Windows Remote Desktop Alternative Free

By | September 10, 2021

Windows Remote Desktop Alternative Free
Download for free here;

I have been using this Windows 10 Remote Desktop alternative for over a year and I love it.

Very easy to use and setup, manage multiple remote machines quickly and with easy tabs to manage.

Hello everyone this is farhan from And in this quick video i want to show You a software that i’m using to manage My remote windows vps servers Um so i’ve got uh One two Three four five five windows vps Instances and also Um three local vps servers have my own Lan And i was looking for something to Manage them all in one easy place Because the windows setup was a bit Annoying and it was I found it resource intensive and also Just bit fiddly to get going it’s Annoying But this is a free Software called uh by devolution called Remote Oh sorry that’s when you get it but you Can go to You want to go here for the free edition Now this is enterprise level software But you’re getting it for free because Obviously they want to get people on Board and I don’t think they’ve ever emailed me or They’ve ever tried to upsell me but you Need to register an account with uh Devolution this company it’s a free Account And they never

Remember any emails they’ve sent me to Try and upsell me so that’s that’s a Plus And then you you just download software And then once you log in you either Start a 78-day trial or login to your Free devolution account So it’s better to register beforehand And then you can access this software Let me pull my window across and show You Okay so this is the interface From for remote desktop manager So as you can see i have to blur some of These I think see i’ve got one two three four Five seven eight nine nine servers on There And this is one of my one of my My bigger windows vps server i think It’s six cpu and four gig of ram I use this to run like apps like Scrapebox and some of the backlinking Tools and so on And What i like with this with this software Is that you can quickly switch between Your servers And then you’ve got also you’ve got the Tabs on the top where you quickly switch Between them Um you can export all of your servers And move them to another machine Um and yeah it’s just basically really

Easy and now i’ll show you how to Quickly add a server so you click on the Plus icon It might be off screen actually but you Click on the plus icon in the top left Corner And you add a new session uh rdp Microsoft to okay Drag that across And just enter the name Um Yeah i don’t know when you do that label This And then under host enter the ip address Of the server So for example That’s my Ip address server it feels so cool The port is should be standard let me Cancel actually The port should be standard um i think 80 or 88 i’m not sure it’s just set to Default but it depends what your your Host gives you Rdb type normal the username that you’ve Been given And the password you can save the Password as well save it locally That’s what i normally do And then i recommend you click on Display so they’ll always start with a Very tiny screen And but what i normally do i normally Say to this screen one currently is 198

1920 by 1200 I normally say it’s something like 1600 By 1200 or 1600 by 1024 So i don’t have to Scroll up and down on the screen I’m sorry and um What else do i need to change That’s all fine There are a lot of settings you can Change up front here before you get get Into it but that’s all fine even like That Um i don’t show any printers That’s fine There’s more stuff you can change that’s Fine default connection that’s fine So from here you can just um so i’m Going to enter the the username password Just save password and you can log in Straight away So once you let me show you how it logs In Looks like the ip That’s basic so now i’ve got access to This like someone on the desktop and um I can i think the motorcycle opens about Five or six I’m running different apps so um yeah It’s very it’s very good software and It’s very very regularly updated you get Updates every Two maybe three weeks And i’ve seen some users with 100 Servers in here

So that’s that’s when you know that it’s Really good Really soft when people are running that Many instances at one time So yeah highly recommended i’ve been Using it for about a year now i think And it’s a much better alternative to The uh the windows default remote Desktop and it’s better than anything I’ve had a couple of paid ones they’re Not that good But this is free Really updated and highly recommend it i Hope you found it useful Uh if you did just give me a little Comment below subscribe Give me a like please and thank you see You next time bye