Mailerlite Review | Full Automation + Great Deliverability | Cheapest Email Service

By | February 1, 2022

Mailerlite Review | Full Automation + Great Deliverability | Cheapest Email Service
Get Mailerlite here: – Get 30 days free trial of premium features before you pay!

Mailerlite is a very reasonably priced email automation tool.

For just $10, you get have 1000 subscribers and send unlimited emails with full automation.

I have been using for 3+ months and I have found the deliverability to be excellent.

There are several useful features including Auto Resend and A/B split test campaigns.

The automation is included in all paid packages and is relatively easy to set up.

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In this video i’m going to be reviewing Mailerlite i’m going to talk about the Free option and also the paid option I actually signed up with them about i Think about three or four months ago And because there were some features Missing from the get response basic plan That many like offered in their basic Plan Let me just go through their Main page here Um so Similar to most other emailing providers They give you Email campaigns websites pop-ups Automations Landing pages and so on And they’ve got a whole lot of templates But mostly like with most Marketers keep it simple we’re just uh Plain text Emails you don’t really add too much Into there it’s not a it’s not like a uh Like a retail store Where you need a fancy image and so on It’s just a basic email And they talk about here you get Websites landing pages pop-ups and so on And embedded forms i use a lot of the Embedded forms So for example if you’ve if you bought Something from one of my links on jvzoo Plus or whatever For your bonus delivery you can take

Into one of these embedded forms and Once you sign up then you’re given the Download link for the bonuses so that’s How the embedded forms work They’ve got some additional options even In their basic plan where you get a b Testing you get segmentation you get Other automations That you don’t get with most email Providers in their basic plans Um you’re talking more about automations About stealing products You’ve got a lot of options okay let’s Go through the pricings i’m on the base Plan so you can sign up for free Uh you get to send 12 000 emails per Month and it’s completely free while Some caveats are some limitations I’ll get that in a second so this is the Plan that i was i was paying ten dollars With tax it was 12 dollars But they’ve now also added euros instead For all the european customers Um Even though uk’s not in eu anymore They’re still charging euros So now my plan has changed to 9 euros Which is Okay And integrations integrate with WordPress shopify zapier woocommerce Stripe and so on Um landing page builders Do some of their

Template examples Okay so let’s go to the Pricing in detail So for me i’ve got less than a thousand Subs so i was obviously going to be on Basic plan But for under 2 500 you get 15 [Music] And then 30.50 and so on Okay so the free plan you get a lot of The stuff you get in the paid for plan Which is good But um I don’t think i’ve ever contacted chat Support but you don’t get a chat you Don’t get made a pro Which is a hundred dollars a month And you have the remaining logo which Doesn’t really bother me um you don’t Have a custom page on my editor which I’ve never used Templates i don’t use And custom i don’t use landing pages From them anyway so this didn’t matter To me Um this is a feature that i do i did use I do use with uh mail i liked auto Resend So if i click on it So if i um send a subscriber message And they haven’t opened it then i can Auto reset the message later on that day Or the next day or something Or if they haven’t clicked and i think

It’s a really good offense and then a Reminder to let you miss that on this Offer You might want to go back and look at it So send you the same message then you Add a little bit on the top But you could say you know you missed This email and so on so that was a nice Feature I did get a little bit a few more opens That way Um delivered by time zones so Under most marketers probably You have sub subscribers all over the Place i’ve got some in america i’ve got Some in I think indonesia malaysia around that Side australia so everyone’s in Different time zones If you understand you suck at a general Message i’ll look out for this offer Tomorrow or something or just some Training You want to send it at a time when They’ll most likely see it’s like 8 a.m 9 a.m 10 a.m their time zone So you can do that in the premium plan But not in the free plan And dedicated ibm i’m not going to Bother with because their deliverability Was actually really good And i had a better open rate Than would get response But i’ll come to that later

Okay tracking so you get email campaign Reports surveys Click maps i don’t think you ever used It but you don’t get into free plan and Open by location I don’t remember reading that um Domain authentication which stands you Can add your own email domains Uh multi-user accounts use permissions So on All the same integrations or you can Also the landing page Option as well so you get five free Landing pages And you can pay for additional but Unlimited but You know when you need that Let me see Double opt-in Which is a feature i like because with Get respawn it wasn’t an option to Make the subscriber confirm their email Address and then receive the bonus But with mailerlite um you can send out The you can get them sign up And then put the delivery bonus after The deal opt-in so it was a better System to get Liable email Addresses so i force a user to put in a Uh a real email address Okay i didn’t really bother any of this Stuff um a b split testing I think i did use it where i change the

You can change the headlines let’s say The subject line and so on And it’ll send that a few a few to one Group and a few to another see which one Works better Um unlimited domains and so on To have some add-ons um sites pro i Don’t think it’s worth it mailer pro I don’t think it’s worth it it’s a big Business Dedicated dedicated ip is really Expensive i don’t think it’s really Worth it Um i’ll have a quick look at the gallery So Use letters So depending on what you want to do you Get a lot of um A lot of options here Let’s look at the landing page gallery So you have a nice simple page and Opt-in email address and so on I’ll show you what i use Okay so let me get to this is my account This is my actual thing Um So i only put some of my subscribers in There Now with me like they are quite straight Which i thought was a good thing i don’t Want you to Abuse their service So you’ll see here in a second Um account approval level so off when

You hit when you’ve added or when you Had 500 subscribers They’ll go back in and they’ll check Your account make sure that you’ve got Good open rates and so on And you’re getting real uh Real interaction with emails and stuff So you’re not just like a dodgy spammy Marketing account So they are quite strict in that way i Imported my emails from get response And the process was pretty easy and just Map the fields so email to email name to Name Um country to come country i think and Sign up to sign up ip I think with those sort of fields It’s very easy to import Um Okay so let me show you actually one of My I don’t know how much i want to show Here I’ll show you a campaign setup actually It’s because it’s Okay it’s a bit clunky and even nice It’s really slow It can be really slow to load up stuff Sometimes it’s really annoying so you Can create a regular campaign which is a Normal one A uh split test campaign where it Changes the subject line and so on And the one that i used the most was the

Auto reset campaign so If there was them here like here you see Writing marketer launch auto resend Um so it sends the first message And i don’t even see it clearly but it’s Got the same message but at the top i Did Just a really good offer blah blah blah Still had a Slightly better open rate not better but More people opened Some people opened The uh the reset So it can be worth it not great click Sir Let me show you first a regular campaign So campaign name is for internal use the Name of everyone subject is what they’ll See And you can insert a Email name and so on i normally don’t Put it in there and also i normally add Emojis I use a website called um I think it’s called Where i normally put the subject in There and i’ll see if it looks spam box Or if it’s Um if it’s a good headline i’ve got any Spammy words And then you put them uh who’s it from And so on Language and tracking options i might Have to blur some of this

Okay So you choose the language Who’s it from so i’ll use the display Name the display email address You can track open then you put in Google analytics so let me just put in a Pretend campaign name so test That content [Music] Okay still loading i don’t know why Sometimes it’s really slow So i’ve got my own plane template but You can create new Um use custom html drag and drop which Text or the gallery Let’s just Select this one It will get there eventually Okay so this is where you put your email This is a pre-saved template by just Putting the unsubscribe and all that So um i didn’t really enjoy this This uh this editor it was a bit clunky And It just wasn’t really that good to use If you get emojis um you can add the Variable so that’s we add the email name So i normally put i and i put name And so on i’ll put it in there Um this stuff i’m not really messing With but yeah that’s not really not Really user friendly to to uh change Your settings and features and so on a Little bit annoying

Just done editing Okay i’ll have to blur this stuff So this is a feature that i didn’t Really use much but you can choose Different opportunities you can choose Groups Choose certain fields segments sign up Sources and so on stop options here I need my basic i just choose all Subscribers i’ll have to blur this bit And then you can review and confirm So you send now send later You choose a time zone and you can pick Up what the paid account you can deliver Based on time as well Come on Okay so that’s it’s nice in the outbox Um and it will be sent on the 11th of March Let me show you the other campaigns with A b split a b split campaign So from here same sort of thing except Your campaign name And what i normally test is the email Subject so i have two subjects one for Example one with emojis one without one Certain keywords in one and some in the Other You can have different form names and Different email content So um depending what you choose here This will change below And yes there’s similar sort of stuff Here

Auto reset campaigns one i use the most So again same stuff So with this one i changed the email Subject and personal message So it will be the same email So you get subject for both this one Might be Check out the software this one might be Reminder check out software And then um it will add a personal Message above your your email when it Sends the next day And rss campaign i’ll be honest i never Used But this is a very good idea i’m going To use it every time i put a new post up So yeah so if you could i suppose do That i’ve never used it by putting your WordPress url at the input forward slash Feed Put that in here so whenever a new item Pops up on the feed it will send an Email Which is interesting So you can put here check out my new Post And let me get to Subscribers but i’ll blur the blur the Details now what i like is they charge You per subscriber no matter how many Groups they’re in but for example get Response and i believe The other big ones they charge you per Subscriber it doesn’t matter how many

Groups there is so i can have one Subscriber in on three different lists And i’ll be charged for three Subscribers not one So yeah so this one is slightly Different they split up into groups So one subscriber could be in multiple Groups and you can just create a new Group and you can import into the group And so on I won’t show too much I’m not using this cleanup inactive so i Suppose you can Yeah you can unscrew and subscribe and Activate i’ll leave it for now So forms um I use embedded forms So um blur some of this stuff so For example with the yt marketer Or two matic that i promoted and if you Go to where past you buy that and you go To the bonus Claim your bonus you’ll be taken to this Page Let me grab the code So if you don’t need to call you just Need to copy to share urls let me get That url I’ll probably have to blur it That’s the wrong one oops Um this one here Url paste Okay so you get pictures basically page Where do i send your bonuses

So you put your name you put your email Access bonus Now with the mail i liked it will send You an email to confirm your email Address once you confirm it on that page You’ll be downloading to get access to The download or to the resources Whatever Because this is a good way to get Confirmed emails on your email list And it’s very easy to create the form But um i don’t think i need Let me show you quickly I normally just duplicate the form So you click on this yt marketer and you Click on duplicate And it’s just it only needs a very basic Form anyway so i don’t need to go Through all that Sites i don’t use but it’s an option so You create landing pages It’s extra slowly i don’t know why Um yup i’ll have to play some of this Stuff but you select your your group So continue Okay so here you can show the template So um Okay So for example something like this for Countdown for product launch you have to Have a countdown time and email fill Field Anyway don’t run that good Automation this is this is the main

Thing this is why i signed up for Automation Okay so i’ve got uh A couple of test automations here I’ll start a new one Just to show you um I’ll show you that i’ll show you this One it pauses it live Okay i think let’s pause okay let me Edit this one So i’ve got some free courses on on Groov member Um I think one is cpanel one is domain Flipping i’ve got some other ones So if someone signs up to one of those Courses After 15 minutes you put in a wait here They’ll be sent an email this is just a Welcome email and so on it’s not a very Big process but you can add more as you Go along If i click plus you can add an email a Delay a condition and action Um i don’t have an email prepared let me Just to email oh no should i delay Really Delete something like delay Set delay So just say After two days Save And then we’ll do email i don’t know if Anyone will show up

To find any more content do i need to Create one from scratch here Okay so you put email email names will Be How they’re going with the training Subject and who they’re from And then you put your email content All right so let me show you that Quickly So say uh That’s great Okay so now you see it says it how’s it Going too so i just put two in there Because after two days Design email So that takes me to the email line Selecting the same basic template Come on I’m sure you got a picture i just put Quick text so how is the training going Okay so we’ve clicked on editing Give it a second So now you see it’s just updating it So now 15 minutes after they decided to Say of course they’ll get this first Email Two days later look at this one I’m not trying action so condition could Be I think if they if they if they open or Okay you set rules that’s quite advanced So if they do open an email Oops so any rules of condition Uh campaign activity

I need to choose the email Uh nearby these Relates to the um Actual email but anyway i won’t mess With that i don’t know i haven’t really Set up the email Process from that yet we can add Multiple conditions Even workflow activities so workflow so Okay yeah so that’s what i want to do so Workflow activity so how’s they’re going To If they Say if it was opened I can set another process here so If they opened it and they read it and Then i said okay great i’ll send the Email Oh good do need more help let me know if They didn’t open it i’ll send it again So if you want to Get people off the list who don’t open My emails I can create another actually and say I’m sorry to see you go Blah blah blah contact me in the future And then if they’re not open that will They all this first one I can sanitize my list by just getting Off the list straight away they aren’t People open emails So that’s uh that’s the automation but i Do like this condition let me do action Quickly

Okay so i can remove Yeah so like i was saying here if they Don’t open this email And the second email here i can just do Here Action and then just do Market unsubscribed So this is it’s a lot more there’s a lot More options than i’ve seen with uh get Response but i haven’t used it in diesel Yet because i’m only on the basic plan Get response Is quite a bit more expensive for the Automation you only get a very basic Automation with the free plan Um so Monthly So i’m on this pack this plan here so You get um Compare plans So you get the basic automation where’s It gone Okay i do not know you get ap testing I just don’t know you get rss i don’t Know if they’re new but i’ve never Seen that before What is it gone I don’t need website builder any pages Autoresponders okay so you get the basic Welcome autoresponder And you get these standard autoresponder Series But you don’t get all of the automation You get welcome thank you

There’s some very limited automation Templates but you can’t build it from Scratch like i just did you can’t do Drip campaigns You kind of click and open follow-ups so You can’t in this plan so you need to Upgrade to the 37 pound a month which is About 45 dollars i think So for me Um that’s like three times the price More than three times the price And I’m on the friends i’ve got i’ve got Both i’ve had both have a great response For over three years four years now And i signed up for mail a few months Ago but i had an issue with the mail Night where because i use multiple Websites with my one Email marketing plan And i have different um Website urls different email addresses Different usernames and so on And we get responses really easy to Manage i just authenticate each email Address separately And um And yeah i can have each one as a Different um identity a command manage All under one get response account The main line i’ll show you Cancel this Go back Whilst i do love this automation

Because the way i use um email marketing I don’t like it um So you go to domains i probably have to Blur some Of the domains Um you’ll just have to build some of These So you see this main one so you you Verify and you authenticate it So we can respond to just a case of Adding a domain to your control panel Uh sorry adding an email address to Control panel and then Get response to send the email to the Email address you just click on that in The email that comes in click on the Link And that will authenticate email with Uh mail a line you have to add some Reason we’ll do is add some code to the Uh To your domain so you need dqm and spf And also you need to verify the email Uh what’s the main alignment Okay i see you you create your own Reputation with your own domain so this Is an advanced feature and it’s Probably why i get a better Deliverability with the Melee light I didn’t notice i have much higher open Rate with me like But um yeah i couldn’t i couldn’t easily Use multiple identities with one account

I just create a lot of work and i don’t Have to wait to do it maybe i think i Paid for it to the end of february I might try again and speak to support See what i can do But for basic email sending if you’ve Got one identity this is perfect I mean automation is amazing and a lot More features than with uh Well get response basic offers no Features like that So yes let me look at the pricing then Just quickly check Um There was automation One second Am i blind i can’t see it Okay So what do you get with a free plan [Music] I don’t know anyway So yeah if you can try with a free plan Straight away And you get used to a system but You have to be careful you import a lot Of subscribers because they do put Limits on there And yeah they will do a checkup when you Hit 500 subscribers just to make sure Everything’s okay and you’re not doing Any spam So they’re a bit more strict that’s Probably why they got better ability but Get response

Um has got more features than a lot more Integrations so for example i use the Example of groove um i had to go in Manually and add web hooks from melee Light To a groove just to get the The the emails from my groove to come Into my light but with get response Groove had their own direct integration There was other things where i couldn’t Really it wasn’t easy to get melee light Linked up with some other applications I had to use the apia and Integromat To basically uh Communicate past data and so on so it Wasn’t too bad But but mainline is a great option but It’s cheap it’s very feature-rich i Think that You won’t get features like that for That that much money with any other Application With any other service i mean That’s a really good option for good Deliverability For me for now i’m going to see how it Goes to the end of the month Um But yeah get response is my favorite one Because i’ve been with them so long and Also I may even have to upgrade for the Automation

That i want but um Melania is a very good cost effective Platform has good ability So i’ve been rambling off for almost Half an hour i’m really sorry for that But i hope you find this useful And if you do want to sign up there is a Link below So that would be much appreciated if you Buy via that link And i’ll see you next time thank you