Important Pages for Websites | Free Tools to Create Privacy & ToS

By | February 1, 2022

Important Pages for Websites | Free Tools to Create Privacy & ToS

In this video I show some of the important pages you need to add to your websites whether blogs, landing pages or affiliate sites.

These pages are:
– Terms & Conditions
– Privacy Policy
– Disclaimer/Earnings Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages are a Google ranking factor so even the most basic pages should be added and linked to.

The free tools I used are:

You need to add your website name, url and contact email address.

These can be used as they are but it is best to add your own specific information.

00:01 Introduction
00:22 Important Pages
00:36 Privacy Policy Generator
01:25 Disclaimer Generator
01:30 Terms and Conditions Generator
01:46 How to Create Free Privacy Policy
03:45 How to Import Privacy Policy into WordPress
05:20 Add Pages to WordPress Footer
08:05 Site updates with Jasper
08:30 Conclusion

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This will be a quick video on the Recommended pages to add to your Affiliate sites or to even to your Normal websites or even landing pages And stuff So i’m using my uh my affiliate site my Demo site virtuous machines From the last video i did a couple of Weeks ago i’ve done quite a few updates I update the posts and things I’ve also created some new pages so i Did the Writing disclaimer page My terms condition i’m going to change From the default privacy page To a more complete privacy page So i’m using a website called privacy Policy generator dot info There’s also a terms and conditions on Info and the last one let me just find It quickly But this helps you quickly Generate all of the pages required I’m sorry and Yeah you just fill in a few data your Company name website name your url i Think later on your email address And also your location And then from there you can just um Uh you can just download the just Download the uh the html or you can Link to it so let me just find my Find the link quickly i forgot it Okay so

Copy this one Second So disclaimer And Turn that condition terms and And privacy policy generates our Info so i’ve already made the other two I’ll link a link to all these below But this one i’m going to make now Though i’ll save this make a quick video Just just to give you a bit of help So you can recall it it covers Cctcp i believe it’s california i think That’s california That’s the child something protection Act Gdpr is the european one and also the Australian one And this is like a it’s a quick way to Generate all the The policy And of course you have to adhere to it As well But um google does uh look at look for Terms and conditions privacy and so on So it’s recommended to have it on any Page that you want to rank or landing Pages and so on some affiliate companies May look at your page and they’ll look For the conditions and stuff and even Buyers might it’s good to have it So this is for my fruit juice machine Site

Um so let me find okay so nice and Company name so i’ll just put in the Name of the website Our website name Is the same Website url let me just quickly copy it Click next Do you use crooked website yes uh do you Should i try to group the assets on your Website i don’t i’ll just say yes just Because i do in the future I do advertising from third parties Except google I don’t plan to buy me so i just click Yes Uh country so i’m based in uk i’ll Choose uk Your email address so i put a link Obviously for a legit address this i put The contact address for the site And i said generate policy So now you can copy you can link to it Straight to this page But i think it’s better just copy this Html And then put it into a page so let me go To my pages This is the old privacy policy that i Just took from wordpress I’m just deleting this We just need the whole page okay [Music] Okay so what we’re going to do is html If we just paste it

Okay they’d pay someone and paste it Like that Okay cause what we’re doing is bringing Html blog that’s mine doesn’t matter So um yeah you do link the link back to This site and if you have to Um you can copy this text as well to the Same way you have to It doesn’t matter they’ve given us Service so i might as well So this privacy policy Consent Information we collect how we use it now Of course this is just a framework you Can add to this whatever you need to add Um so it gets more advertising and so on So we’ll set update this page or publish It with a new page and let’s have a Quick little quick look at it Any changes size is too big There you go there’s something so back To the previous body generator It talks about the information we Collect And yeah that’s mine so what you should What you need to do then is to stick it In the menu somewhere Because i haven’t linked any other pages Let me go to go to the site this page This tab here i mean Go to appearances menu Okay um i’m going to put it in the Footer Do i have a footer

Guide privacy Let me rename it to footer So we’ll put in there Private police already there Put in the disclaimer in terms of Condition at the menu This will be Privacy menu footer So now It should be at the footer So we’ve got a privacy policy we’ve got About which i don’t think needs to be There i’ll probably delete that It’s also got it in this uh box here Maybe i should leave it in the box Let me remove that menu Okay i think i have to Because it saves into a privacy menu it Doesn’t leave it for now So let’s look up a quick look at the Terms and conditions So this is a ranking factor Um Google does scan for privacy Um Terms and conditions stuff like Disclaimer I think also contact us or contact page So i would recommend putting some link There So this is terminations again thing from That site You can access as much as you want to But this is a good framework to start

With Um disclaimer now You can’t use earnings this game i just Put in disclaimer and i added Um earnings disclaimer to it because Obviously if you’re an affiliate you Should um Maybe i’ll rename it Have a mixture of earnings game i don’t Know Because i do have affiliate disclaimer But i just mentioned it that We earned commissions and amazon and so On Okay Um i think i should cover cover this Video So again i’ll put a link to all of these Sites below There are some plugins for wordpress but I think most of them are Chargeable they only give you the basics Or they make you register with them and Then you get their spam email you get on Their mailing list These websites are free Um just copy and paste html and just put In the basic information And you’ve got it looks like fully Compliant terms conditions and so on So i’ll leave this video here um i will Be updating this site i’ve updated a few Bits I’ve been working on some new articles

With uh jasper not jarvis there’s one About celery juice i need to post this One About 300 words i’ll get it to about 500 To 700 words and i’ll post this on the Site And also i’ve created a youtube channel For this as well for this site To get some additional traffic so i use A tube called I’ll do a video about it called pictory And i’m just basically converting the Articles into very short videos And then putting a link in there saying For the full article click on the site And so on And i’ll probably create a ready account And twitter and tumblr and stuff just to Get backlinks get some authority and Get some traffic and ranking and so on So leave it here see you next time