Jarvis AI is now Jasper AI | Disney Were not Impressed ?

By | January 25, 2022

Jarvis AI is now Jasper AI

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Jarvis AI has been rebranded to Jasper AI.

Due to the popularity of the AI writing tool, Disney trademark lawyers took notice.

Fighting Disney would not be easy so the they considered the best option to be a rebrand (again!).

I saw this coming but they were convinced that due to the nature of the product, they would be safe – alas Disney didn’t think the same.

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Get Jasper AI with 10k free credits here: https://jasperwrites.com/

This is just a quick video to let you Know that the ar writing tool jarvis Has now been rebranded to jasper This was inevitable it’s always gonna Happen Um i think i posted about in their Facebook group when they first changed Their name from conversion ai And that’s because javas is so Affiliated to marvel and to the uh Avenger films obviously Obviously disney would come after anyone Using that name And they did a post in their facebook Group and on their site as well Just talking about them Yeah they’ve had so many so much Interest so much traffic generated Around this name They caught the attention of the Trademark lawyers and Yeah they got into situations with Disney So instead of spending all this money And getting to all this hassle of just Just keeping this name they changed it To jasper So you click on the link below you get a Free trial to jasper ai and also you’ll Get 10 000 free credits to help you Start writing with the tool I thought i’d mention it because i just Started using the tool again this Morning

And i just wrote a subject or made a new Post on my fruit juice machine site So i just let you know about this change So um from now on i’m i’m going to be Naming one of my reviews jasper yeah so Don’t get confused it’s the same uh icon Same logo but it’s called jasper now And yeah they’re making some new changes For 2022 they’re expanding their team There’s more features coming Chrome extension Uh tools and workflow api and so on and They’re improving the output as Well it’s already pretty good you’ve Seen my last few reviews i’ve done a Review on writer on chibi I do like chibi but there’s only so many Ai tools that i can afford to Pay for every month And jarvis or sorry jasper is still my Favorite I mean i do like chibi as well And it’s it’s cheaper than jarvis i’m on The boss mode unlimited plan still And Which is now not available So i think i’ll probably stick with uh Jasper for now Yeah so um yeah keep an eye out for the New uh branding and so on and See you next video