How to add a domain to Cloudflare for Free

By | March 14, 2022

How to add a domain to Cloudflare for Free

I use Cloudflare for pretty much all of my domains.

I like the easy of access to the DNS records plus I appreciate the free CDN and security benefits in the free Cloudflare plan.

In this video, I show you how I move my domains’ DNS hosting from Porkbun ( to Cloudflare for free.

00:01 Introduction
00:30 Cloudflare Domain

Cloudflare is an American company that provides content delivery network services and DDoS mitigation. Their services occur between the hosting provider and the website visitor. In effect, they act as a reverse proxy, which means they protect websites from harmful attacks. This article outlines how Cloudflare works. To learn more, continue reading. This article will explain what is included in a subscription to Cloudflare. This will help you decide if you need one.

Cloudflare is a free CDN type service that protects websites from malicious code, SQL injection, and identity theft, while also improving site performance. It speeds up load times by redirecting visitors to servers nearer to the visitor. This reduces the amount of bandwidth required to deliver your website. Additionally, it helps your website avoid bot crawls, which can help or hurt your business. While a few people may be happy with this feature, many others prefer the extra security and performance it offers.

If you’re looking for a fast website, Cloudflare can help. It works by caching static elements and images, so your website will load faster. It’s important to note that changes made to the site will not be reflected instantly on the Cloudflare servers. You can also disable the cache on any domain and this will affect all visitors to your site. But, you shouldn’t completely turn off Cloudflare. It is a great tool for enhancing your website’s performance and security.

Cloudflare is essential for any website, as it protects the website against bot traffic, malicious intrusion, and DDoS attacks. It has more than 200 data centres around the world, and consistently hits over 7 billion requests per day. You can also get a postgraduate certificate in cloud computing through Jigsaw Academy. This online course is 6 months long and offers you a certificate that will show you the fundamentals of cloud computing.

Apart from protecting your website from DDoS attacks, Cloudflare also helps protect your website from automated bots. The service works by routing visitors to the nearest data center. By using this method, your site’s content will load faster and will prevent DDoS attacks. It is an excellent choice for sites that have millions of visitors and is used to spam. Its speed and security capabilities have made it the go-to solution for sites facing DDoS threats.

Cloudflare is an internet service that helps websites with their content. This service works by caching images and static elements. In addition to its DNS network, it also operates the largest DNS network. Its services are a great benefit for businesses, as it speeds up the delivery of content to the user. And because it works on the internet, it’s important for websites to be protected from cyberattacks.
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In this video i’m going to show you how To add your domain to cloudflare I use cloudflare to mainly manage my dns So it’s very easy for me to manage the Dns for one domain or multiple domains But you can also use it as your main cdn So you can deliver your images and your Static content even faster And you can use it for some of its Protection features I’m going to be using only the free Account but there are also paid options So first i’m going to go into my domain Host now this process similar for Whichever Domain registrar you you’re using So go to id name silo but in this Example i’m going to be using pork bun So i’m going to blur some of the the The domains here The main thing you want to be looking For is the authoritative name servers or In most cases we’ll just say name Servers So first let me add the domain to Cloudflare and get the process going So in this example it’s fr It’s just a domain i bought for testing Okay so you can choose the twenty Dollars a month pro pro plan business Plan enterprise but we’re gonna go for The free plan on the bottom here So click on the free plan and click Continue

Now it’s going to go off and check the Existing dns records If your domains being freshly which they May not show I’m going to delete all of these because I don’t need I don’t need any of them I’ll start from scratch i’ll do delete So this is the current setup From the registrar And i’ll do listen to this later to Continue So now it’s picked up the current name Servers as these pogba name servers But we need to change it to these ones Here it’s and So i’ll click to copy the first one go To the host domain host i’m going to Edit the name servers Delete what’s here Ctrl v to paste it And then copy the second one Go back to pokemon and paste these ones Now click submit Now i’m depending on the domain Registrar it can take anywhere from Minutes to hours Up to 48 hours In most cases a matter of minutes what You can do you can go to a site called Dns Checker

And putting the the domain so my domain Was fr test strikes what i said I can’t type what xy said And you want to change this one to ns For Name servers And just search So you can see it’s still on the pork Bun name servers So this might take uh Half an hour or so So i’ll pause the video here and i’ll Let it update and i’ll show you Just click down here um So i just do apply recommendations Okay and then check names over so it’s Kind of it says um it’s checking it It’ll take a little while so i’ll leave It and i’ll come back to it Okay it’s taking a bit longer than Expected to get this Updated but i’ll just show you inside The Uh classifier control panel how i use it So basically what i normally do is if I’m using a vps or shared hosting or Whatever Um i manage the dns form within Cloudflare because it’s just so much Easier So you click on add so if i add it to Add it to a new vps i set a record i Choose act play root and enter the Address so for example it’s not real ip but just in Case leave on proxied just for test i Mean and click save Okay Okay So now i’m uh if i have a vps at this ip The f5 test x5z domain will point Straight to that one you can also add The same for www So the way i do that is go to cname Well i think a name is okay as well for C name www i choose add to send it to The root And normally for c name you don’t proxy It Again there’s there’s a load of ways to Use These options but this is where i use it And then for mx records um i delete These existing ones Either just from the Registrar And then you would follow what your What your email provider settings are So g suite has its own details and so on You go to add record you choose mx Where is it mx You enter the the uh the name you’re Given and the emails that we’ve given And then you’ll set the priority so 10 Or whatever And you click save And if you’re adding a separate cd and i Use bunny net

So bundling it you need a c name so you Go to c name And i put in normally my cinema setting Bunny now which is cdn And then the target is the body net url And then you unproxy it And that will Work with the bundling cdn And yes i’ll cover some other details in Another video but you can also they’ve Got beta for email access And you can go to caching go to workers Rules and so on there’s a lot to add in Here but that’s the basics of cloudflare And i do a domain And i’ll see you next time thanks bye