How to Make Camtasia Render Faster | 3 Quick Steps to Enable GPU Rendering

By | October 17, 2021

Camtasia a great as it is easy to use and has a great selection of editing options.
The main issue I had was the rendering time, it took a long time to render any videos.
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3 Steps to make Camtasia render faster
In Camtasia:
Edit, Preferences, Advanced, hardware acceleration, select your graphics card.

In Windows:
Display Settings:
Scroll down to bottom, Click Graphics Settings
Choose App, Desktop App (Camtasia)
C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 2021 select CamtasiaStudio.exe
(may need to enable show file extensions)
Choose Options, High Performance

Nvidia Control Panel
3D Settings
Manage 3D Settings
Global settings, scroll to OpenGL Rendering GPU change from Auto Select to your graphics card
Then click apply.

00:01 Introduction
00:35 Step 1
00:37 Camtasia Preferences
01:05 Step 2
01:08 Windows Display Settings
02:12 Step 3
02:14 Nvidia Control Panel

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Hello everyone in this video i’m going To show you some settings i’ve changed To make my camtasia 2021 Uh render my videos a little bit faster By using the gpu This is a big a big annoyance with Camtasia so it doesn’t use gpu out of The box And i’ve been using camtasia for about Two years and i only found this out Recently And it has drastically increased my Rendering time will decrease sorry my Rendering time Since three steps is pretty Straightforward And i usually Um i do the first two but the third one I didn’t know about but i just go Through it with you now So the first one is within camtasia You click on a file and you go to So you click on edit you go to Preferences Click on advanced And you make sure that hardware Acceleration is set to your graphics Card so in this case my graphics card is The Nvidia g4 gtx 1060. Um so yeah so that’s that once you press Ok And now you can now you can close Camtasia

The next step is in windows display Settings so you right click Click on display settings Let me just drag the window across one Second And then you go down to [Music] Where is it graphic settings And you see i’ve got it set here to Camtasia 2021 um high performance So what you do you click on browse And you’d find these folders saying my Case is c program files techsmith Camtasia 2021 and you choose The capstadia Camtasia studio.exe You might click on View and then enable file extensions but It should be obvious So there’s this file here so you do that And then Then once you select it you click on Options And you make sure you choose high Performance and you’ll choose your Your gpu click save And the last one is inside the nvidia Control panel Because you can either click on start And search it or you can click right Click and go to nvidia control panel Um give a second to load Let me drag this one over Okay so from here you want to manage

Your 3d settings So click on manage 3d settings And then go down to then click on what Should be open global settings And the one you want to look for is Opengl rendering Okay open geo rendering gpu This one here the default setting is Let me edit it Oops Okay that’s a bit laggy the default Setting auto select but you want to make Sure you actually choose your card here Choose your card And then you click on apply but because I haven’t made any changes i can’t click Apply I’ll click on apply and that’s it So that those are the only three steps That you need and now when you um use Camtasia and you’re rendering you’ll Notice the gpu Normally is one or two percent it will Jump to Between 10 and i’ve noticed sometimes 30 Percent i think i think around 30 maybe 20 But it does really help with the Rendering times it makes a big Difference because i used to stop at Step two and only change it from within Windows i never touched the opengl Settings But someone told me that recently i did

That and it has made a really big Difference So i hope this helps if it helps please Leave a comment below say help to you And like the video subscribe And i’ll see you in another video thanks Bye