Muse Ai Review: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia Alternative for Professional Cheap Video Hosting

By | September 17, 2021

Muse AI Review
Get Muse.AI at: offer professional level video hosting at affordable prices. Their pricing plans are simple:
– $60 per year ($5 per month) / $8 monthly
100GB storage
1 user
$240 per year ($20 per month) / $32 monthly
300GB storage
3 users

Both plans are pretty packed with features including:
4K Videos
Unlimited Embeds
AI for voice, objects, text, sounds
CDN for faster loading
Multiple player options
Video storage
And so much more!
Password protected video
Domain restricted video
AD free

The AI tools are unique and not offered by any other platform that I know of.

This is a real and affordable alternative to Vimeo and Wistia. There are not ads to distract your audience as with YouTube.
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Get Muse.AI at:

Hello everyone this is fran from And in this quick video i’m going to Tell you about a video hosting platform I’ll be using Called This platform has got all sorts of funky Features that i don’t really use But the main thing i like that is very Fast and very easy to Embed your videos anywhere Now this is their main page and you see A couple of big companies using them So yeah they store your original files You can use it just for your video Hosting They do backups geo located on servers Around the world Access from anywhere and so on Um unlimited videos and collections So in my case i’ve got a couple of Different courses so i put the videos Into folders for those courses and i Know for youtube you can’t do that Really it’s difficult But with muse of course you can You can customize a play with your own Logo and stuff Um impaired restricting bed Ai index videos A lot of the stuff i don’t really use But the main thing is They serve it their servers are really Quick

Faster than the other ones i’ve used And there’s also stuff you read on their Page They’ve added some new features which You can actually record you’ve got a Chrome extension Where you can record your screen And then upload it straight to muse And this is more about The storage Because mainly it’s a very cheap Video storage and delivery platform Okay there’s a lot going on in analytics Advocate that’s another main thing I don’t want my course videos to have Other people’s Um thumbnails along the bottom when Someone pauses or ends the video This is completely ad-free Private by default Um Okay So let me show you The Okay it’s more about It’s storage Most advanced platform on the web So all this funky ai stuff and Yeah i don’t know what it all means but Um To be honest i don’t even use that just For video delivery Storage you can have deep collections Um auto transporting very fast no

Constraints on the video size So i did ask them about this and they’re Saying that as long as within your plan You upload up to 4k i think with 8k That’s 4k Without restriction within your plan Um so on let’s get to the pricing so i’m On the base plan which is visionary It works out five dollars per month paid Annually Or eight dollars a month if you pay Monthly And with that you get 100 gig of storage Uh single user unlimited embeds and 4k Video Um you have options like in player video Search so if you want to search for a Certain word inside the video you can Offer a search function Um 4k playback adaptive streaming Airplay chrome chromecast responsive Player Chapters customization and so on embed Channel view Video hosting says 20 gig For one dollar extra And backup geo located transcodes All sorts of stuff here You can have complete privacy on the Videos possible protect videos Um even um Try to go to speech identify objects Certain scenes people actions It can read text off the video which is

Amazing and identify sounds i haven’t Used after i’ve seen a few demos on it I’ve not really used it Um there’s a lot going on here Let me show you my Own account Okay so show you some examples here so It will pick up sound and it will Do uh subtitles and it will give you the Actual text download it Uses the ai to identify images of screen The ted sign a person and so on Identifies motion that has baby crawling Concepts Let me show you my account so this Is my account i’ve got 36 videos four And a half gig Uh 2011 in total These are some of my folders here Let me show you a quick video Okay so this is the The text i took from the speech in the Video Now probably because i’m such a mumbler It’s not that accurate some of it is Good some of it’s a bit jumbled but um Yeah that’s i don’t really speak That clearly So it breaks up scenes it identifies People Objects identifies text on screen Action sound and so on Now what i like So you can make the video public

Unlisted hidden password protected or Private Also you can configure restrictions so So you can only have a show on certain Domains one domain or more domains Which is good So unlisted which means like youtube Unlisted hidden is completely hidden There’s only four embeds so you can Embed it as a sales video Password protector displaying a similar Password and Pass protected and private just for Yourself So normally for my course video to have It as unlisted Or hidden Okay and then to ship this is a Great feature You can have standard pictures this Layout You can have just a video only A video with this description below A video with a transcript jump i don’t Use And then you get a simple link or you Can use these social share Functions oops That’s if you want to share the video File But that’s why i use embed so with the Embed you get a few options Um i normally go straight to advanced And i leave it as responsive

And i do Minimal Yeah i do a minimal I don’t show search or title I don’t even show the logo I don’t link back And i use iframe And sometimes i use the Restrictions just copy the code Let me show you the code So it just pulls up the uh It uses an iframe to embed the video And if you’ve been on one of my uh one Of my courses the uh the new domain Flipping course and the cpanel training And i think another one and i use muse For all those videos because it’s so Quick Very responsive and it’s just very Smooth I paid for the lifetime groove funnels Um membership the platinum package And i do get 100 gig free with groove Video but that platform is not ready yet For Video delivery and i find viewers to be Much more reliable much quicker Because by the time they look at the Page the video is ready but with the Crew you have to wait a few seconds for It to load up the iframe and so on it’s Just not it’s not right So um That’s the interface and that’s just

Sharing So that is my muse 8.8i review It’s an incredible hosting platform for An incredible price Um 100 giga video i’ll give you an Example Um let me show my videos folder Got 173 videos came back about a year and a Half And in total That is Uh 59 gigabytes 173 videos And i think about 10 maybe Maybe a bit more actually my 10 is 4k The rest or 1080p 60 i believe so that shows you how many Videos you can actually put on the Platform just a base plan without paying Any extra Um so that is my muse ai review i hope You find it useful is a great service There’s a link below to sign up I highly recommend it it’s Cheaper than vimeo cheaper than Cloudflare cheaper than wistia It’s recommended if you do your own Review videos you put them on your site And stuff because it it doesn’t it stops Any other users putting their Ads or getting their suggested videos Under yours That’s one of the reasons why i signed Up for it especially for my own site

When i remember i upload my same youtube Video to muse ai and use the music use Ai embed Um because it doesn’t cost you anything Just the storage And yeah i try and use it ever i can This is highly recommended There’s a link down below to sign up and I’ll see you next one