TubeStorm Review – Automate Your YouTube Channel Growth

By | August 26, 2021

TubeStorm Review – Automate Your YouTube Channel Growth
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TubeStorm is a new product that helps you manage and grown your YouTube channel.

There are several tools in the suite.

The main tools are searching for ranking and viral videos
Getting the tags for the top videos
Auto like, comment and subscribe campaigns
Auto manage your channel comments

There is extensive training available in the members area.

This is a better product than several released in the past 12 months, the dashboard and process is cleaner and more seamless.

There are some upsells and otos:
OTO1: TubeStorm unlimited $37/$27
OTO2: TubeStorm Traffic $147/$67
OTO3: TubeStorm Automation $97/$67
OTO4: TubeStorm Done For You $67/$47

OTO5: TubeStorm Reseller Licence $197/$97

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Get TubeStorm and bonuses here:

Hello everyone this is forehand from fan and in this review video i’m Going to be reviewing a new product Called tube storm A tube storm will help you get unlimited Buyer traffic to your youtube video Reviews and youtube videos It’s got a full suite of automation and Automated tools to help you Increase your channel authority and get More views on your videos If you link below you’ll go straight to Sales page At the end of the video i’ll talk about My bonuses actually just finished Recording A couple of bonuses for you But um in tube store and what you can do Is you can just create a whole load of Buyers for your for your products so you Don’t need a website email list or any Marketing experience It’s very easy to get set up and and Start automating the processes Um A lot of potential with this product I’ve had similar products before that I’ve actually purchased myself I have not been as polished as troop Storm Um they seem to be half half hearted Efforts but this is a really good Product Um this is some of the beta tester

Reviews So their process is very simple you buy The product you select Your videos or your channels and then You activate and you get it working for You For now the launch price is 17.45 but this is only the launch price Um the price will rise eventually but For now it’s 17.45 A long sales page but i’ll just get you Straight into the product This is the main members area the Dashboard Now the way it works is you add your Your youtube channel Now before there used to be a Long-winded way with other products Where you’d have to make a google Developer’s account Then get youtube api key and so on and So forth just to be a long-winded Process and it wasn’t as good This one uses the the google login So you basically log in as you would do Then you’ve got the google account and Once you add it to your when you go to Import channel you log in as you Normally do And this system system will import your Channel into this into this dashboard Now if you go into channel manager You can set up a like and comment Campaign now the way the theory behind

This Is that if you like and comment Um uh Videos on certain channels and stuff You’ll get Um you you’ll be highlighted you’ll be Seen by more people and if people get Curious they’ll click on on you your Icon and your Your icon pro And eventually hopefully go through your Channel and subscribe You can also set up a subscription Campaign or go into other channels and Just subscribe Video manager so you can you can go into Your channel you can Um Bulk change your video ad tags and so on Same with playlists mostly upload a Video from there And one of the exciting features i like Is the this is search tools so it’s Keyword finder So you can enter a Video id and you can get all the Keywords and stuff for that video Also This is the actual keyboard tool so you Can search for let’s say um A random one how to Make Bread Um ordered by

Relevant that’s fine And this is all for locals if you want To locate the longitudinal attitude the Day you can have recent ones radius and So on but let me just Search there’s a lot of a lot of uh Filters here so just to search and see What comes up So like you see you see it’s got a lot The the the popular videos here the Viral video says fifteen thousand views Twenty two thousand So you can go into these videos You can you can look at their tags and Their keywords So you see the top tags on for this Video is probably called cookist All these tags here And then you can also um you can Download the videos the download option You want to download the video but That’s what if it’s a creative commons Video and it’s ideal to repurpose it not Just download and re-upload it And a lot of people do that’s not really The correct way to do things But um yeah you can take inspiration From these videos and you can copy their Tags and put on your own videos and so On You can also search for channels for Playlists and so on And this is this this is some of the Other good things so you can do auto

Reply you can set up campaign to auto Reply and we’ll show you the report here You’re going to do rank tracking So you can check um the ranking of Videos And you’ve got link wheel Link really is where it will go inside It you can assign them some some a Certain number of youtube videos and it Will also link them to each other So that just helps generate more Authority and a big training section That you can go through Now what i’m offering if you buy the Link below you can get my exclusive Bonuses i’ve actually recorded three of Them this morning And the first one is Let me just find my page one second Okay so the first bonus is i show you How to get free traffic to your youtube Videos The second one is uh sorry four bonuses Second one is youtube video seo hacks And the third one is how to get instant Traffic to your videos and the fourth One is how to create youtube channel Properly the right way with all the Right setup So like i said i’ve just recorded all These all of these this morning Especially for this launch Actually show you an example This is a product i promoted a couple of

Weeks ago and i got a lot of number one Rankings Straight away And i made a few commissions So with my bonuses you you can get these Similar sort of rankings if you follow My methods So you have to provide the link below It’ll take you to check out at the Moment i think 17.45 The price may rise any time i might even Have these bonuses up for the next 48 Hours And then i’ll take them away so if you Are interested and you want to learn About youtube and make some money Uh buy from the link below and i’ll see You next video thank you bye