Rytr Review | Jarvis AI / Jasper AI Alternative

By | November 28, 2021

Rytr Review | Jarvis AI Alternative
Get Rytr unlimited here: https://hi.switchy.io/rytr

Jarvis AI Review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXdN-5e7pZs
Article Forge Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KElP–ZR85w

Rytr is a fantastic, cost effective AI writing tool.

Rytr produces excellent, rankable results, comparable to all the best AI tools including Jarvis AI.

Rytr has a free account option, this is limited to just 5000 words.

The Rytr premium account costs $29 per month and is unlimited!

There are 30+ templates or use-cases to choose from including blog posts, blog post outlines, review responder, video titles, video description etc.

00:01 Rytr Introduction
00:40 Jarvis AI and Article Forge vs Rytr
01:30 Rytr features
01:45 Rytr Pricing
02:22 Rytr dashboard
03:40 Rytr Demo
13:28 Rytr Use Cases

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Get Rytr unlimited here: https://hi.switchy.io/rytr

Hello everyone and welcome to this Review of writer Uh writer is a Another ai writing tool but it’s Actually more cost effective Than my previous review Which was for jarvis And you also get unlimited characters And the reason i’m reviewing this now is Because somebody commented on my jarvis Review so the two comments were applied To the first one was Um they wanted this person looking for a Cheaper ai writing tool Now jarvis was Now 59 for 50 000 characters Which is still quite a lot compared to What you get with the writer And also the other person here said that The content from jarvis wasn’t great i Mean it is an ar acting tool And the content is always usable but it Won’t do the job for you you have to Modify the content yourself to Make it suit what you need but i did Suggest article 4 which i’ll start using Now and article forge is cheaper than Um jarvis And the annual plan if it’s still at the End of the day still around at the time Of this recording Is cheaper than writer And the content is more accurate More recent

And it is incredible so i’ll leave a Link to both videos in the description But definitely check article 4 if you Want ready-made articles And job is if you want to use something Like boss mode Let’s get back to writer so writer is Another ai tool Like all of the recent battery ai tools They all work on gpt3 And they all Make their own tools work in a different Way But writer is quite similar to jarvis Um the big difference is some of the Templates and the price was the price So the pricing right now is 29 a month For unlimited characters For boss mode um i i’m paying 100 and Um I think 119 dollars But boss mode is slightly different is Where you can keep Composing composing but writer works in Different ways but you still get Unlimited in both This is just 29 And you get access to use cases you Create your own cost of use Use cases Write in 30 plus languages 20 plus predefined tones Um i don’t know why you need account Manager and so on

So let me get inside the writer and show You a demo So this is the dashboard of writer So um you choose your languages actually On your english Your tone so appreciative assertive i Normally use casual and informative And this is the use case so in Javascript templates So the one i’ll be using the most are Blog ideas and outline and blog section Writing But there’s plenty here you get Copywriting Email facebook ads twitter ads google Searches interview questions job Descriptions there’s quite a few here I’m sorry Uh reply to reviews that’s similar to One of the javascript i like i Highlighted in the last video Um seo description meta tags Song lyrics story plots And a video channel description video Description and video ideas that’s some Good ones Let’s just start with blog adding Outline So let’s say i’m i’m starting a new blog It’s all about fitness and muscle Building so on so let’s see Muscle building Beginners So we’re going to go for a blog out

Ideas and outline So click on right for me Give it a second Okay so now we have a oh i forgot to Choose i should normally do three Variants But don’t forget everyone you use takes Up credits but if you’re unlimited it Doesn’t matter So for this example how to get muscle to Get a muscle building workout they’ll Give you that will make you gain weight And keep it tough And these are the sub-heading ideas Now um What you can do is you can put this Straight into a document or you can Respond to a wordpress site But for the instructions so why is it Port for beginners to focus on gaining Weight Okay so if you click On that you can click on paragraph And you’ll write a paragraph on this For this for this title Okay So you’ll delete this bit And this is a h3 you can make a h2 Header Okay so then uh you carry on so what is A good muscle building Whoops That’s a building workout So i’ll click on paragraph

Okay okay writer can be a little bit uh Fiddly to use so what i recommend is That you Um take these headings put them back Into the uh The selection box here and then you Rewrite your content that’s why i Recommend you copy your content across To your document Sticking a google doc or wordpress Talking or something And because it’s not like uh java is not Found a way to make it continue writing And You can get it to Rephrase improve paragraph Expand shorten the paint and play drum Checker But um so what i would do is go to Blog section writing And then put in this heading I think had some keywords for me Okay so these keywords here Going to the section keywords Just delete this And then click right for me so i should Put it here i think I think he messed up me one second Okay sorry it was a bit i’m not sure It’s going okay so it’s content Put up here Just that paragraph so this one will Take this heading Put it in section topic

Then take these keywords Put it in there For me And now this last section Um is a conclusion right Let’s see what output gives us this All right for me Okay so we can Improve or expand click and improve First Rytr Okay So that should be enough to get your Rank of article now of course you can Use Um some more keywords some more topics To get a little bit more Um beef into the article Beef up a little bit i mean Um Here And something like this you can copy it Copy and paste straight into wordpress And it will create the headings and Everything for you And you can put in affiliate links you Put in pictures Images put in a video or something And this will help you beef up the Content on your site and make it uh Rankable Now actually Quickly speed reading through it the Content looks looks decent

Um Is it better than travis i’ll have to Another video compare When there’s similar sort of titles But um let me just Go there i think you said it saved as a As a document So i’ll keep that document um let’s Start a new document Um Actually let’s go through the Video idea so Muscle Building for Beginners Casual And this time on three variants So it creates a new document So the best muscle building workers for Beginners must be working for beginners 11 ways to build muscle beginners Okay And video description Um let’s see if it lists out 11 i know Jarvis does Okay that’s just description yes Okay it’s not bad So what you could do with something like This If you’re creating videos you can use Something like one of the online video Creators And just create a script put that Content into the video creator and then

Just use stock footage to make a Video for maybe Two to five minutes And um put some affiliate links in Description or links to your website Whatever just create some traffic that Way Let’s see what else Let’s go back Let me pull up uh Okay this first one And go back to writer question answer Put in the question Can you write for me Well behind me if they put here what Type of document was anyway So Where is that challenger Okay i think if you click on here I need a paragraph Yeah it says paragraph here sorry Okay and this one for example Paragraph in that one It’s just about getting used to it Because i’m used to jarvis and Constantly posing so right is slightly Different I’ll do one more And what is the actual question On muscle building okay they do actually Put them off topic But you can Change the content around a little bit And make and suit it to the question

And that’s what i’ve said show you in This i think that’s about it Everything is pretty similar so So you can read through their Descriptions of what they What they recommend it’s really useful And then go through step by step how to Use each uh each tool each template It’s pretty much the same process yeah With javascript can be overwhelming There’s a lot of templates a lot of Options The writer is more a little bit more Straightforward content is similar Um and if you’re just looking to write Content to rank websites we’ll get some More traffic on coral right youtube Description and so on Writer is a very good tool i think Jarvis is still the premier tool for ai Writing Or if you just want articles i watch my Video on article 4 i think article forge Is the best For the right to write the cleanest most Readable most accurate content It’s a lot better than jarvis and Right or any other ai tool That’s my recommendation So writer is the cheapest error item I’ve used At 29 a month for unlimited character i Don’t think there’ll be a better deal So grab that now link is below if you

Found it useful give me a comment if You’ve tried writer and you’ve tried Jarvis Let me know down below what you think of Both Um i’ll try and do a side-by-side Comparison of both with the same Headings and save topics and see what The content’s like Because they all tweaked their Algorithms a little bit So see how that goes so i’ll see you Next time thanks for watching bye