to do a video because Just set up a a new form on my site let Me just quickly pull it up i set up a A contact form on my site On the on the heading Let me just put it across Oops okay i just put this little little Simple form in there And that’s such a hard time trying to Find A way to set up easily because i use Cadence i don’t use elementor i don’t Like elementor that much And with cadence it they only got a few Integrations that get responses on one Of them And i couldn’t figure out through the Web books and it’s just a lot of work i Just wanted a simple form

So i tried to use the get response Plugin and that was pain in the backside Because they only allowed to import Their the pre-built form that’s Ugly um i just want this basic form on There So i’ll make another video on how to They would get a response But i use another plugin and i just Edited a bit done a bit of added a few Colors and things and now i’ve got a Simple form it’s free plug-in as well A lot of them that make you pay for the Upgrade to add get responses i want But anyway That’s one of the video but yeah this One is just ticking me off a little bit So i’m think i’m going to switch to Um Mailerlite because i’ve been with them For a while anyway I just moved back to get response just To see because i thought with the Upgraded plan I might have more options but the Automation does seem to be limited even Though i’m on the I think Pounds a month plan I’ll kind of build on this stuff up here So Ideally what i’m going to do in the Future is i’ve used other self-hosted Email services before such as um

Let me think Uh mailwiz i’ve used i’ve got i’ve still Got an account with well chocolate two Installations on melbourne But i just didn’t like it was a bit too Basic here it wasn’t updated or nothing But also what’s the other one more tick More tick is really called a maltico However you pronounce it it’s really Good really powerful Now with that um i can set it up with a Mail gun or send grid or amazon ses Because i have counted all of them Free accounts all them i pay a little Bit for ses and a little bit for mail Gun And i could have completely complete Control of my list without these Companies holding hostile actually Talking about melee light Let me show you oops let me show you This screen Okay oops let me try across i’m just Testing the message here you see at the Bottom here they’ve got uh Account approval level so i want to hit 500 which is a little bit way off Since i moved all my accounts but i’m Only 115 in here Once at 500 they’re going to review it Again Um ask for some additional information i Mean i don’t know why if you’re paying For a service as long as they’re not

Coming back to spam i don’t see the Problem But anyway they want to look after Themselves so Yeah that’s a bit annoying but mila Light is a lot cheaper it’s nine dollars A month And you get a lot of the automations can You just see Okay yeah i i stopped the automation There but they’ve got all the Automations Similar to uh get response But yeah let me end the video here So anyway the point this video is Be careful with get response so i may Like all of them aweber campaign always Keep backups of your your list And i’m always um just have just have Another option so just set up a free With with mote you can set up one on Shared hosting don’t get the cheapest Cheapest plan But you get a free easy install with the Soft oculus apps It’s easy to set up set up on a sub Domain And yeah so you can always set up Another domain completely and use that For multiple sites to send emails anyway That’s another project i’ve actually got A domain i’ve set up for that And Yeah i just haven’t used it anyway i’ll

End it thanks