YT Evolution Review Updated Version | Demo | New Version 2022

By | March 21, 2022

YT Evolution Review Updated Version | Demo | New Version
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YT Evolution Updated version has been released and is ready for use.

With the update, the price will increase to $147 one time payment from $97 it is at this current time. The price will increase at midnight 22nd March.

YT Evolution is an amazing plugin that allows you to import YouTube videos and create an autoblogging site that earns Adsense commission, affiliate income or boosts YouTube rankings.

I currently have YT Evolution sites approved in Google News, approved for Adsense and I use it to boost ranking for YouTube videos.

I highly recommend this plugin.

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In this video i’m going to be reviewing The new update to yt evolution I’ve done some reviews on this before And this is one of my favorite wordpress Plugins Because using this i’ve got some sites Google news approved and i’ve got them Assets approved so i’m making money on Autopilot just by installing a setting Or spending a bit of time doing that If you buy a via my link below i’ll give You my full guide on how to get your yt Evo sites google news approved it’ll be A step-by-step process and that bone is Only available via the link below in the Description So the price is actually going up today On the day of this video It’s going from 97 to 147 and even that Is good value for what you get You get a full commercial license that You can resell websites you create That’s more income source And there’s several new features really Nice features that have been uh added to This plugin it’s not independent from The theme so it’s just a plugin by Itself and you can use pretty much Anything you want And there’s several other nice Enhancements one is the the categories Option so you can choose a category that You post your videos to i’ll show you That inside the demo in a second

And you go through this whole page and Go through all of the details There’s several examples that chris Gives you here And let me see He’s got a website here a demo public Demo website called cryptosyn and it Shows you all of it shows you the Possible layouts and possible Options that you’ve got to want to Install the plugin and themes that you Need I’m sorry i mean you can use anything But this is a theme that a demo thing That he supplies Let me show you the some of the new Features This is just a demo Uh website So i’ve got a plugin right here let me Go to straight settings And this is pretty similar to what it Was before i think i can’t see anything Different here But the On import Some you can choose the default category Or you can choose tags And Let me see so auto important is this Pretty much similar to what it was Before this is uh i think this is new With strict description links so ideally You don’t want to be importing uh

The descriptions because that could come Under A copyright issue But the videos because they’re embedded They’re completely fair use because That’s a feature of having public videos On youtube and you can embed them any Way you want and anyone can embed them So um yes i think this is a new feature Uh restricted description links Okay as before you can include um well You should use um easy articles to bring In some actual text content to help your Site rank And then you can use article forge to Create unique content which is amazing That’s a new feature So you can you can choose your settings Here And you can choose 50 words 250 words Whatever But don’t forget this will take a bit of Time because it has to use the api to Contact article forge write the article And then come back if you’re importing a Lot of videos it will take a bit of time To import But that’s a great feature if you really Want your site to rank And then we’ve got the spinner writer Which was there before which is slightly Quicker so if you use easing articles And spinning writers together it will Spin the content and make it a bit more

Unique Um let me see Okay so on this demo site i just made Two categories one ipad on iphone So i’ve added my youtube api key so if i Do a search now and i’ll search for the Channels containing ipad So you see on the right hand side here This this is the new feature You can select the category you want per Channel now before it was a bit of a Laborious process you have to what i did Was i imported a channel into the it’s Category webmaster settings change the Default category to iphone for example Then went back again search for channels Added to category manually and it took a Bit of time but this way it’s a lot Better And it’s a lot easier to get the content In the right category So this for example let me just pick a Channel I don’t want to one or two of these Already Okay ipad gaming let’s say for example So you can auto sync which is a nice Feature the same as before so every time A new video comes out it will add it to Your channel to your site sorry So you can save the channel but hey up Here you select your category So in this case i’m going to choose ipad And i’ll do save youtube channel

Give it a second to save And then you click on find videos And now from this channel i can choose The videos i want to publish So before it was a bit annoying yet to Choose a category and go back and like i Said before but this is much easier now So it’s probably just click publish You do a couple at a time if you want to Put on your Your hosting uh Account And let’s view Signal work I think my hosting stuff is not very Good i want to test server That is giving issues Let me go to posts Okay so these are some of the things i Import it’s just a demo theme and demo Setup So let’s look at uh Okay this ssl error All right let me fix it i’ll come right Okay back Think i fixed it now i’ll give it a Second then i’ll come back to it Okay now it secures it should work okay Now Okay there we go Okay this theme is probably not the best Choice because it’s narrow Um Let me test this one

And it doesn’t have all of them okay i Didn’t choose the best theme for this One let me find another theme quickly I’ll come back to this Okay just change the theme let me just Quickly test the site again Okay you can see already it looks much Better Let’s try this there we go Second okay sorry about that okay so Here we go so I’m doing the same two here because i Probably got featured image Enabled so i would disable featured Image Basically there’s the video post And I think i forgot to restrict the Description So you see it’s paused The description of her with all the Affiliate links So of course you want to go back to Settings and Make sure you disable Basically on settings Uh import Okay i’ve got to click on these So in future before you start make sure You restrict everything first And then save Um let me go back to the post so you see What you could do with this and what I’ve been using for as well is i’ve set

Up some i bought some expired domains They would have high domain authority i Set up some yt evo sites on there i Installed the plugin And i used it to I used it to Embed my youtube channel videos And on my channel obviously i bring in All of the description and everything so It gives me a bit of rankings all on Autopilot and it saves me having to use Something like ifttt or What’s the other one is ap and so on so I can do it’s all on autopilot and it Will go on As long as my my api is active actually Talking about api i forgot to mention That feature Um you should be our api key i might Need to Blur this do i Yes i do Um so what you’re going to do now with With yt evo This is actually a really good new Feature Is that you can add multiple api keys so I’m not sure exactly what the limit is i Think is is it 50 videos a day or 100 Videos a day You can import import a certain amount Of data a certain amount of videos And after that your your api will be Restricted for 24 hours

I believe that’s that’s that’s how it Works but now what you can do you have Multiple so you can set up multiple Projects in google developer console And you can have multiple api keys so You can pretty much add i don’t know What the limit is it doesn’t say does it Um i believe you can add as many as you Need to And yeah just just click on add add Another one another one and you keep Going and it will cycle through them And it will find it will use the working Api so if you if you want to bring in a Lot of videos and really boost your your Site you can go that way But i’ve been going the i’m just using One api that’s fine for me i’ll be Bringing in a lot of videos that way but Some people i know in the facebook have Mentioned That they were having api issues so That’s that’s uh that will solve that Issue And yes i hope you find it useful now i Highly recommend you purchase this Plugin it’s one of my essential plugins That i use And like i said i’ve used it to uh to To embed my own videos on on high domain Authorities urls I’ve actually made money with adsense You can also add affiliate links because Part of the plugin is adding

You can add some affiliate links Straight into your content And also you can make a google news Approved sites by using videos And a lot of people in the group are Doing that as well And like i said one of my bonuses is Complete google news training So i’m breaking out step by step how to Set up the plugin and how to go through The whole google news process to get Site approved So yeah i hope you found the video Useful the link down below to purchase This and also get my bonuses and i’ll See you next one