Google Analytics Alternatives | Self Hosting & EU Hosting Alternatives

By | February 7, 2022

Google Analytics Alternatives | Self Hosting & EU Hosting Alternatives

As you will probably have heard, Google is not very popular in the EU in terms of privacy.

If you use Google Analytics, there are some alternatives both free and paid.

They are either self hosted or EU hosted. Free self hosted and paid paid self hosted paid free self hosted free EU hosted with optional pay what you want – good to support these guys paid EU hosted

00:01 Introduction
00:06 Google Analytics Privacy and EU GDPR
00:50 Matomo Analytics Self Hosted
01:40 Cpanel Analytics for self hosted
02:47 Matomo demo
05:00 Matomo Cloud Pricing
05:29 Pricing
06:24 66Analytics Pricing
07:22 GoatCounter
08:42 Demo
09:53 Fathom Analytics
10:37 Fathom Analytics Pricing
12:20 Conclusion

What is Google Analytics? It’s a free service that allows website owners to easily analyze their website’s traffic and make it more effective. This service is useful for tracking and analyzing site traffic and other aspects of business. You can create reports to learn what works and what doesn’t. You can also use Google Analytics to track your competitors. This tool is very helpful for marketers. It can help you decide which online advertising campaigns are performing the best.

Using Google Analytics to measure website traffic is easy. It uses HTTP cookies to keep track of website visitors and their activities. It stores these cookies on the visitor’s computer. If a website doesn’t have a privacy policy, they are violating Google’s contract and may be violating privacy laws. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you may be wasting your money. So, read on to find out more.

It’s important to understand how Google Analytics works. You can set up your website for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The main goal of Google Analytics is to increase the traffic on your website. This type of advertising is essential to making your site successful. It can help you understand how your visitors find your website and what they want to know. Moreover, you can choose to use Google Analytics for your online business as long as you follow the above-described steps.
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In this hopefully quick video i want to Talk about alternatives to google Analytics Now recently there’s been a lot of press About Um Austria banning the google analytics and It’s a big issue for Gdpr in europe and so on and for a while I’ve been trying to look for Alternatives Um you can google it yourself and just Read some of those stories And some of the issues with google Analytics and privacy the main issue is That they They take data from european users and European sites and they host it And do what they need to do in in the us And of course that’s a big issue Now there are alternatives you can do Self-hosted analytics and i’ll show you Some options i’m using Or you can use eu based uh Providers So i show you one that i’m using it’s Called uh And this is free to self-host or you can Use their cloud service And it’s actually quite good and it’s Relatively easy to set up If you’ve got uh cpanel hosting with Um with softaculous one of those

Installers you can actually Um get them you can actually install it Yourself pretty easily let me just find My I had a page up and just lost it one Second Um okay where’s my cpanel Let me just pause the video Okay i’ve got it here let me just Quickly pull it up Okay so via softaculous um i need to Hide my domain Okay so um firesoft oculus there’s a Couple of options um you’ve got matomo Which i mentioned Open web analytics i’m not trying but it Looks interesting And Locaholic or Logarithm when i loaded that i had some Issues with Malwarebytes blocking their site so Holding is that That’s the easy install method by cpanel So you click on install follow the Process Uh the best option the way that i set up My terminal Um is i install it on a subdomain Um for one of my one of my uh domains And um yeah i just installed it on there It’s a php script that has a mysql Database and I think i’ve got about 20 sites running

On this one shared hosting by reasonably Powerful shared hosting Uh i think it’s like four cpu and five Gig of ram Uh with it’s at Five cloud host I think But anyway um yeah it works pretty well It’s not as nice as some of the other Options But it’s free and it’s self-hosted and Obviously you control the data you can Anonymize data and so on Um i’ll blur this but i’ll show you So this is i’ve got how many let me Block this One second okay so this is a Screenshot of today’s Stats some of these are google news Sites and so on Um but let me see so i’ve got 17 active Sites i thought a bit more i think i Might remove some i’m going to put them Back And yeah this is this is the all Websites and this what why one reason Why i like matomi is that with google Analytics i click on each site Individually Just to get the stats i’m not really too Interested i just want to make sure that My sites are getting visitors This was back when i started in using my Google news sites

Um but you can click on the dashboard And go through individual settings That’s not a review of my tomorrow i’m Going to blur a lot of stuff out Um Yeah but you see that you’ve got country Flags here where they’re from um Okay i better blow that because it shows The ips I’ll show you some of the details i can And I don’t know why my tomah racing’s gone Now i was two star earlier on now went Back to one still I don’t know anyway it doesn’t matter Yes a pretty user-friendly dashboard They’ve got a youtube channel with a lot Of reviews not reviews uh tutorials Click on visitors of the visitors log I think there’s an option to anonymize Ips Which i probably have done but Anyway uh you could have behavior So it’s quite uh comprehensive like Google analytics and it’s free to Self-host Um i don’t know how much they charge Oops let me blow that [Music] I’ll have a look at a second And this is the other option let me just Quickly That’s my turn worth of pricing So uh 17 pounds

Gbp a month by 22 dollars i reckon For 50 000 hits which is quite expensive Um data stored in europe and so on That’s only for 30 websites as well I’m sorry for that clicking sound i know People don’t like it Just my mask it’s try um Okay Anyway it’s not supposed to be in the Toma review okay that’s that ask So i use the on-premise free download Set up for one of my spare Domains and i just made a sub domain and I I used the tracking code from there and Saw it on the sites and it seems to work Seems to work quite well i’m not that Keen on the interface someone but it Does job Now plausible i’ve tried them for a Month It’s really nice really clear analytics But for me it’s a bit expensive for what It is And that’s me being a little bit mean um So for 10k visits it’s nine pounds about Eleven twelve dollars a month And i hit that limit i think uh within About Two weeks And i had to upgrade you want him to Upgrade to the next package that’s why i Cancelled it

It’s 400k saying 19 pounds 22 23 And it’s 50 websites it was a little bit Less than i think I think it was 20 then They changed it recently i think maybe i Don’t know Anyway plausible is nice and they’re Privacy based and so on it’s alternative To google analytics Um And they give back five percent of our Revenue Okay it’s really like it’s really good And it is a good option And they’re getting very popular now i Know it’s a past year or so They’ve really increased their user base Um This one i considered is 66 analytics It’s a A one-time payment Um since open source code free future Updates six months of support and empty Users and empty sites and so on it’s Also self-hosted You pay 79 dollars for one-time license And where’s the demo Um it looked it looked quite nice Nice clear graphs Real-time data For something that didn’t actually I do not know this i’ve got a free Option oh it’s just this demo Okay you can try free option i think no

It’s not a pretend Thing is it anyway Okay i don’t know anyway sorry but yeah This looks nice um Okay i can’t show you a demo of that Which string This one i heard about today in the Facebook group goat counter But i didn’t like the interface looks Really Basic It is free I supposed to give the information you Want but yeah i just don’t have The patience of all these stats And this one i signed up for today is It’s free But you can pay what you want for it With a monthly or money off paypal Payment And it’s very clean very easy to use Um it’s just a case of making a an Account without an email you just enter A username and password And you add a couple lines of code to Your header And it gives you a nice clean interface It’s open source privacy friendly no Cookies no login no ip address nothing No fingerprinting You get all the basic details you need And um You’re looking for investors how many Users they say they’ve got

500 active users 1400 Average page views month in 2020 14 million track visits so on So yeah it’ll be good if projects like This would succeed So i might actually just sign up and pay Monthly and It looks pretty good um let me show you A demo of their Interface So um i just added my site quickly i did A couple of lines of code And it shows you the visit search Engines social networks direct linking The time of the visit country Device platform browser languages screen Time Uh entry pages and the visit the ipad Yourselves the country flag Okay so you can pay what you want so you Can pay a it’s a one it’s a paypal Button so you can pay monthly whatever But yeah it’s nice and simple when you Add multiple sites so you’ve got a Website You put the tracking code into the Website and it recognizes and adds it to The system So in my case i used um What’s it called insert headers photos Free plugin i just put the little bit of Code in the head section And i let it track

And you could also download your data And you can Delete websites and see the whole Account and so on So i like this one Okay this is another one considering It’s uh fathom analytics I believe it’s uk based is privacy Focused This is scary guru language data are Used in lawsuits It can be that’s the issue of having Stuff in hosting america i mean google Is everywhere youtube everything we use Is Based on google which is Annoying but that’s That’s the way it is Um the pricing is pretty fair i think They’re they’re charging let me get to a Second Okay no gdpr notices accept required so On and then we get that pricing So there’s pricing is 14 dollars per Month I don’t know why i thought it was uk Based is it Think about a different one At 40 per month up to a hundred thousand Now with um Plausible it was 19 pounds per month by 20 something dollars And you get up to 50 sites 100 data on a Ship uptime monitoring which is a nice

Bonus No cookie money required but you do have To use other stuff on the site I was even reading that google fonts Might be an issue in europe That’s something else you can say that’s One in the video Um and there’s a lot of stuff here to Read But that’s not bad forty dollars a month And there where’s that demo i looked at The demo And it’s nice and clear you get a lot of Easy to understand data here it’s not Gonna be overly complicated It’s actually nicer than the What’s it called I forgot to give the url for this one Supposed to be a quick video um yeah you Get actually a little bit more data With um With the use So you get seven day free trial yes this One that i might use Okay Um So i covered all of them just quickly Check There was one more let me just quickly Find him up come back okay i can’t find The other one but that was a That was about 19 pounds a month i Believe

So anyway So yeah the highlights of this video i Just used matomo for free on your own Hosting Or try a counter dot dev for free or Technically pay what you want All this fat use fathom dot com 14 a Month for the basic package It looks really nice and now what i Would say with my toma is that my Hosting i have it on is a 4 cpu and 5 Gig it’s shared hosting And it does perform quite well but i’ve Only got 17 sites on there and sometimes It does take a couple of seconds to load Some of the stats So if self-hosting what we want you’ve Got a lot of sites and use one of these These uh Cloud hosting providers instead or get Vps Trust it on there I’ll end it here i’ll link to all of These below None of them are affiliates and i think So Yeah just check it out use the free Trials and i’ll see you in the next Video