Uppbeat vs TuneReel | Premium Royalty Free Music Comparison

By | December 5, 2021

Uppbeat vs TuneReel | Royalty Free Music Comparison

Watch the full reviews here:
TuneReel Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_nhi-3p7jY
Uppbeat Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3V4QEZ7GdI
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TuneReel: https://swiy.io/tune
Uppbeat: https://hi.switchy.io/music

Uppbeat and TuneReel are two premium royalty free music providers I use for my monetised and non-monetised videos on YouTube.

They both have a massive selection of music and audio.

They are both also reasonably priced compared to other premium music providers.

Uppbeat is £6.99 per month and TuneReel is $69 for one year.

00:01 Introduction
01:03 What is Royalty Free Music
02:20 Uppbeat pricing
02:47 TuneReel pricing
03:25 Uppbeat details
05:47 TuneReel details
08:50 Conclusion
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In this video i’ll be comparing two of My uh royalty free music premium Providers The first one is upbeat i did a review a Couple of weeks ago i’ll put a link to That down below And the second one is tune reel i Reviewed it earlier in the week again I’ll put links down below Now both of these offer a massive Selection of royalty free music and Audio And you can download it and use it on Monetize and non-monetize social media Sites and podcasts and so on They’ve got a slightly different Licensing option and they’re slightly Different in price But essentially you can either pay Monthly with upbeat or annually with Tune reel And you get to use the music on your on Your content But i’m always check with the terms and Make sure that’s suitable for your Content But again i use it for my Monetize and non monetized video Channels youtube channel so i know it’s Fine Okay so firstly what is a royalty free Music and why should you uh Only use this sort of music premium Music

So it’s a licensing that allows the Pressure to pay for music license but in This case we’re paying for memberships And you can use it for as I think both of you can use it forever As long as you you meet the requirements Once you download the audio And um Again you can it’s better than uh What i’ve noticed this but the youtube Audio library offers some free music With no attribution but For me it’s not that brilliant and it’s Not a massive selection it’s a bit Semi-semi so to make your content a bit Unique go for something premium The difference between copyright free And royalty free royalty free means that You can use the music but you’re paying A A fee in the home membership and the Artists get paid that way copyright free Something else And you should never use music illegally Because especially youtube they’ll clamp Down your channel So let’s go through the two providers I’ve got two very long very detailed Reviews in the in the description below I think both of them are 20 25 minutes Plus very long but i went through a lot Of different categories and a lot of Different types of music in both Um

But let me go through Or just tell you some of the differences I would upbeat the pricing is you can Pay monthly i think seven pound which is About Eight dollars fifty nine dollars a month Um or you can pay annually and get a Discount or right now they have a Lifetime deal Which is ninety pounds per hundred Dollars for three years Or 170 pounds or 200 for lifetime and That’s what i’m on now And uh Tune reel charge um i forgot the pricing Um it’s 70 dollars for i know yeah 70 For A standard uh subscription so if you if You’re using on your own content you’ve Got less than 10k subs Or 99. extended license for client work Or for bigger channels Now both of them have got very high Quality music I’m not a big music person so i just Want some simple But decent sounding background audio Um now there are some differences I prefer the uh The upbeat uh User experience I also like the fact that you can use it For even streaming uh you just play in The background if you’re on a stream

And because you’ve got your channel Whitelisted you know you need to license Each track individually And if you watch my review can actually Whitelist up to three channels with Upbeat That’s a plus Um so they’ve got they try and make it Easier for you to just click on one of These tiles on these icons you can just Get to a whole Collection of music So they’ve got brand new trending hot on Premium Let’s see how many little here they have Got a very big library So for example you can just Let me put my volume down but you can Just play on one and it’ll go through The whole uh the whole list If you’re streaming Um you can have unique premium music on Your stream without having to too much Messing around downloading tracks and Making a play and so on but you can also Make a playlist Which is very easy to just click on the Plus And then you can select a playlist so You can have a work Playlist gaming stream playlist and so On So i do really like that feature Let’s go back

And they’ve got festive sound right now Low five beats low five very popular I’m always a bit worried about using the Uh the youtube channels that’s saying Copyright or royalty free music Because they could at any time monitor Or just um make a claim on your video And i’m just just a bit worried about Using that In those sort of channels so if you’ve Got something like this a premium Service where you’ve got a license You’ll never have to worry about having That issue and i mean you can use that You can use them to remove any claims if You ever do get one and so far i’ve not Had any Um let’s just play a quick selection I’ll show you The streaming Sorry the playlist i mean the continuous Playlist Let’s get to the end So once you finish it moves the next Song is very simple very straightforward [Music] That’s a big plus so if you’re sitting There working you can have this on the Background They’ve also added a sound effects which Is which is new There was sound kit sometimes i don’t i Saw this last time maybe i did Okay now let’s go to uh tune reel

Now tuner they’ve got a am i logged in Here they’ve got a uh a tool to help you Find music what’s it called vm Vmsu So with this it tries to help you uh Locate the tracks that you want so let Me choose something In between Fast pace And background music And no vocals So you see on this side but all these Filters there’s quite a few here So it helps you quickly Locate the Tracks that you want to go five pages of Tracks [Music] So with this once you play the track Okay it’s just loading it Okay i don’t know that but it does Actually also carry on But with the tune wheel you can’t Whitelist your channel as far as i know It’s an option to do that you have to Because they want to pay the artist per Track You have to download the audio And then um and then um create it will Create a license for you and then the Artist gets paid So it’s slightly different I will ask them i don’t think there is a Way around that you have to do that each

Track individually So um that’s what i’m doing now any of The youtube audio i’m just downloading Individual tracks and putting them in But with this you need to download a License so it’s good for the artist and Make sure once it gets paid Um music selection wise tuner is fairly New They have got a big section but um this Is growing all the time And i did actually prefer some of the The tracks on tune and over a bit But i didn’t go into extensively i just Went skim through over the top and there Were some really nice ones in tune reel But it’s just upbeat it seems to be a Lot easier to navigate and A lot easier to find a selection of Music All these creator picks and so on But overall both services are superb Um they Get really good high quality audio from Both premium world free audio you know Just stuck with the boring youtube audio Library And they’re always adding to their to The library so um It’s always something new to You to add to your content And they both offer Rights for monetized videos as well As a podcast or social media and so on

So much i mean the best thing you can do Is sign up for a trial I think they both have free their free Account i think they have a free trial Too and we log out Um you’ve got a free trial Okay you get 14 day free trial on the Basic panel pro plan which is fine And with upbeat you get a free account But um you don’t get to use the premium Music i think you can browse all of the Music So if you click on the links below you Can sign up for a free trial of both And just play around see what suits you But um price wise they’re both Upbeat a little bit more expensive let Me see how much the annual plan is Without the current deal I’ve got premium Okay there’s no yeah there’s no annual Option now so it’s just seven pounds a Month so it’s uh 70 84 pounds a year for Upbeat right now but they do have this Lifetime discount which is what i took So you can have three years 489 pounds 89.99 or the lifetime for 170 And 200 is 69 annually so it works out Cheaper Or if you’ve got a bigger channel and Your new client works 99 which is Cheaper than a lot of other providers

Too So that’s good So if you found this useful it was Supposed to be a very short comparison But because i recently reviewed both i Thought it’s worth um sharing both at The same time and And just exploring birth but click on The links below to get free trials and Also check out the full reviews And i’ll see you next video thanks