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By | April 16, 2022

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TubePal launches 17th April at 11am est, 4pm UK.

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TubePal is a cloud based app offering some unique features to boost your YouTube channel and increase authority.

Some of my favourite features are the auto commenting, commenting by keywords and auto liking.
The commenting by keyword is a unique feature that I have not seen in any similar app and can work very well to customise comments based on the user comment.

You can create set and forget campaigns that work as per your schedule to create interactions and boost your videos.

00:01 Introduction
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In this video i’m going to be reviewing Tupelo Tubepal is a cloud-based app that allows You to manage your youtube channel but Also do some additional things such as Auto replying to comments auto liking And you can create comments templates You can reply to comments based on Keywords and so on it’s quite a unique Setup i’m not seeing this in any other Similar app there’s been a few around But this one’s a bit more polished it’s Got some nice features on there I’ve got a i’ve got access to it i’ve I’ll give you a demo in A few moments I’ve got some bonuses for you if you Actually click on the link and buy from The Link in the description Okay the first button i’ve got for you Is a youtube video seo tutorial i made How to improve your Your seo and how to optimize your videos To make it rank higher The second bonus i’ve got is how to get Free traffic to your youtube videos i Was also a tutorial i made another video I made for you is how to get instant Traffic to your videos And the final bonus of quite is a Youtube authority video course So all of these are available by the Link down below

And you’ll get them sent straight to Your inbox you can watch them whenever You want Let’s get back to true pal and this is The sales page there’s a bit of Information on here about what it does But i’ll get into the demo in a second There are some features i like some Unique features one of them was the The ability to uh reply to comments Based on keywords So as an example they gave um so just Say you’ve got a festival like christmas Well right now we’ve got ramadan we’ve Got easter and so on If someone says happy easter or happy Ramadan you can also reply happy ramadan Happy easter and so on I’m not seeing that that filtered Comment option anywhere else That’s a nice little feature And the reason why you want to be Focusing on comments and interactions is That the more interaction of comments You get especially when you launch a Video It will give your your your your video a Little boost And i know for sure that it really helps Um you can set up a link wheel so you Can you can set up certain videos that You want to promote inside your link Wheel And you can put that into other video

Descriptions on your channel And i’ll just give you more authority Give you a bit of a boost It’s also a nice feature we’ve also got A tracking feature where you can track Your video rankings by keyword And also they give you some analysis and Analytics on your videos your channel Your comments your watch time and so on That’s quite nice We’ve got a really useful search engine Which initially doesn’t seem like much But when you actually click on it and You actually see how it works they give You a lot more features than youtube Themselves give you You can search by channels with a lot of Comments and by video story videos a lot Of comment videos with a lot of Uh views and all sorts so yes it’s a Nice a nice search engine And you also manage and set up your Video playlist And so on so let me see Um they give you some examples of Some of their results I think i should get into actually let Me see it’s launching on the What’s happening On sunday the 17th Eastern at 4 p.m uk If you look in the link in the Description so if you look in the Description below

I’ve got a link there for you to buy With my bonuses And i’ve also got some coupon codes for You So the first coupon code is the biggest Discount you’ll get which is fifteen Percent And the second coupon code is for twelve Percent so the first group one is only For the first three hours so from 11am Eastern for the next three hours you’ll Get 15 off And then the second coupon is after it Was is available after that you’ll get 12 percent off So that’s all in the description down Below for you So they give you some some little gifts Of their features I’ll get the demo in a second You can also subscribe to channels so if You subscribe to other channels And see those channel authors notice When they subscribe to yours you can Build up a Build up your your subscriptions that Way Also you can also comment on other Channels as well on the videos And that way people will notice you’ll Notice your comments and they’ll go back And look at your channel Uh let me see let me get straight into The demo

Okay so this is i’m actually connecting My channel to this And i’ll go to some of the options this Is the main dashboard So you need to first connect your Account under social accounts Such as basically a google login page Uses the google auth to add your channel So you’ve got channel manager here you Manager here event you can like it you Can create a like and comment campaign A subscription campaign you can access a Video manager Place manager and upload a video Is like a comment campaign So you can give the campaign a name to Just say um Affiliate marketing campaign or Something you can select channel And then you can do it by keyword or Channel you can auto like You can well you should set up templates Beforehand because i have a template And you can use targeted channel id you Have daily max Activities and maybe Two to four actions per day And you can set expiry date This is the template manager so auto Reply template So ultra appliances if someone says Thank you you could say i have a auto Reply you’re welcome You can delete offensive comments you

Put in any swear words or any Comments that you don’t want you can put The keywords in here it will Auto delete them And you have generic replies or filtered Replies so with a filter reply so Someone says um thank you You can just write You You’re welcome So whenever it sees this this filter Word here or to reply with uh With this message which i thought is a Nice feature because just say you’ve got Festivals coming up like christmas or Something someone just had christmas you Could put my hyper christmas to you too And i’m not seeing this option In any other app like this so that was Nice And you also do multiple reply so you Can reply to Uh comments twice or more And you can just add more messages to Match and so on Let’s go to their search engine So say for example um But in wordpress So you can do it by date rating title Video account view can someone did my View account And you could choose a location choose a Date choose radius channel id And all these different options here

The uh Definition there’s hd or standard License and so on While actually gives you a lot of Information about the video And you click on it you put the tags and The keywords You can download them using your own Videos So yeah that’s a nice Nice feature oops let me get back into It Okay i’m back i’ll close wrong tab okay You can search by Channel and by playlist We’ve always got video tag finders you Can just put a video id and it will find All the tags for you This is your reporting on your activity With your auto reply Campaign this is where you do rank Tracking so you can add your keyword And then it will give you your your Tracking results on the dashboard And this is your link real So what you can do you can put in your You can add your videos whichever ones You want to the link wheel And It will it will auto put them into the Videos and you will be able to Get more traffic onto your videos So that is the overview of the front-end Features

Uh so like i said again if you click on The the link down below and you read the Description i’ve got a discount group on There it’s only value for the first 24 Hours and it’s time limits as well So you get 15 off or 12 off and also you Get my bonuses if you buy for my link It’s all of my youtube videos i Mentioned to the beginning And you’ll get all that automatic Sentence hope you find it useful Do subscribe if you want more reviews And i’ve got some free training coming Up So yeah sign up and i’ll see you next One bye