PLR Wealth Review: Make money with PLR products

By | September 27, 2021

PLR Wealth Review
Get PLR Wealth here:
Launches 2pm UK 9am EST 27th September.

PLR Wealth is a complete training course with added WordPress theme for quick and easy import to get you started making money with PLR.

The training covers the different PLR licences, sources of PLR, how to set up a WordPress site to sell PLR, how to market your PLR site.

I have added some custom bonuses to help you get the best out of this product:
WordPress Performance Tips video training
Quick Start WordPress Setup Guide video training
WordPress Basic Security for Free Guide video training
Create secure delivery and thank you pages with WordPress video training – VERY IMPORTANT
PLR Resources links
5 x Free PLR products to download and use straight away with resell rights – downloads

PLR Wealth Pricing:
The front end is $27 at launch

PLR Wealth Upsells and OTOs
There are 2 upsells:
OTO1: Unrestricted PLR Rights to 5 WordPress themes $147/$97 for 3 themes downsell
OTO2: 100% affiliate commissions $67

Overall, this is another great training product by Chris Derenberger.
00:01 Introduction
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Get PLR Wealth here:

Hello everyone this is fernand from fan In this video i’ll be reviewing a new Product called plr wealth This is all about how to make money Using public label rights products And you can customize them and sell them As your own or you can sell them as they Are or you can give them whereas bonuses Which is why i do sometimes And in this training you get full Extensive trainings made by chris Derenberg he makes very high quality Training very extensive You don’t only get the full training Guide and a lot of resources but in the Front end you also get a fully Customized ready to go wordpress website That you can just import and just change The uh The uh the names and everything else as You go And he gives you the full front end he Gives you the sales page opt-in page and A thank you page And all you need to import and change The details that you need to i’ve Actually created some great bonuses just For this product I’ve got a training guide on wordpress Performance tips so how to improve your WordPress website Improve the speed and performance i’ve Got a quick start wordpress setup guide

How to Do a lot of the basic things in WordPress I’ve got a wordpress security guide as Well as how to secure your wordpress Website I’ve got a few plr resources that chris Didn’t include but i’ve got a few that i Use i’ll include a list of those as well And i’ll also give you five plr products That you can use as your own giveaway Customize whatever you want And the last bonus i think is probably The most useful is how to create secure Delivery and thank you pages And to really Improve this product a little bit more So those are my bonuses you only get Them by clicking on the link down below And you’ll you’ll get to the uh The bonuses section in mario plus you Can download it straight from there so Let’s get into this product so this is Plr wealth by chris sterenberger And he’s been talking about this for a While he’s always Talking in his group about how he makes Money from plr products And he’s got a nice slick sales video Here um the pricing is 27 for this one And also give you a bonus 100 videos On using wordpress Um you can receive sales pages quite Long is it

Long Actually not as long as Most of them But um yeah it shows you how you replace Uh It actually gives you these um these Templates so this is your opt-in page For the product you change the The image and the text and change the Product image or video there and you’ve Got an opt-in form so you capture People’s emails and then you send them To the straight to the delivery page After they do their payments It gives you everything in the guide About personal second It also gives you upsell pages And member pages And this is a demos training area but I’ll show you my demo and actually very Kindly gave me access to the training Area Um Okay Chris is a very cool guy so You’ll never have an issue with his Training let me go through the training Area So this is the main training area um you See at the top it’s the main training it Goes through all the Plr rights so you can get master Reseller reseller and personal and I think that’s it

He’s got a page with plr sources some Upsells And some more of his courses Sorry so my first thing goes through Understanding plr because a lot of People don’t understand what pl actually Is Because in some detail explains plr The second section is finding plr Products So he goes through some of the resources That he uses to buy these plr products He also goes through how to Pick products and edit the products so You can kind of customize them and so on And give them off with your own You go through hosting very important Website structure It gives you a theme And that you can download they go Throughout install and edit that theme And if you go through the payment Options if you’re selling the courses He goes through how to mess how to get Your paper and stripe links If you go through autoresponder process I believe he goes through to convert Again and get response there’s two of The major ones He’s got a session on strategies for Selling Um ways to promote and this is your Bonus 100 videos So i’ve been through the training i’ve

Been to all the videos and i’m as usual I’m very impressed with this training It really does take you through step by Step how to Find the products How to pick the right products for plr That you can give away you can customize And so on all the ones you can sell and What to look out for It gives you some very good sources for Ply products The the website actually looks really Good the Theme that you can download And it looks very attractive very simple So you can just Upload it customize and start making Money from it And the whole process i mean you’re Making money you’re getting emails Herpes is very straightforward it’s very Efficient That’s what that’s what i think of it Very efficient And that along with my amazing bonuses You can make a very killer website And you can sell some amazing plr Products And make some money And we follow the training carefully You’ll see there’s a lot of Plr products out there but the ones that He gives you he tells you about they’re Very high quality and they aren’t the

Average junk Rubbish plr that you see around they’re All good quality high quality they’re Not only ebooks they’re also video Courses and you can also get Um mp3s and everything But yeah it’s a very good course and i Highly recommend it Um the bonuses are available By the link below And if you need anything else you can Contact me by the comments below or my Website Hope you find it useful please do pick Up this product because it is really Worth it and i’ll see you next video Thank you