PlaceIT Review | PlaceIt Logo Mockup Maker

By | November 23, 2021

PlaceIT Review | PlaceIt Logo Mockup Maker
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PlaceIt is an all in one tool for making mockups, logos, tshirts, apparel mockups, social media graphics and more.

My main use has been as a great logo maker for my Google News and WordPress sites, I have used hundreds of logos, all of them unique and professional.

I have started using the apparel mockups and product mockups for a new ecommerce I am starting. PlaceIt is great for product mockup images.

T-shirt design mockups are also very good as you can add your design to multiple models, actions etc and filter as you go.

00:01 Introduction
01:27 PlaceIt Templates
01:44 PlaceIt Logo Templates
02:50 PlaceIt Logo Demo
04:56 PlaceIt Mockups
15:00 PlaceIt Gaming Templates
17:12 PlaceIt Pricing

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Hello everyone this is forehand from And in this video i’m going to be Reviewing a graphics tool that i use Quite a lot called place it Now what i do with places i use it Mostly for the uh Mostly for the logos If you follow me you know that i create A lot of wordpress websites and now i’ve Been making a lot of google news Websites And uh you really need a logo to make Your website look authentic and Make them look legit now recently i’ve i Think i’ve published almost i don’t know How many actually quite a few google News sites So i’ve been creating a unique logo for Each site and what i like with places so Easy to do there are so many different Templates That i can make a completely different Range of logos for each website even if They’re in the same niche Let me show you that i actually do use It quite a lot i’ll probably blur My actual downloads So i blow on the middle here but all of These are just different logos all my Model websites And i’ve got loads of pages at the Bottom so i do use it every week to Create images and graphic content for my

Website and so on Okay so let me show you around place it And why i like it So what you can do you see these all the Templates along the bottom and all you Know every different category here you Can actually edit it from within the The tool itself And once you have you can download the Finished version Um so let me show you for example i do a Lot of logos so Let’s say i’m doing a clothing logo Because these are all the templates so i Can enter a brand name so Best Jeans Click on apply now all of these will Change the name to best genes Just give it a second It’s taking extra long today Okay here we go I think mine takes a bit slow today Because Kids are downloading so you see all These logos now so we’ve got here this Is a nice pop of jeans Best jeans so when you download it you Get in the with the color background Also you get a transparent background so You get both options There’s another nice one here With contrasting colors you get Icons shapes images

All sorts of stuff Let me just click on the on the first One here You can also add it to your favorites For electron So that doesn’t mean that you have to Keep the text that’s on there you can Change the text You can add more text add a sub uh Another tagline You can change the primary colors to Upload the logo so you can change the Banner to let me write darker blue You change the background add another Graphic and icon maybe And then once you click download It goes off in the background and starts Preparing the images This is not email you but it’s only Really quick let’s see how long it takes It gives you two so i’ll show you both Download and download Okay this is the first one This second one so you see it’s got a Transparent background And she’s got the blue inner section It’s got the text on the front this is The other one and the reason why i use This for mostly for my google news sites Is that when you’re doing google users It allows for two logos One for a dark background one for light Backgrounds this is handy so i can just Quickly

Create a logo and i’ve loaded straight To google news Okay let me see what other features Excuse me So i actually started doing work Settings doing some Some Drop shipping uh items So it’s got a whole mock-up section here So for example if i was doing mugs you Can just click on this one here And you upload your image gives you the Actual dimensions there Or you can add text or do whatever you Want And actually this whole image will Download it’s like a it’s a person Holding the mug and it looks really good On an ecommerce store Um let me see Face mask that’s a new One so so you have the same mask we have Multiple you can have different angles And once you upload your logo it will Wrap around And look really good There’s a lady you’re going to make face Masks where they might and All these funny ones there There’s plenty of mock-ups there you can Actually filter it by gender By age Just adults only You can enjoy the ethnicity

Um Tags Just really narrow it down Okay and the digital mock-ups are really Good let me show you digital Good products only so without a model Like i guess Yep products only there’s no people in The background it’s great for t-shirts So if you’re doing drop shipping you’ve Got like using printful or something to Create your t-shirts and your apparel You can use these uh templates on your E-commerce store And um Give people a sense of like this one Showing the items in use and that’s Already sells Also got digital so Ios screenshots Okay heading into my phone and Image Looks like a new iphone here A mini one here A big selection Um Again updated with the latest phones Let’s See mockups It’s really still i’m not sure it’s my Internet office site okay this is good So you’ve gone in use so if you’re doing An app so you’re streaming someone in Use while using it that’s not safe

Driving on the phone That’s really good it’s the same thing Um Let me Let me quickly download an image and I’ll show you a quick demo I’m just going to pixels i’m going to Download This ios app image Um Let me see what size they recommend so For example This one here I didn’t really wanna One one two five five two four three six This probably won’t do that we’ll Download any more see how see how Handles it Okay so let me insert image Oops Okay i wasn’t the best image um let me Find another one That’s terrible I can’t make it full size Crap Probably not the best example but you Can see it works So the image fits within the boundaries Of the phone Now you can resize remove replace Um let’s see App demos Okay It’ll be the same sort of thing okay

That’s enough of that one okay print Uh business cards It’s been a while since i’ve been saying Business cards Excuse me I click it come on get to it Okay so let’s see for example I wonder if you upload one image here And it will I assume it will you can replace all of The text with one image Okay now because it’s different Dimensions here you can’t It will be distorted but anyway That would work Okay Um one more in mock-ups let me see print On demand coffee mugs Pretty much seen before promotional Facebook ads Excuse me Okay these are good Okay designed to Appropriately break black friday designs Blank cabinet canvas Then peter Let’s see what option it gives Are they competing with camera Okay exchange sizes Graphics background Text level That’s fine from someone that you think Canva Um apparently prints the book covers

These are pretty cool Actually the author the Headings background image Tag on the bottom there’s a lot to Change here Um Music and podcasts social media It’s all pretty much the same stuff but You can see that everything’s really Resized and ready to go Just quickly add your content Um i’ve done logos Videos i haven’t i don’t think i’ve Really used videos I know they do intros and outros I should probably use one of them This is vertical video so good for tick Tock and instagram Okay the images are here Audio track background frames Okay i’ve never used this i’m not going To pretend i’ve used this before Uh gaming animated Logos I think i’ve seen these before I don’t really do a lot of gaming so Just click on one quickly come on I’m not sure if you can look at these For free without logging in That’s why i’m just going through a few Of them for you Look at the bottom head slides Downloading i can’t tell Okay it’s processing still

That’s not bad it pops up looks nice That’s enough of that one What i see twitch screens I don’t do too much i’m not sure exactly What twitch screens are Okay okay it’s like use this obs Okay um What youtube videos are Wouldn’t that be the same Unless there’s Thumbnail templates Okay It’s similar stuff it’s like end screen And stuff okay Um Enjoy the night i’ll do One into the natural then i’ll Oh sorry i played another one It doesn’t matter Okay gaming There will be a stream overlays This is a lot longer than it should be Okay look pretty cool Yeah i have mixed with obs and i’ve had To download a template From somewhere you put a video in the Corner in the game you know yeah it’s Pretty good Okay gaming merch Streaming Youtube banners Let me see thumbnails first I didn’t realize they had youtube Numbers and banners here

And even end cards I should use them more often Nice Nice thumbnails Ah some of them are free as well that’s Good These are better than the ones in Canberra actually They really are Um what else youtube I don’t know that’s the last one this Channel actually my channel a lot Like it’s the last one on this long Video Come on come on come on okay Okay i just channel up that looks nice So that is my very long overview of Placed it Um i’ve been a user for about a year now In that time i’ve i’ve created a lot of Content Um the pricing i place it Okay it’s normally 14.95 per month and That’s unlimited so you can download and Use everything even for commercial and Essentially if your t-shirts sell up so It’s great for drop shipping It’s great for my print on demand stuff If you’re a web developer author Business owner it’s got mockups design Templates for everything Um blah blah blah Creativity 10 000 plus design templates

I use it mostly for logos And that’s that yeah So um on black friday they will have an Offer i think it’s normally i think it’s 50 off the offer But throughout the year 14.95 and if you Do a lot of website creation or drop Shipping stuff and so on Then it is really a good option for you To consider This is what i used to create all my Logos figure all the other ones forget Even canva logos are rubbish This is what i use for all my logos it’s Really good highly recommended hope you Enjoyed this very long video and i’ll See you next one bye