Yive Sites Review Discount Special Offer Unlimited Sites Hosting

By | August 5, 2021

YIVE Sites Review
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YIVE Sites is available for a one time fee for UNLIMITED sites for a very limited time.

YIVE Sites can be used for Google News approved sites, PBNs, affiliate niche blogs, affiliate stores, magazines, blogs, autoblogging sites, RSS feeds, link building for your own or client sites!

With multiple servers, YIVE sites is an amazing tool for mass building content sites and with the arrival of YIVE Ad network soon, the network will be a passive income machine.

YIVE is not one of those cheap, poorly supported products. YIVE is an established network over several years with a support team, active Facebook group and amazing updates.

Thanks for checking out my review.

00:01 Introduction to YiveSites
01:08 Special Offer
02:38 YiveSites Features
05:36 What to do with YiveSites
06:04 YIVE Sites Special Offer
06:30 Me purchasing YIVE Sites
07:06 YiveSites Demo
07:10 Yive Sites Control Panel
11:00 Yive Sites Training
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Get YIVE Sites Unlimited here: https://hi.switchy.io/5J_0
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Hello everyone in this video i’m going To tell you about a special offer from Yive sites That’s very time limited i think it’s Ending on saturday or sunday this week So um it depends when you watch this Video Um i might just put the video in the Facebook group and send it to my list or I might put on youtube i’m not sure But um this Offer is actually pretty incredible for What you get Um now you have sites um allow you to Build automated websites So you can build sites from rss feeds From Video blogs and so on And the The exciting thing now is that they’re Going to be launching an ad network as Well so you’ll make money from your auto Blogging sites and your niche sites and Your micro blogs and whatever you’re Making with your sites And that is truly passive income because You spend a bit of time setting up the Site it also brings in the information And with the new ad network that’s Coming out you can put the ads on this Site you could even go to a google Adsense But they’re making their own ad network So that would be something exciting now

Let me show you quickly the email that I was sent let me pull it up sorry okay This one So um So originally i purchased 25 or 50 Package uh when it first came out in Beta And that was the one time price But it’s going to switch to uh pay Monthly pricing Now um he said here that he was going to Release it for 1997. because don’t Forget this is truly unlimited Um you can build as many sites you Aren’t using this technology Um and because we bought your site Before he’s doing a one-time 90 discount For just 197 Um So that’s why he’s not offering any Refunds or any of the other packages And when the ad network goes live The price will be two nine nine seven Because the ad network is exclusive for The isights You’ll be making passive income ongoing And all you have to spend a bit of time Setting up a couple of sites Let me just close that one okay so you Can watch this video and just look at Some of the features Even from this control panel you can see Um auto blogging you can add your media And you can obviously change the theme

The layout and look at the sites you can Add your integrations so maybe on apis For rss feeds You know major net account amazon api Article 4 news api spin rewriter Youtube’s api and more to come Now you’re on analytics and so on Let’s go over some of the quick features And add code you understand so when they Launch their new one you can use that Use it for affiliate sales client Services Um it’s completely cloud hosted and no Plugins no maintenance for you to worry About Now you know how much i love wordpress i Always bang on about wordpress But one thing you have to keep putting On the update you have to keep it Regularly updated and keep an eye on the Security But with this Um you don’t have to worry about Plugging updates or hanging it all by Itself Um you can run sites completely Automated on autopilot let it bring in The content and do all the work You can scroll building monetization Options uh one click site creation seo Tools Give you some examples of some money That’s been made Okay so you can have data feed stores if

You like affiliate stores you you’ve got A way to send traffic to these stores You can make your own affiliate stores You can make amazon niche blogs which i Do a lot of i love amazon niche blogs so I used to make um Use what was it called woozone to make Uh store sites but they weren’t working As well the best way now to make money On amazon is to have niche blogs So for example if you make a blog about Um Gaming headsets so you have a whole Gaming blog and then just review Products and recommend products and so On You can have video auto blogs and news Auto plugs Social feeder keyword niche and so on And so on I’m using the news api and the video Auto blog At the moment also rss But what you could do with this is that You can if you’ve got your own youtube Channel you’ve got your own Multiple channels you can add those Those feeds to this so instead of using Stuff like zapier and ifttt and having Your own pbns use this to Send out Your video embeds to to the world And you can you can set up a multiple Sites you can multiple a bit in my link

Multiple embedded videos on multiple Sites So that’ll help with your ranking Excuse me Automated interlinking integrations pb Monetization That’s the biggest thing with this Especially with the unlimited is that You can because there were so many Servers i think the last one i saw was 25 i think servers And If using You can you can you will looking on this Anyway but um you can Create multiple Uh pbn sites And they’re all autonomous they’re all Separated and you can just really churn Out Content and create backlinks and video Embeds and so on You can also have your own custom Domains You have your va’s login and do the work For you Drag and drop builders So on So the main thing i’ve seen in the group Is that people use it for news websites Niche vlogs and video sites also pbns There’s a couple of examples that it Looks like proper like a legit wordpress Website

Um let me go a bit further down And don’t forget this page is a special Page only via the link below You won’t get this price on the main Site Okay so For the next few days unlimited website Of any type for 197 And that’s it So it’s just one time fear no monthly Ongoing Um features 1971 time unlimited sites Um let me actually show you inside let Me Actually not handling person let me Actually purchase it Before i forget Um okay let me fill this in and i’ll Take it off pause when i’ve done it Okay sorry it’s putting my personal Details i didn’t want to Everything out there yes i know Sometimes when you promote products It’s happening before if i’m going to Actually purchase the product and then By the time i get around to it The offer is gone and something like This you don’t want to miss it so i just Purchased it um And i should get the email to login Shortly And that is that Okay i’m not receiving email yet but

I’ve actually got a I’ve got another another I’ve got an account already let me just Log into that account quickly off screen It’s okay Okay so this is the actual control panel And this is just a demo side just still Just testing it Okay so you could Go to blogs You can create new blog choose your sub Domain Um and It shows the ip address of that server Okay so i’m creating any posts yet but Well you could if you’re doing an auto Blogging it will bring in the post for You just set the source And as you can see it’s got some seo Scores and so on you have categories Tags meta keywords Featured in sidebar add thumbnails you Can also add multiple authors If you’ve got a store you can add Products So again if it’s auto free like amazon Store clickbank or something It’ll bring in the products but you can Do it manually as well and same sort of Same sort of stuff here I’m saving videos it will bring it Automatically and you’re on manually So you could actually offer this as a Service if you’ve got auto blogging site

Just say about tech news You can offer as a service You can You can allow you can charge people Sorry to um Embed their videos on your ranking Um auto news site auto blogging news Site Also you have custom thumbnails and so On And let me see You can add pages to your sites So if you want to add them Contact us about us and all that you can Have that Categories are auto bugging this is the One you want to see Okay so you the crawlers they’ve got at The moment are data feed api amazon Content generator article 4 news api rss Feeder and video crawler Um okay for video crawling you need to You you need to grab your own youtube Api key that’s very easy to get the Video here And then from there you can start Bringing in Your videos or your Clients videos so on Um news api that’s also a free key to Get And they don’t have a tutorial but i Think just google news api can you’ll Get free key

Article forge the paid for service so You have to pay to get that key Uh mage major i think it’s pronounced It’s an advertising platform but their Ads are a bit dodgy so I have actually made a bit of money with Them I just test them on some sites but i Don’t like their content Um Okay this one you need to get the key Which other ones Okay recapture you get google captures Apis api i’m going to go back to Blogging Okay rss videos you can add an rss feed So if you’ve got a wordpress site for Example It’s one with the url then forward slash Feed so you can have your Your artwork post on this site and Excuse me Or you have any old Um news articles posted on the website And then guess i’m ranking and use that To get money Okay so what else can we see um Auto linking disable linking alternately Post media library Okay settings Okay this is for this this blog okay Settings author info and so on Since there’s not going on here you can See everything themes menu sliders

Widget settings Data crawlers we’ve seen Um if you’ve got vas you can give them Account access You can your custom domain said the Little guide how to do it but You it’s best to use cloud frames and Point it towards this domain and You can add a link to analytics each Domain they show you a rule Um and forms And spoil taking on tutorials it’s got a Whole lot of tutorials here and one of The best things about um with the ive is The extra training you get because They’re not just Happy with giving you the product they Want you to be successful if you go to a Facebook group once you become a Customer you can join the facebook group There’s so much content in there for Free that they give you It’s incredible the whole this series Was very interesting the whole series on How to build up this web network And and integrate everything together Just to make up some powerful ranking Sites Whole niche website series pbn series Google news series So much it had to go through But okay huh okay it’s a bit longer than I was thinking but anyway supposed to be A quick overview quick intro but um

That is the live site This amazing offer is only available for A couple of days And i think you should really grab this One because you can host unlimited Unlimited sites with this And once the ad network launches make Passive income just from the auto Blocking sites Or use google adsense and i should add That some members have used the live Sites to Get their google news sites approved by Google So they actually got active google news Sites in in google news getting extra Traffic And just with this free not free but Just with this live site hosting so it’s A working Uh platform that you can exploit for Your own benefit And i hope you find it useful um Please do let me know in the comments Below and make sure you buy it before The deadline And i’ll see you next one bye