How to Connect Groove Pages Forms to MailerLite

By | April 6, 2022

How to Connect Groove Pages Forms to MailerLite
In this tutorial, I will show you how I connect Groove Pages forms to my Mailerlite mailing list.

The reason I have to do this is because there is no built in integration for Mailerlite in Groove.

I use Pabbly connect, you can get a free account here:
Lifetime deal:
Monthly deal:

By using PabblyConnect, I can capture the data and send it to Mailerlite or anywhere I wanted to including to Google Sheets.

If you have any issues let me know.

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In this video i’m going to give you a Tutorial on how to Add form entries from your groov pages Into mailerlite The reason for this tutorial is that There is no at the moment and there’s no Integration With the mailerlite there is with Getresponse a web and so on But not with me light at the moment So uh since i switched from get response To melee light i needed a way to Capture the the inputs from my get Response pages into my mailerlite Subscriber list So i’ll show you how to set it up so um I’m using a service called probably Connect There is a link below to uh To get public connect and have an Offline at the moment Where you get five percent off they’ve Got a free account as well So you get a free account with a hundred Tasks per month Or you get a ten dollar a month Account and then there’s twelve thousand Tasks per month which is plenty but you Can start with a free account if you Want And um what i’ll do i’ll i’ll set up This form ask then i’ll set up probably Connect and i’ll join it to my Mailerlite email list it’s just a test

Form so i made a Test page and let’s set up the form First Um actually now you should set up the Public connect process first So let me do create workflow I’ll call It test To Make the light Okay uh the first app is groove So you want groove pages And then a new form submission So this is what you need this whole Whole process is written here but this Is what you need this url i’ll copy that For now Let me go back to this one Okay so now i’m back inside the groove Funnels Um page Um another thing you might want to do Now is set up a success page This is the basic page i set up just Basic success and a link back to the Previous page I but i know here your ebook will be Emailed to you And for this one i put it into i made a Hidden page So yeah that’s fine let me go back to The main page Get rid of this Okay so let’s start with the form

So for this one um you need to configure You need to add this the input id So for this one i put first name Same for the input name and then i put a Bit of placeholder text And a validation rule yes I made it text and input cannot be empty Because i want to try and capture the Name And same for the email uh the input id You need for the uh for the next process This empire id’s email Name is email Same validation is for email only And then you can change your button Texture everyone here The next bit i’ve got stuck up i figured It out And to get to your integration or to get To the post url section you just click On the bottom here where it says form Container so click on your form then at The bottom change to form container And then you get this option so you want To go to configure Now normally you want to Go do it with a get response or anywhere But you choose your integration we’re Going to use post And then the url so go back to probably We’ll copy the url And go back here Paste it update And we’re done here let me just publish

This page Okay So let me Let me just refresh this Okay this will entire detail Okay so i’m just putting some dummy Details there so i’ll put in name email Now submit I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry i haven’t Learned this process yet Okay yes yes My Making for a response So that is where we go back to your page After you publish and do submit And i see it says status success and so On it’s not a very nice page but we’ll Fix that in a second So go back here And Give it a second Sometimes it can be a bit buggy Let me just refresh the page Okay and so it’s got a response now so It’s got the the f name of the email For an eleven at So now you want to add it to mailerlite So you click on the next action here Search for Mailer lite And the action is add or edit subscriber To in a group To connect I’ve already got it connected so i do

Existing and mail and i1 Okay i may need to blur this section I’m just gonna look for the uh test form That i made Okay so here the test screw form So this is my melee light This is the uh there’s a group name Oh so i’m really inside the group this Group is a test One second Okay let’s test screw form i don’t know Why it’s not written anywhere i can’t See it Um it doesn’t say anywhere but anyway I’m inside the test group form segment Or group Okay And so now i need to map the uh These inputs So you click on email And hit you’ve gone this bit it says Groov form submission Then this is the email section i need The email So now it’s saved I’ve also got the first name to click on This one same thing click here then Click on fname Done And the rest of it i don’t need And then save and send test request And there we go It’s been submitted into uh Into mailerlite

Okay and then let me go to my line check And there you guys added Um What’s that one i did Oh yeah it was there okay so is that in There And that is that but now what we need we Need to send it to another page instead Of having this ugly page here So what we do go back to crew funnels And all that page called let me see I made a visual success Copy the url So now we want to go to add another Action I think it’s called the data Data folder Okay action event so you want to Redirect to connect Then just paste in the url Uh 301 is fine and then save and test Okay that’s done so now the process is Completed let me literally switched on I’ve switched on So now let’s go through the whole Process again So forehand Me Phone one two three Submit So now i’m taking to the success page Instead of the other page Let’s go back here And there we go fan123

And I’m not sure why the name of them here Maybe i didn’t save it i’m not sure Let me check on the contact Okay sorry your name is okay that’s fine Here So that is basically it so Yeah that was all done with the help of Public connect i wouldn’t be able to Otherwise But you can’t use zapier but i don’t Know if sap has got groove connections But they Probably connected my choice to have i Paid for a premium plan And yeah it works really well So highly recommend you pick it up it’s Really cheap And you can use it with so many Different things you can also add Another option To send the emails to a google sheet for Example So you want to get backups of the email While they come in That’s another option there’s so much You can do probably But for now that’s what that’s what i’m Doing with it I hope you find it useful if you do get It working please give me a comment Below just let me know if it works any Problems leave a comment below Um

Yeah shouldn’t be an issue it should be Straightforward So hope you find it useful and i’ll see You next one