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Get Glorify Lifetime here:
The deal ends TONIGHT at midnight UK and 7pm EST.

Glorify is a complete cloud based graphics package.

The package includes amazing tools including background remover, smart resizing, thousands of templates, millions of stock photos, icons, graphics.

Glorify is best for Ecommerce business owners, social media and designers.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you are free to try it.

This is a real Canva alternative and with the new funding, the tool will only get better.

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Hello everyone this is foreign from fan and in this hopefully super Quick video i want to tell you about a Deal that’s ending in a few hours Tonight it’s actually ending at midnight Uk time and 7 p.m eastern time And the deal is for glorify which is a Cloud-based Graphics editing package and creation Package and much much more Now the deal is for the lifetime package Which starts from just 97 And you get access to a full suite of Glorified tools which includes quite a Few options You get the amazing background remover This is probably the best remover i’ve Used i’ve paid for a few different Options But in my lifetime package i’ve got this Included with i think 500 credits Which is plenty more than that for me Um also you’ve got smart resize you can Add shadows and reflections to your Product images You have collaborations you’ve got Hundreds of templates annotate brand Kits they just added mock-ups which is a Nice new feature Um there’s got plenty of icons five Million plus photos i like they’ve got Models in here that you can use to bring Up thumbnails or social media images or Product photos

And also loads of illustrations Quite a few things coming soon so you’ve Got a new logo creator coming back Processing animation and much more Uh let me go through this is their Roadmap so yeah logo maker 2 Packaging designer Mock-ups Batch processing 3d viewer animation Smart components print templates Collaborations plenty more you can click On the link below and just look at all Them yourself But Yeah i’m looking forward to logo maker Because i use a lot of logos for my Websites and It’s always nice to have a good logo Maker let me show you some of the The uh the options here so The main the main Highlight feature of glorifies that is Made for Um For for e-commerce for people who sell Online on ebay amazon their own stores Shopify whatever And what i’ve seen especially in a lot Of their tutorials and their online Sessions Is that they go through step by step how To make these amazing images and with Their templates you can easily make some Amazing product images you can use take

A photo use their background removal Tool to remove all the background Put the use put the the photo you’ve Taken into one of their templates You can make a normal photo look amazing Product photo And they’re all like made by Professional designers and they’re in Use by real people so you know it works Um they’ve got plenty of Examples Okay Let me see social media i also use it For social media posts so i use some of The models i use some of the mock-up Images Um again they’ve got loads and loads of Templates you can do so much with this It’s also very good for ads facebook ads Google ads youtube ads And you can see from the examples you Can make eye-catching ads really really Quickly And also another popular feature is Ebooks you can make ebooks from Within this package Uh let me just quickly show you the Pricing So it starts at 97 like this is a One-time price only pay once never again You get all of the mock-ups the Background removal tool Um the 15 000 plus i didn’t know that Many 15 000 templates five million plus

Photos One million plus professional Illustrations two million plus icons 100 Gig of cloud storage All the future upgrades and you get Priority support and also there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee And there’s currently It’s quite a few 126 000 plus users Right now And 1.71 million designs being made so Far Um let me show you inside my dashboard So i’m on the I think i’m on the top package i think It was 300 and something I paid for the 397 package Uh pro enterprise And without i get 500 credits for Background removal Um i get 10 user invitations Unlimited projects unlimited brands Unlimited cloud storage And image upload limit and unlimited Favorites And with this with glorify you can do so Much especially for e-commerce and Social media I highly recommend it You cannot pay canva i think 120 a year And canva is very good it’s one of the The biggest Uh cloud-based graphics tools at the Moment

I think glorify is on the way especially For e-commerce folks social media Focused Images and It’s just an amazing tool and and you’re Never going to get this price again You’re never going to get this package Again because from tonight it’s going to Disappear and go to a fully Subscription-based package because they Raised their Their money from the vc funding i think Was 2 million dollars Um they’re going to end this duel now And they could just focus on Subscription and growing the tool you See the roadmap roadmap even is quite Extensive And yeah i think um Yeah i think it would be crazy to miss Out on this deal because it won’t happen Again And you can get the basic package with Ninety seven dollars and it’s a one-time Payment So hope you guys jump on it And hope you enjoyed this quick uh well We’re gonna review a quick video and I’ll see you the next one thanks bye