How to Create an Autoresponder in GetResponse on Cheapest Plan

By | August 13, 2021

How to Create an Autoresponder in GetResponse on Cheapest Plan

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In my tutorial, I show how I setup an autoresponder and added 2 autoresponder messages.
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Hello everyone this is forehand from fan and in this video it’s going To be a how-to tutorial type video I’m going to show you how you set up an Autoresponder with get response Now the reason i chose getresponse is at The time and i think it still is one of The cheapest Email marketing platforms And you get a lot of features um with Just the These the cheapest package i think i’m Paying Let me just find the price one second Okay um i’m paying 11 pounds a month I think it works at 12.50 i think it is A charge And that’s on the smallest package for 1 000 subscribers And you get a lot of features for your Money you get a full email marketing Obviously you get a new website builder Autoresponders which i’m going to show You today and you get unlimited landing Pages And what i like is that with a lot of my Bonuses if you bought anything from me By warrior plus or jvzoo You’ll see a little download your bonus Form that’s all i make one form for each Product i review And so it’s all unique and um you get Unlimited forms and landing pages with Get response so that’s something quite

Good Let me just quickly show you some Autoresponders you probably know what They are but if you don’t If somebody Uh subscribes to your list An autoresponder is a secrets of events Um the email that will be sent out by Get response to your subscribers So for example if you sign up for my List today um the initial email will Just be uh welcoming my hello and all That And then the email the following day or The day after or whichever schedule you Want to set It will be uh it might be providing a Training a course Might be promoting a particular offer It depends on the list so you can have Different autoresponders for different Lists So i’ve got some high ticket items where I know that people are signed up because They’re interested So if they don’t want that offer i could Find a similar training or a similar Product that’ll be a little bit cheaper It just depends on what suits their Budget so i’m uh or it might be a Different just say for example offering One particular make money training That’s uh 500 and there’s another 100 So i can offer them the 500 one first

See if they’re interested if they do Sign up great if they don’t Wait a day and then offer them the other One 400 So this autoresponder sequence is just Targeted different lists and different Subscribers sorry And it’s just there to help you manage Your email list and make some money Build interest or and so on So in this example i created a list to Do that you just click on Create and then do Um sorry not create you create you go to You go i forgot what you’re doing now Okay now you’re gonna go there Okay well that is where you create i Have to blow all my lists out but um You click on create list and then you Create a new list and you can make new Settings and just copy from previous List But this video is about autoresponder so Let me quickly get back there So you pick your list from here from This drop down And you go to create autoresponder Um i like using the new email creator Because it’s just a lot more it’s easier To use And it’s been there for a while um so You Picked your you picked you pick your Linked list

So i’ve picked the uh my demo list We’ll call it demo Auto responder One And then um at this um it’s a bit more Streamlined so now There’s less pages go through So in this example i want a message Cause straight away so when someone Signs up i want to go on day zero which Is immediately Now hanging about the same time Assignment sign up or you can add a Delay Um in hours Or even exactly at a certain time so I know marketers like to send their Emails About ten o’clock in the morning at Eight o’clock in the morning or some Night to leave it till four five pm But for this i’m gonna send the same Time and sign up immediately send out The message whether it’s monday tuesday Wednesday or the weekend Any day And then you you select your from your Email address and reply to email address From your Stored email addresses You enter the subject line so Hi And welcome for example you add emojis Or you can personalization if you want

And then you go to design content so i Always uh Actually i will start with a blank Message you can all use their predefined Templates but I don’t like them just try to keep it Simple i’ll go to blank template And just use template Okay so from here you can drag across an Image And text buttons videos if you want to Make a welcome video you can Drag that in there we’ll just give a Youtube link or something Uh spaces divided and so on So i’ll probably just Just keep it short and sweet spread a Bit of text Hi thanks whoops Thanks for signing up Welcome to this fantastic List All the best And you had image or whatever you want But let’s just for this demo they keep It simple Um Okay And then you click on I don’t know that e-commerce options Anyway click on next So that is the list That is the autoresponder sorry set up And you click on save and publish

So now as soon as someone signs up to uh To this this demo list They’ll get sent this message straight Away so now we have to add Um you can i think i don’t know how many I think unlimited you can add as many Messages you want but I don’t go overboard okay so we’ll do Another message now so we’ll call it um Demo list Message two And you can send this on day one so It’ll be the following day or two days So depending on the list and what you’re Offering but maybe set for two days And you can send out any day you want Just blow this bit out Okay in the subject line Um you May be [Music] Interested in this Blah blah blah Product That’s probably a bit spammy but it’s Just a demo And the same thing Um Do your template Text This might interest you Sign up here And then you go to url insert link so

I’ve got to do the slash Oops Oh my goodness one minute Bugger sorry Let me do it again Https Okay insert Okay so now it’s an active link and also So we get this once i’ll track the Clicks and so on Um Nothing else right in there click on Next So that’s day two Um it’s from from me and reply to my Confirmed address i like this actually It’s got new Green tick so you know where you know Your progress You can do click tracking e-commerce Tracking and so on Give it a second that’s done Oh i forgot to shoot my list i think Okay sorry i’ve got i’ve got to Choose the right list So let me just go back here that was the First one demo list and this one i left On my Default one so let me just change this One quickly Let’s go back in here go to edit And from here i know it’s a little bit Smaller i wish they’d Make a flipping banner or something so

You see it Uh but link clear let me blur some of This stuff and go to Choose demo list of this i set And now do update Okay now you see they’re both on demo Lists So now as soon as someone signs up for As i said this one don’t get this one Straight away Then two days later at the same same Same uh sign up time Um they’ll get the The second um Second message well you’re kinda Actually thinking about it it’s probably Better to Choose A time so for example Um you can do time travel but you just Say for example you like most marketers You send their 8 am or 10 am so i think At 10 am And time travels it will be at the Recipient local time which is also good Um yeah again so save that again So now it should be updated There we go that’s in there 10 a.m on Any day of the week and it’s time travel So if they’re in the us i’m in the uk It’ll be at 10 o’clock their local time And that is basically how you say i post Autoresponders So that is the tutorial bit out of the

Way Now um i know i’ve been really really Lacking with autoresponders i’ve got so Many I’ve got a couple of different email Apps and i’ve got quite a few emails but I’ve just been a bit lazy and setting up Autoresponders Um but it’s actually such an amazing way To make additional income or get your Profile raised and so on just by sending A regular message i know a lot of big Marketers like jono armstrong are part Of one of his uh a part of his main Coaching group He Highlights the importance of Creating a email list because They always say the money’s in the list And it’s true because so many big Marketers i know do emphasize the email List but it just happens where you just Don’t get around to selling out So i thought i’m setting up my Autoresponder so i make a quick tutorial Now if you click on the link below you Can actually pick up a 30-day free trial For getresponse And if you do thank you it’s an Affiliate link If in the uk it’s 11 pounds if you’re in America i think it’s about 1250 And i think there was loads of other Ones like aweber and

Mailchimp is terrible stay away from Mailchimp Especially don’t go for the free ones Because you don’t get all the features But get response I’ve actually been on here for Maybe a year and a half Maybe about a year actually Because i did used to go for the free One so i used to have my own email Server a while ago And now it’s just much too much credit To maintain But get response Has very good deliverability because That’s a big factor if you look at the Free one obviously you have a lot of Spam so The uh the rating will go down you’re Going to like spam boxes but get Response i found is pretty good it’s Also very popular a lot of good Marketers not spammy ones And of course there’s a surprising Opportunity to pay upfront and get Discounts But the main things that i use Um is the standard email broadcast And i use the landing pages but now more And more i’m using the forms Um let me see if i can pull up a quick Form without giving away too much Information Forms and surveys

Okay i’ll blur some of this stuff out But um This product that just released today Called mass mailer methods Um It’s released today things released Today So what you can do kind of viewform your View Actually i had the url because That’s where you get the bonuses but um Let me just Edit form actually edit form Give me a second Give it two seconds okay we go this is Just a really basic form and what i Found is that over complicating with too Much information Uh people i don’t know what people stole From the form but if you keep it really Simple so this is my bonus form but what Similar forms for signups So basically what i send your bonus here Is name email address and download So the download button is configured to Hide the url actions okay i’ll show you So it will go to this list so if you Click buy one of my warrior plus or Jvzoo products You’ll go onto the autoresponder day 0 Message And you’ll get a custom thank you page And it will be straight to a google Drive download link for your bonuses and

I’ll give you the actual bonuses And that’s what i like about get Response that is it’s very easy to Create these forms unlimited And of course you can have different Ones for each um each product you have Thank you page as well but i don’t use That i go straight to download I don’t know how do you okay now you’re All hidden anyway So obviously just a very basic simple Form And once you click enter your details Click download you get your bonuses So That was my quick uh tutorial For How to do autoresponders Um i may make some other tutorials on How to other stuff will get response Um but yeah i’ll leave it there and i’ll See you next month if you By clicking the link below you can get Get response Uh get get response you can get a 30-day Trial to get response And um yeah that would be appreciated Thank you and see you next time