Jasper Review (formerly Jarvis) | Jarvis Review | Jarvis Updated Pricing | Now Jasper

By | November 23, 2021

Jasper Review (formerly Jarvis) Jarvis Review | Jarvis Updated Pricing | Now Jasper
Get Jarvis/Jasper AI Here: https://hi.switchy.io/4pRp

Jasper AI is the best all in one AI content writing bot.

With 50+ templates, no other service comes close to Jarvis.

Boss Mode was added recently allowing endless content writing and composing, now it is more accessible as the new Boss Mode plans are half the price.

JasperAI can help you write rankable blog posts, YouTube video scripts, books, rewrite sentences, blog outlines, ad copy and so much more.

00:01 Introduction
00:20 Jasper is the Best Ai Writer
02:00 JasperAI Updated Pricing
02:39 Jasper AI Boss Mode Pricing
03:22 Jasper Starter vs Jarvis Boss Mode
06:25 Jasper AI Control Panel
06:28 Jasper AI Templates
10:01 Jasper Review Responder
10:51 Jasper AI Boss Mode Long Form Assistant
11:05 Jasper AI Long Form Demo
13:21 Jasper AI Sample Blog Post Content
20:15 Jasper AI Quora Answers Demo

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Get Jarvis AI Here: https://hi.switchy.io/4pRp

Hello everyone this is farhan from Phonereviews.com And in this video i’m going to be Reviewing and also showing a demo of Jarvis and how i use it to My content for my blogs And i’m also going to be discussing the Uh the price that changed today and also The plans So firstly what is jarvis jarvis is Currently the best ai writer For blog posts for youtube description Youtube scripts For quora for Pretty much any writing that you need to Do java is going to do it for you The beauty of java is that it’s really Easy to use You can put in just a few words and it Will start Writing content for you you can actually Use to rank your Website blogs content whatever Let me just go through the some of the Features here that they mention on their Sales page It shows you’re trusted by thirty Thousand plus content marketers That’s actually java’s mascot Okay so you can create original content That actually really does rank They’ve also got an additional plugin That you can sign up for that you can Use for seo

That’s not um compulsory And actually finish your your your Content a lot quicker by using java so You can use that just the outline or Writing whole content and you can fill In the blanks or fill in the errors Um you can use it to make facebook ads It’s good for writer’s block so if You’re struggling to To continue or to write a new article You can enter a few words and you can Write an outline for you would just fill In content for you That’s a really good Really good feature Um Five out of five stores thousand plus Reviews Okay so let me show you the pricing So the pricing was just updated today at The time recording just a short while Ago And also a few features have changed So you get the Same starter plan which is 29 per month Um this is they give you 20 000 words And you have unlimited logins and you Can share it with more people but You only you all share the 20 000 words So that’s good if you’re just getting Started you can of course increase it Um let’s see so 49 Is 45 000 words But that’s not really using javascript

To its full potential So what you really want to use is boss Mode now with boss mode before it was 120 For unlimited but they’ve got rid of That plan now but you can still get all The features of boss mode but at a lower Price now So it’s uh 59 per month for the [Music] For the starter plan with that you get 50 000 words which should be enough for Most people And with that you actually get to use uh Boss mode which is commanding jarvis And i’ll show you in a few minutes and How that works because that is the best Way to work with jarvis it really speeds Up the writing process and you get a lot More content out of java really quickly So um these are some of the basic Features of the plan so monthly is 59.29 Yearliest Works like 24.49 Okay there was a small discount okay Uh they could be bonus packs so thirty Dollars for thirty thousand words here Ten dollars for five thousand words in The starter plan That’s clever now they’re giving you a Lot of um Unlimited users so you can use up your Allowance quicker

And buy more packs Good four there’s something called seats Where you buy individual seats So writing lens so the start plan is Good for just like getting blog outlines Youtube scripts and so on If you want to write proper blog posts And articles and things you really want To go for the boss mode long content That’s the best way to work it Um in the box my pan you get documents Um javascript which is the best feature Seo mode recipes which i haven’t used it Doesn’t look very good Um it’s got a built-in plagiarism Checker and they’ve added a grammarly Spell checking Um unlimited folders from both plans Content search favorite output auto save And also revision history in box mode Plan And this is something you get priority Support on the bottom of the plan Um this year i’ve been on a few of these Calls onboarding calls Uh group calls i think they use some not Zoom some other software But yeah it’s quite good because you get To ask questions The java community is very active on Facebook so you get access to the Private facebook group Um you can actually get jobs writing Jobs with jarvis

They’ve got a job board you get training Boot camp and you get java certified if You want the boss mode plan Okay um You can upgrade so you buy bonus packs Yeah before they used to have seats they Used to Charging will used to be fifty dollars For one seat extra That was on your limited plan So now they’re limiting the words but They’re giving free um Seats Okay let me see Okay so now let’s get into actually the Academy is really good So they they do a lot of videos Very often very often And they go through different features Different templates different use cases Of ads for Facebook or video scripts lead ads Book writings believe it or not people Are writing books which is jarvis And selling them on amazon kindle Um how to use boss mode Um All sorts of stuff here There’s a lot of content in the training Camp okay let’s get into jarvis So once you log into jarvis um you can See i’ve got quite a few projects here I’m just going to be looking i’m going To show you the demo content

And because okay so these are the Templates i’ve got these favorited but Let me show you from here I better show you the more the favorite Ones moved up so the one i use most Often is the boss mode pro reach with Long form assistant Um because i i do mostly blog post Writing for my various wordpress Websites all the niches I use the long-form assistant to help me Um structure the content also to write The content And then i touch up inside wordpress Headings item links and so on you get Various uh marketing frameworks um Product descriptions if you’ve got a Woocommerce store or amazon store Shopify store any sort of e-commerce Store you can add you can create product Descriptions I might show you a demo of that um Explain to a child so it breaks down the The content you put in and it it makes It um easier to explain As i say to a child You can create perfect headlines So It takes a it’s got formulas in the Database of the world’s best copywriters It uses that in conjunction with with Your content to make a perfect headline Persuasive bullet points Uh video topic ideas i use that

Sometimes Video script outline Video title i definitely use A video script hook and introduction so With youtube It’s definitely important Video description personalized cold Emails email subject lines i use quite Often Uh company bios if you’ve got for Example a gardening wordpress blog And you want a big about test section or A big header section They just write a few details out of Your keywords and this will write you a Company bio Um if you’ve got um Pen names you can use this to write Personal bios based on keywords and Whatever you want to enter Feature to benefit unique value Propositions engaging questions core Answer this is one that i started using I’ll show you a demo of this So there is a a method To uh get traffic even affiliate sales Using quora And if you answer questions you build up Your authority and your profile on quora And you’ll see your answers pushed up to The top of the Top of the list and you can make some Affiliate sales and permissions or just Get some new leads

Text summarize is handy if you just want A brief paragraph or so for A big bulk of text A business or product name is handy for Making Um youtube channel or product brand Names or business names And poll questions there’s another Framework content approval Uh blog post topic ideas which is handy Outlined paragraphs and so on Um sentence expanders is a good one I don’t really do facebook or google ads We can also use it for google my Business Um ridiculous marketing i’ve never used This one before Okay Um if you do amazon listings it’s good For amazon product uh features and Description Uh website sub headlines Sorry Marketing angles review responder so This is handy if you uh do a little um Google gmb Listings And you get if you get good or even Negative reviews You can put the The name and the um The review into the uh actually let me Show you Oops

Okay so you put in the uh the product Name the reviewer name the star rating That they gave the toner voiceover Friendly funny Um professional whatever you want and Put in the review And then Jarvis will generate an answer for you That you can put straight back into Google i know a lot of gmb people do use A lot to quickly generate responses To reviews on the google my business But you can also use it for amazon or Whatever you want or ebay Um where were we okay sd blog post title Is your home page I might use these two any of these Bottom ones So that is all of the templates now you Get all of these even in the starter Plan But um this one only this one is pro Yeah i believe so this is the only pro Pro one in there So now let’s actually Do a document so i just prepared a bit Of texture so Just say i’ve got a photography or Camera site and i want to Create a blog post to get some traffic From google So i see a google search term um how to Take better photos so i put that in the Title

Add a little bit of Add a little content brief So i want to write a blog post about Taking photos as an amateur Um tone of voice and you can be Informative casual funny and so on you Can add more keywords And on this side You can have a little bit of content so Short medium or long i normally set it At medium or long I’m especially i’m doing a blog post It’s a little too long And so now um there’s a few ways you can Do this there are some keyboard Shortcuts but You see in the bottom corner it says Compose now with the boss plan you can Do endless composer keep going and until You Don’t add any more Um so if i press that now it will Consider these These uh This this information on the side and it Will Start writing content So let’s see what it comes out with Give it a second because sometimes java Java’s gonna bring out some gibberish Okay So the best camera we have is the one You have with you so on Okay it’s talking about the lens so if

You’ve got um If you’ve got a a a selection on a Posterior side of the five best lenses You can uh Either either link here to The lenses and then people go to go to That post and it will help with your Interlinking your site it’s good for seo Now this is okay how many words 121 Words i’ll add some more so i can do Space and then Compose Ask it to write more Give me a few seconds Sometimes it comes out with some Gibberish sometimes it’s really good Content So now it’s focusing on the lenses now Took my tripods Okay so it can make your life a lot Easier And so on so let me carry on from here I’m at 248 words i recommend a minimum Of 250 words preferably 500 plus for a Rank of a blog post article Okay so far so good it’s not too bad Actually Okay um i’ll let you carry on your Section and i’ll show you another little Feature It’s about 374 words Okay it’s quite a lot So now um let’s pretend the finishes Here

So now i’m gonna say uh Give me Five Points for better Photos So now um with the control Keyboard shortcuts Um you can press ctrl and enter Which will read this sentence and then It will um overwrite it with the content You ask for or you want to keep it just In case the content is gibberish and Which is what i normally do Um you press ctrl shift and enter And it will it will create a you’ll Create the content you can just delete As you wish so i’ll do that so to Control shift enter So it’s reading and analyzing it and it Should give some points Okay i should have done the next line Anyway So It’s a one year tripod in low light I don’t know it’s not formatted probably Normally it is let me make sure that Bullet points Uh three was four four four fours here And five Okay so Um use the tripod in low light yep you Prototype zoom ranges considering a lens With a wider range okay Um in instrument iso

My harsh lighting and spare batteries Okay that’s interesting So now at 634 words i could post this Article Add some affiliate links and rank it or Interlink it in my site and that is very Good readable content Now what i normally do i don’t always Put this information in here i just um Just split things straight into the uh Documents let me just to Delete it And let me pick another topic So how to look after a bonsai tree Let’s make that heading And compose I’ve always wanted a bonsai tree Oops it made it all heading that was a Thousand right what was it okay let me Delete that And now turn heading off Let me just forget that I’m supposed to afterwards okay Let’s now compose We’ve got a few tips there already I see when i think about gibberish i Don’t know what this is all about Um You can delete that And we can delete this bit And then just click on compose so carry On writing Okay more tips Press ctrl j

To carry on composing and and more Content Okay another way to curve your tree Just get all this stuff you can edit Edit the content afterwards put in Headings and links and so on you need to Put it all inside Um jarvis so Okay i’ll press ctrl j get more content In there And only aim for 500 words Okay you see i just did quite well so I did a bit more content here and i made A new paragraph Um i don’t think they produce flowers And fruit so delete this bit And press ctrl j This is why i recommend the boss mark It’s so much easier to Generate content And you get Um you get to uh compose the main times You want Okay and this seems to have repeated Itself A little bit more content yourself just To divert it and bring one big bring it Back on track Okay now we have 484 words As well added finally so let’s carry on Here Second should be done okay You see it’s been repeating yourself so If you add your own content it will send

It back on track Okay so that is 499 words It took me one minute Um all i did was add this title and no Other content And i’ve got an article ready to rank And rank in google and i can add images I can add videos i can add interlinks Affiliate links whatever i want And it took me one minute and even Editing it maybe another two or three Minutes to put it wordpress Or any other platform and it’s done this Is why i really like boss mode Now you can use power mode so you can Switch between the different uh Options i think it has different Algorithms and so on So you can add something like uh ice Cream favorites at the top so Maybe you want to ask them a question Uh maybe i have a poll Um You want to Expand the sentence or something But you can use it in power mode but i Always use it in this mode it’s my Favorite mode So that’s that and now let me show you One more feature for quora So i’ll use the example again of hashtag Photos so Let me find a question this this this One here so how how close

Should you be to take photos I simply go back to jarvis Template and Answers Last question Um In the answer Um I’ll leave that blank tonal voice Formative And so we have three outputs I don’t have any maximum Like 10 maximum by normally but three Let’s click my generator and see what More results we get All i’ve done is copy and paste Okay so answer getting my assistance for Focal lens important photography okay So give me an answer it should be about One meter away from your subject three Three or one meters for a landscape shot So let’s see the answers we’ve got here And then any specific ones for a coin They’ve got images go to another one Okay see it’s only three sentences two Sentences So if i put in my answers so this is One two about five sentences that’s Also about five So we just copy and paste i’ve got an Answer That is acceptable for quora And let’s see how many Three up votes here

Probably not the best question i picked But let’s see how many Four answers Okay it’s not a popular question but as You can see it was that simple To answer a question i did zero research I spent less than a minute doing the uh Entering the Copy and pasting the question in And that’s what i’ve got answer straight Away if you want to regenerate content You can delete the content If the content is not very good you can Flag it And then it will be reviewed um by the Team and they’ll look at The future content Um you can bin it you can ask for more Um let me see so if i generate some more What’s your favorite thing just copy it Straight away if you want It will get saved in your history Okay so these are the nuances These are a bit beefier As you can see it just takes a few Minutes And if you think about the possibilities How quickly you answer questions you can Do reviews Reply to a viewers generate blog posts Create youtube script and so on Travis is is the most incredible writing Tool and i’ve got a few that i’m using But job isn’t i always come back to

Because it’s so easy If you click on the link below um you Can get a free i think it’s a five-day Trial also you get 10k 10 000 free Credits And also you can access the uh the the Plans at the current prices start to Plan on the boss plan i highly recommend The boss mode plan As you can see it’s the best way to use Jarvis so if you find it useful leave me A comment below Give me a like and subscribe and i’ll See you next one bye