Sendfox Review and Demo | One Time Payment

By | March 2, 2022

Sendfox Review and Demo | One Time Payment
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Sendfox is a premium email service available at a one time price.

There are several cool features, my favourite is the auto YouTube or Blog to email newsletter sending feature.

It is very easy to use and the price is very reasonable.

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12:43 Conclusion

If you’re in the market for an automated email service, SendFox is one of the best options available. The service’s automation feature can automatically create emails for you, and it offers basic CRM functionality, such as tagging and lists. You can even write notes to your subscribers and collect feedback, ratings, and reviews, all without leaving your account. The service also offers an easy to use interface and integrates with other sumo platforms.

SendFox’s email marketing platform features include list-building, segmenting, and autoresponders. You can even upload an existing subscriber list and create custom segments within the platform. Its easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage your subscribers, create lists, and track performance. Once you’ve set up an account, you’re ready to start sending emails and creating your marketing campaigns. Adding contacts to a Sendfox customer list is easy and you can also import your email contacts from other services like Mailchimp and Google.

With a subscription to SendFox, you can upload your own subscriber list. It’s easy to use, and you can automate emails and email sequences with a few clicks. Once you’ve setup your account, SendFox will start tracking your email campaign. You can also view your results in real time to see how your subscribers are responding to your content. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced email marketer, the SendFox service can help you maximize your results.
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In this video i’m going to do a review Of send fox This is an appsumo product and actually Purchase it today with two other items It’s been a busy day today Now send fox is a Email marketing platform it’s very Straightforward easy to use but i’ve got Some features that i really like And i signed up today just to test it Out but i think i might actually keep This one Let me just go through the absolute page So it’s 49 For the base plan So you can send unlimited schedule and Automated emails to your contacts You can create custom branded emails Landing pages and built-in forms You can integrate with sumo kingsumo’s Ap api and more And it’s good for content creators Bloggers youtubers vloggers I actually attach my website and my Youtube channel and my twitter feed Actually i’m sorry youtube channel and Website to this So i’ll just tell you quickly one fish That i like is that you can Automatically send a summary or every Time you release a video it will send an Email to your list And yeah and it gets a little bit of Text from your description

And of course you can edit it do what You want but it’s a really nice system So let me see This is the actual email um It’s very basic about what i’ve been Using But it does the job And for the actual price of paying for One-off price It’s a very uh very good account i’m not Gonna read all that Let’s see so this is the actual plan Itself so for the 49 You get lifetime access um Just choose the plan you want All future lifetime plan updates choose From five tiers gdpr So in all plans you unlimited email Sends Um scheduled email campaigns An empty trigger and automations the Automation aren’t brilliant but they do The job For most people i think of course Giovanni’s even i’m using that many Automations So for what i want to do i think it will Do most of what i want to do And custom form between gdpr lists and Tagging With editor Um analytics crm and so on and so on so This is the one that i signed up for i Signed up for license tier one forty

Nine dollars now if you consider i was Paying A response at one point i was paying 12 Pounds by 15 a month then upgraded to 32 Pounds 30 40 40 Monthly plan They said one time payment of 49.99 But for what i needed But what i need now this will do the job And once that’s up i need more for my List i can upgrade to whatever i want So with this you get 5 000 subscribers And there’s a tiny bit of branding on There not not as bad as some other ones For tier two you get ten thousand subs And also store branding and tier three All the features above Fifteen thousand subscribers and light Tech simple send fox branding Then you go up to tier five where you Get 25 000 subs So i don’t have that many anyway so There’s a lot of permission to read About here Both will like look at the questions Uh let me see Some people i’m learning about the Editor I’m gonna use it a little bit so i can’t Really comment on the editor Let me show you inside the dashboard Itself is this one actually got that Page i showed you the same thing can i

Go to the dashboard Okay well doesn’t show you the dashboard This is the very basic very clean Dashboard And so i sent a test email to a very Small list Uh nine Nine engage new sign up one And it says much first so that’s that’s The basic page So if you go to emails so you see this This i didn’t do this one it did itself Where it Picked up my last video and it made it Into an email So hi there blah blah here’s my weekly Updates i didn’t do any of this stuff i Didn’t i didn’t touch this i made it by Itself So it does this nice highlight here There’s a little video emoji a little Highlight for the title And next straight to the video it grabs Some Text from the description now obviously You want to tie this up a little bit And this is another one who undertakes a Video that i did One two three Okay four and an email And then you click here to watch a video To that link to the video i don’t know Can i preview this preview email Okay so they put a link here you can

Click on these See mobile view Very nice So with this um actually still here it Should be my email address anyway You just click on it and send it to your List Um you’ve got your from name your from Email the title i’ve actually added my Domain So i’m uh I just added some i do use those same Grid for their sendings i did Um the cname details to cloudflare it Took me one minute And yeah that was that Let’s look at automations So again automation you’ve got a welcome Series and you’ve got um Actually which one did i Let’s start with template so i forgot Which one i did So if your website name or your url And then you could put in your twitter Feed and so on So you can do a social follow campaign Let’s try to see what that looks like Um Yep that list is fine So edit the trigger that’s what that Does Okay so landing page sign up So welcome email So glad you signed up you find inbox in

The meantime follow me on twitter very Nice What’s this tag okay you can tag people So when something was opened clicked or Sent Add To the i didn’t put another list okay we Can remove the automation okay that’s Interesting That’s a very basic one Let me do a Custom automation and see what happens So i’ve only got one list i made so it’s My time to list Send an email Send sending to absolute subscribers Only That’s another thing that’s why i Learned the hard way get response Um i haven’t Actually by the time this goes out Probably will post a video But they held my account hostage because They weren’t enough opens on my account They just went in my account and said i Had to delete some subscribers But they wouldn’t let me actually do Anything It was just a situation anyway So to get back to openwriting send it Only active subscribe so people open Your email and so on You can Add tags i’m not sure

Email generator okay so if you can add Your your content to your emails let me See my articles Okay because i put my website in there i Can add my articles to emails let me Click on that And let me click on The associated video as well This one the general email Yeah sure do it Okay this is a nice feature So you can quickly make emails Based around your own topic and add your Own content this is nice I like that And then just press save and send so That’s that Um lists Actually it’s not overly this is not a Competitor to all of the big email Companies you don’t get all your Automations But for forty nine dollars you can start Here And then you can use tools like zapier Or probably that i’ve just signed up to Some other ones just to move move their Emails around whatever And just manipulate your lists Okay contacts This is something i just i just tested Quickly smart pages So Where’s my

Because it’s just a smart page so you Put your name it gives you i think you Can do all this you’ve got a picture Here Okay i just want page there you create a Picture there first name email join So i can put this and if i’m on tick Tock i can put this into a into my bio Or even anywhere just put this this Smart url here so send fox Dot com forward And then people go straight into my list So i like that that’s really good really Really nice no messing about No complicated setups let’s do i didn’t See what i can edit Okay so you do the title you get a Little content Enable feed page Logo name theme colors image And you do the form so normally i do First name i do email only You just redirect them to a url so if i Set the page on my site For example thank you page I send them there and maybe i can give Them a link to download something or Just say thank you and then give him Some more information That’s interesting that’s good And formed i haven’t set up a formula to Test this Name of your form test form Okay new list

Okay enable invisible recapture do i Need to integrate it no i don’t So after i submit i extend somewhere i Can do required gdpr consent Domains where the phones have to be Embedded so i can okay i don’t know That’s an interesting feature So Form layout someone first name Not last name Email And That is it publishing the code So with this code i can just put it on Anywhere i need to Maybe i’ll try it in another video Because i’m not logged into my site There’s not much messaging about it’s Just straightforward form And this is something that’s referrals Campaign not too bothered about that so There is an upgrade available Um where is the upgrade okay there’s Empire add-ons if you get the uh the One-time price Yeah i’ve seen my price from the link Below thank you buy from this affiliate Link Um you get 5000 emails and so on and so On But if you upgrade for 10 a month you Get unlimited cents per month standard Um same 5 000 contacts but you get the Best sending server

You get optional double opt-in so i’m Switching to all of them i developed in Now i know of some people annoyed by This But it’s also the best way to make sure People enter real email addresses to get Bonuses and so on If they actually have to reply or just Click on the link to confirm But with the empire addon it’s optional You get html editor and there’s no Branding so ten dollars a month Is it worth it i don’t know Personally i’m not gonna pay for it i Don’t think i will Because it’s got everything that i need And it’s not my main email list It’s just a social media email list But for me for 49 you’re getting a 5 000 Contacts unlimited emails And ascending vice and grid it’s really Good a really good platform really easy To use i like the rss Feeds from your website also from your Youtube channel and so on So all in all i think it’s a really good Offer And if you click on the link below pick Up at this price i don’t know how long It’s gonna be available for Um it doesn’t normally say But yeah i think it’s a really good deal So pick it up and i’ll see you next time