How to Deliver Bonuses and Build an Email List using Getresponse

By | March 15, 2022

How to Deliver Bonuses and Build an Email List using Getresponse

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Follow my simple guide on how to deliver bonuses using Getresponse.

In this video , I go through the process of creating a form, creating a bonus delivery page and delivering the bonuses to your buyers.

This is great for WarriorPlus, JVZoo, PayKickstart or any affiliate programme offering bonus delivery.

00:01 Introduction
00:30 Getresponse Forms
03:30 Bonus delivery page
04:30 Bonus Delivery URL
05:20 Conclusion

The marketing automation features available in GetResponse make it an excellent choice for marketers. This tool allows users to build numerous autoresponders and drip-feed campaigns. With a segmented list, each campaign can be tailored to the interests of specific subscribers. To use these features, you need to create a workflow, which focuses on the goal you have in mind. If you’re starting from scratch, you can use the system’s templates to create a workflow.

GetResponse is flexible, offering a range of pricing plans. The cheapest plan is $15 per month and allows you to contact up to 1,000 subscribers. However, you won’t be able to use the Autofunnel feature, which is very useful for small businesses. Despite its many benefits, GetResponse’s pricing structure may not be ideal for your business. To get the most out of your GetResponse account, opt for a plan that will allow you to send unlimited emails.

Another great feature is the ability to create a drag-and-drop message builder. With this, you can build high-converting funnels in minutes. In addition, you can choose from a number of pre-existing lead magnets or even create your own. A/B tests are also available to determine which offers the best results. This allows you to improve your marketing strategy and improve your sales. You can get more subscribers by using the tool.

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In this video i’m going to show you how I use get response to deliver my bonuses To Warrior plus jvzoo Or any other affiliate buyers if i find My link So what i do i create a form i create a Google doc And i send the i send the Form link As a bonus so i sign them up to my list So i increase my list size And at the same time they can also get The bonuses free of charge So the first thing we do is we create a Form so click on create And go to form there’s a link down to Get response down below and also i’ll Put a link down to a training course That i made for getresponse That covers all the basics including Autoresponder and automation It’s completely free And i’m just giving it as a bonus To give a bit of value to the Subscribers to my subscribers even So click on create form And it’s all it’s a demo demo account Anyway Um so we’ll go to This is these are the templates we just Want a very basic simple form I’ll go for the most space so let me Just say for example this one here use

Template this is a free report I’ll go to this one This one i used in my little training Video so i’ll click on that If you’ve ever bought anything by my Links you may have seen a similar form Let me Just change this up here i don’t know What i’ve done there Let’s say uh Where should I spell I send Bonuses And now you can have just email address Or email address and name i prefer to Have both You don’t need anything else really That’s that’s Fine as it is then you go to settings So you give it a name let’s say It’s for Product xyz so Product x Xyz bonus You choose the list so this is important So the list that you want them to Subscribe to So i would always put it onto a buyer’s List put my demo list for now And when you’re doing bonuses and stuff It’s a bit complicated to Do a confirmed opt-in so i’ve only got a Single opt-in

Because if you want autoresponder you Add them to the autoresponder for this List So in this case i haven’t got an Autoresponder for this list And then this is where you give your Bonus url So you choose your thank you page so if This one you choose custom Also if they already subscribed choose Custom again And we create a google Document So i just made a demo document here And i just put a little message here Thank you for purchasing blah blah blah So this is your bonus so bonus training Video so i’ll go to my youtube channel Let me just pick a random video And I’ll copy the Link And then i’ll put the Put the link in here control k Control v Applies that’s bonus one and bonus two Just pretend i’ve got another link here Ctrl k ctrl v And that’s it so you put what i like to Like to add a bit more so i had to give Them access to my facebook group or some Other bonuses So yeah whatever and then just to share And get links so change it to anyone

With link Copy link done Go back to get response put that in the Left in the box here Oops Which will be there and control v there And that’s fine that’s save And then this is important but this way You publish Give it a second Now what i always do is i do get Responsible for my form So in the warrior plus field where it Says bonus link you put in this url When jvc you have to add the bonuses Manually you just put product xyz bonus And then put the form link in the in the In the link box But with the jbc you can add integration By api You can do that but just for this Example just say you’re going to use This form To collect your leads and deliver your Bonuses So once they put in this url They’ve taken to a bonus page putting The email put in the name so let’s see That’s a demo email name Test so this one’s already on the list So it’s going to take me stuff to the Bonuses anyway so download now And that’s it they’re taken to the page There is the

Google document page And this is where they can watch the Video watch the training or go to the Course and look at any extras That’s a very easy very straightforward But very effective way of delivering Bonuses You can get a get response account by The link below And it’s also a link below to get access To my full training course where i cover Nearly all the features of get response Hope you find it useful and i’ll see you Next time