Uppbeat Review : Royalty Free Music for YouTube, Streaming and Podcasts

By | September 23, 2021

Uppbeat Review : Royalty Free Music for YouTube, Streaming and Podcasts
Get Uppbeat here: https://hi.switchy.io/music

Uppbeat is a free and premium resource for high quality royalty free music for YouTube videos, streaming and podcasts.

You can use the audio in monitised videos and commercial applications.

The catalogue is extensive and there are plenty of categories to explore.

You can filter by vocal, energy and duration.

They just added sound effects for premium only members.

Pricing is simple, £6.99 per month.

There is currently a special offer for 3 years £89.99 or Lifetime £169.99.

You can whitelist 1 channel in your account but you can whitelist 2 more by contacting support.

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Get Uppbeat here: https://hi.switchy.io/music

Hello everyone this is rohan from fan Reviews.com and in this video i’m going To be reviewing a music service i’ll be Using for my youtube videos Called upbeat Now they just launched a new sound Effects section for premium members and Also there’s a offer for um 90 off for Three year and also there’s a lifetime Package so you pay once and you unlock Everything so there’s no attribution Required and so on you can whitelist Your channel Um so let me just talk about the deal Quickly Um so you get uh unlimited track Downloads unblock or premium tracks you Get 100 more music on the premium level Because you can also use some of their Stuff for free but you have to attribute Every single track or sound effect that You use You can whiten it to your youtube Channel but there’s a little secret i Found out you can actually whitelist up To three channels Um so the first one you whitelist is Normal which i’ll show you And then the other two you can email Support and they’ll whitelist them for You Um You can support artists and there’s no Ads

So the lifetime plan is 90 saving is 169 Pounds which is 199 That’s a one-time payment or you can get This three-year plan for 89.99 which is about 110 And that’s for three years So i’m currently on the pay monthly but I’m thinking about switching to lifetime Now at first i was a bit unsure because It looks a bit I don’t know how to describe it’s a bit Strange all this these big funny images And i couldn’t find the music i wanted Quickly i just wanted simple Straightforward filtering but once you Start using it you get to see that They’ve got really good range of music And it’s uh I only use back i don’t use any Vocabulary background music I just want something just mellow in the Background nothing to To flash So i’ve got a whole section here for Background vibe Um so it’s something like This this understated music so you can Sort by energy vocals duration sonoma Set vocals to instrumental only You can set duration and you can say Energy let me just leave it as it is and See what’s So on this side here we’ve got relevance We’ve got latest releases and

Undiscovered so people stuff that’s not Being used too often Let’s just play a couple of samples Actually let me write this my channel First because i forgot to whitelist it Um I think in my account Okay here So so you can whitelist a single channel But if you email support they told me That their whitelist um two additional Channels so let me just type in my Channel name Okay see it says found my channel so i Click on this one And it will whitens my channel now Let’s try this one See along the bottom here they show you The The waveform and You can favorite it you can put it to Collections So it’s handy because i’ve got um I’ve got another channel that i’m going To do a case study on which is starting From scratch And just using a stock footage and A mix of free audio from the youtube Audio library and also premium audio And i’m going to be just launching your Channel from scratch if i’m created to A thousand subscribes subs monetized So that will be for another video i Might even do a course in life if it

Works out if i get the time to do it [Music] But anyway so let’s see so if you click On this you get a commercial license but You don’t need that That’s not for us Uh so you download it and So if you didn’t have um If you didn’t have a premium license you Would you wouldn’t be able to download These star Music tracks because they’re all premium But you’d have to copy this uh This text into your description But if if you want to use it on more Than three channels what they tell me is That you can also Um you can download and use your music But you have to put this This text here Below the below the video in the Description for non-wireless channels so You can still use it on as many channels As you want but you have to add the text [Music] Let’s choose energy [Music] I’ve seen this on some drone footage [Music] Let’s find some more categories Go back to music [Music] So you can go to the help center and Read the faq

So um you can use this music um it’s for Creators youtubers streamers podcasters Vloggers and social media maestros And that means you still a creator of This content from organization works Employees you can use the music Um in any you can use a monetizing Sponsored affiliate to pay to access Content such as videos on on patreon Um Can i use my business yes you can Turn off the fewer employees Otherwise i think you need to use a Commercial let’s see on the other Platform called music fine Do i need a license when you create the Account you agree to music usage policy Um Yeah you get a unique upbeat credit into Your account for youtubers So it’s got a special code in there you Can put that into your Um description What else copyright claims so if you get A copyright thing on youtube Which can happen with any music provider And they will detect it and release it So because your channel is whitelisted There will be i believe it’s an Automated process it says Within 15 minutes they’ll be released Okay Um vf premium it will be You’ll be fine

My platform other than youtube Royalty-free music playlist More than one video i believe you have To hit download again yeah calculate Download again and get a new credit Because i think the way the system works Is that that that download code is Assigned to for one use So um it will be assigned to that video And then if it’s used again Then you’ll need to download and Otherwise it just protects them Royalty-free adventure music Best sites yes if you get content id Claim you can contact them by email That’s my problem Um difference between free and premium So free you can download 10 tracks per Month and you get 40 of the catalogue Um and you’ll hear occasional ads With unlimited you get an unlimited Download spray with premium download you Get premium track wireless channels Remove ads is six pound nineteen a month About nine dollars Roughly okay Funky royalty it says they’re working on A system to make it possible to Whitelist more But um for the email that i got from Them they said you can actually Whitelist up to three So that’s actually gonna be a problem Actually let me find the email if i can

Okay i found the email let me just drag It across So Um Yeah the only white one channel time From the account section looked updated The future with up to three channels And you can hit it manually from there In so you can email the urls of two more Channels And they’ll sort that out I can’t remember them anyway So that shows yeah i did contact them About this and they do offer to uh Whitelist two more channels Um okay nothing else here let me show You the sound effects So this they just emailed me i think Two days ago and i haven’t checked out Yet so i’m going to go through and have A look Check out some of these new sound Effects [Music] Epic fail Epic My kind of videos Let’s try that [Music] Don’t know what that means It’s pretty quick to get through their Filters they’ve got a slightly different System to most that i’ve used I’ve got back to sound effects

Um [Music] Okay i wasn’t very good Epic music Royalty-free music Okay Um feel free to skip forward to the end If you Want to skip this but it’s quite Interesting to See music Fight Hostile eliminated If you’re into gaming let’s be really Good Um okay more fine moments tonight I’ll do one or two more Because it’s only for premium i believe So i don’t know if you can sample them If you’re not in premium A few days later This is good for Like [Music] Just couple more A podcast Coming to a youtube channel near you Um Royalty-free acoustic music [Music] [Music] Okay that’s funny Classified Um okay so yeah the way they presented

Was a bit strange And they’ve got creative picks they’ve Got like these I was looking for actual filters and Stuff but you have to click on these To find the music in these categories And Royalty free music for Meditation vlog travel health the best Technology gaming how to talk how to Tutorial I’ve never done this one before Uh vocalsy what happens Can you try one with Vocals um You choose two you can yeah i know you Can’t Vocal elements [Music] I think this catches somebody suited for [Music] That’s not bad Chill Not too bad [Music] [Music] Um The video is pretty long now but i could Play a few of these because my Channel while listening Before you want to sample the music Oh [Music] Hello

[Music] Adobe royalty free music Video game music loyalty free So it says wireless channel And let me just pull up the Download Royalty free christian music Royalty free music for games Horror music royalty free Relaxing music royalty free Royalty free battle music So which one is this one Hey Royalty free videos That’s decent Uh vintage piece chill hop On low-fi low-fashion speed the thing And low five beats I have no idea what lo-fi is she’ll keep Hearing it hearing about it [Music] Free music [Music] So [Music] Okay that’s enough of that Um according to what they’re saying that If you’ve got a premium account even if You use on other channels as long as you Add the The uh the credit at the bottom Shouldn’t be an issue But slightly a bit more generous with The channels five would be good

Because i’ve got about three Main Channels um And two more one i want to make a case Study on So i’ll just write this to case study on One other one And i’ll say what i’ll do if i’ll test This i’ll test system out and i’ll I’ll do a video without a credit and do A video with a credit And also i’ll do a non-wireless channel And i’ll see what happens And i’ll post an updated video in a few Weeks into the description below that You can have a look at Um Yes i hope you enjoyed this uh very long Review but The point of this is for me to show you The variety of music available i’m not a Music person So i just like simple plain stuff in the Background So yes this is it’s a big big selection Here you spend all day listening to this And Trying to pick something [Music] It’s like casey neistat [Music] How do you define it [Music] The video

Voiceover [Music] I’m almost there She’s going through all the different Sections Anybody makes this far congratulations You’re a champion This probably is my longest ever See what’s video This is not a detailed detail review It’s just A usage review Trap I think i’m too old for trap music Beside the junkie Um let me see How to find royalty free Okay this is a beat section okay let’s See background life Easygoing good fives wholesome heights He’s hyping your hair he’s dabbing This was in the dabbing section Well everyone’s going to see latest Releases Out here This is what i need for sweden Heat Royalty-free music tracks Speed hunter [Applause] [Music] I feel the power I’ve noticed most of them being premium I looked at

There’s a few free ones here but mostly Because even the free ones are fine [Music] If you click on the link below you can Check this out for yourself the free Ones you can use You have to give a full credit i think You obviously have to register You have to get full credit for the free One Um let me log out And see Okay i need to register Okay well let me log back in Well that’s my free account look at my Free account Okay I’ll click on this sunny one so what did It say Okay here you guys getting credit ready Okay see where it says license code So before Actually i need to ask them If i use on on channels outside three White listed do i need a license code How would it work that’s interesting I’ll ask them i see download one of ten Music from upbeat free for creators That’s the url to the audio and also This is licensed code Interesting Come on Okay i think that’s enough this video Like 28 minutes almost

Um Been there being there Modern background You made it up to this far You’re a real champion This video is very long and probably Very boring but If you’re interested in signing up to Upbeat looking for some good quality Audio Then this review has got everything in It It’s quite a few free ones in modern Backgrounds 2 32 a.m [Music] I see trending Okay so you see it was popular so Trending and latest releases so i Probably have played some of these i Don’t know done this one sunrise amber [Music] No Metal gear Are you from the artist’s name is cool Um What value Yeah sounds interesting Trendsetter This is a travel video Bye [Music] Lovely stuff [Music]

Your turn i can hear the ocean i bet you Can’t [Music] [Music] 30 minutes [Music] I’m gone [Music] Nope not for me Children’s carnival See they’ve got a massive selection here Got loads Um i’ve got another service called i Think audio hero i think it was i bought It on a lifetime deal Probably a year ago And i think i’ve used one or two tracks Because it was mostly old dead tracks And they weren’t very good I went back to the youtube library but Even that was getting a bit stale same Old tracks and The ones with that attribution were a Bit dead because i always forget to To note down the Attribution text so with this one if you Want this channel then you have to worry That’s what i like about this Um okay i think i’m back in here now About 31 minutes almost I’ll probably cut a little bit get down To 30. Thank you for watching um i’m sorry i’m A bit tired

But it was it’s interesting with Review usage of upbeat I’m very impressed with their selection I was going to come to my subscription Um that’s what the lifetime i thought Looked pretty good how much was it 170 Quid 170 pounds british About two hundred dollars Um for a lifetime so it’s not bad Because i’m right now paying 6.99 a Month i’ve been on for about two months I think let me see I think it’s two months Um Yeah Over september two months Seven pound a month so one over a year That’s what 70s 84 pounds a year And what was that three pound like 90 Pounds Yeah three year plan 90 And lifetime is 170. it’s not bad Background Um nothing else i can show you i don’t Think You’ve been to sound effects I think i should end of here Thank you for watching if you found any Part of this long video any probably Useful Please give me a like give me a comment If you find any of the tracks Interesting If you want me to make another very

Short video and just play a few tracks I’ve got no problem with it You can probably call it yourself Actually Halloween you just play that let me see Elevator music I don’t see why they stopped you playing Them i’m logged out yep let me pick one Anyway you go click on the link below You go straight to the side you can Sample the sound yourself Can you create sound effects Oh there’s premium only blah blah I think you probably can Royalty free jazz music Thanks for watching please click on the Link below if you want to purchase Um is there a free trial let me see if It’s a free trial i think there is Actually they don’t say Okay no it’s 6.99 a month it counts at Any time so there’s no free trial you Can try four months i need some quid And see if they work for you and after You uh cancel and you still keep the the Order that you’ve got on your channel Um and if you get any claim then you Just email them and they’ll check in Their records no problem I’ll leave it there thanks for watching And see