YT Marketer Review | 2 Month User Review | How to Monetize YouTube Channels & Rank | $500 Discount

By | January 3, 2022

YT Marketer Review | How to Monetize YouTube Channels & Rank | $500 Discount
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Launching 4th January 2022 9am EST / 2pm GMT
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YT Marketer is a very comprehensive training all about Creating YouTube channels and getting those channels monetised in the YouTube Partner Program.

The training covers all of the basics, profitable niches with high CPM, organic process, outsourced process, managing multiple channels, how to meet the requirements in days or weeks and much more.

The second part of the training covers how to rank your videos in YouTube to get additional income from affiliate commissions.

If you buy via the links above or on my review page, you will receive some amazing custom bonuses that are not available anywhere else.

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YouTube monetization can be done by submitting your video for syndication and licensing. However, if you are not sure of how to proceed, here are some tips to make your video more appealing. You should make sure to pay close attention to the rights of your content. The right to manage your videos should be yours, so be sure to pay attention to those rights. You should also have at least 1,000 subscribers. Even if you have a small audience, 1,000 subscribers is not enough to earn a decent income on YouTube. Experts recommend a target number of 20,000.

If you have a substantial audience, you can sell your own products on YouTube. You can create eBooks or digital courses that will be popular with your viewers. You can also sell products on Shopify or Poshmark. If you have a business, you can use your channel to drive customers to your products. It is best to start small if you want to build your channel’s audience. You can also earn money through the advertisements on YouTube if you have a large audience.

In addition to ads, you can also offer to host live shows or hold seminars. If you have a large audience, you can host live shows to earn money. This is a great way to earn money through YouTube. You can earn a couple of hundred dollars from each event, depending on the number of people who attend the event. If you have a wide audience, you can even earn a lot of money through this method.
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In this yt marketing review i’ll go Through the features of this training The benefits And actually show you my own progress Through this training so i actually Purchased this training during the early Release phase And i’ve had some pretty good results If you click on the link below you’ll go To my yt marketer review page on my site And if you scroll all the way down to The bottom you’ll see my bonuses there’s Special bonuses i’ve created just for People buying my link so you won’t get These anywhere else So the first one i’ll send you a Thousand views to either one or two of Your youtube videos only for the first Five respondents Um so that could help you Launching with Some free watch time and some free views The second bonus is my own guide on how To get traffic to youtube videos The third bonus is how to get instant Traffic to your videos The fourth bonus is how to Set up your channel and video with some Seo basics The fifth bonus is a youtube authority Video course And the final bonus is a youtube channel Seo video course And what is yt marketed writing

Marketing is an amazingly well made Training Which goes through all of the steps from Picking a niche um Creating your channel sitting on your Channel properly so you get uh So it looks Good for youtube And how to create the video so you can Either make them in-house and do it Organically Or they also train how to outsource it How to get A third party to create the content and You can just uh set it all up Now i’ve been in the organic crew and I’ve had so far three channels fully Monetized I’ve got some of my screenshots here Where one of them is has got a cpm so It’s cost per thousand views At 150 which is very high So in the training it uh chris tells you Which niches pay the most um commissions And get the most cpm And this is one of those niches and as You can see here Um it’s 150 one of our other channels Let me pull up a quick um A quick image Just drag it across give me a second Okay that’s this one oops wrong let me Open in photos Sorry i should prepare this

Open with Photos okay Um another one is Getting 126 dollars That was a december that just became Monetized in december so just a couple Of weeks ago Another one’s on 133 And yeah this is just proof that it was Monetized by this training And also as bonus of this training you Also learn how to rank videos so this Was a product paying about 500 Commissions And you see all the ranking number ones There It’s for review for discount for Tutorial and so on so in this training You also learn how to rank your videos So you can make income from the from the Youtube partner program but also via Affiliate uh commissions so if you read My review i um talk about does it work Yes it does I had one channel monetize in two weeks Another two in a month But now if i was actually if i worked my Full time i could have got all of them Done within days because in the actual Group itself The uh the upgrade the auto upgrade is The yft market uh facebook group Just show you a quick preview These i’m going to show you the

Discussion but these are some of the Results all of these are p are the other Subscriber members who have had their Channels monetized and so on Someone should use too much But they’re all given their results and Some of them got channels um up and Going and fully monetized within a Couple of days so I know from experience and people within The group the process works it’s not Just another fake training It completely works i know myself i’ve Got three channels i’ve got two more Channels i’m working on For Probably for the end of the month And those i’m going to outsource the Videos i’m going to take the training go Through it all and also Yeah just outsource those and i have too Much of a workload working on five Channels but it’s perfectly feasible to Work on those channels You can make one or two videos a week Anyway that’s for the training Now the pricing the pricing right now of The launch of this video And the launch week is 997 But in a week it’s going to go up to 1497. even that is undervaluing the Course Because if you can make have a couple of Channels um fully monetized

Uh you can make this money back within a Month but if you get affiliate Commissions and you get your youtube Money You can make money back in a month nice There is one upsell and that is for the Private facebook group where chris goes Through More testing more tactics and he Actually released one recently Um i won’t go to detail but anyway he Went through a lot of stuff And that is 47 per month think of that As an ongoing investment because You’re paying for [Music] Um the advice and the techniques and Stuff from other members as well but Also chris is going through all of the Detail stuff that he’s been trying that Really works Um let me see I’ve been trying let me show you the Actual sales page now This is the sales page it’s not open yet It’s gonna Open um at the launch of this video with 4th of january These are some more Some more proofs here So a brand new channel montage 14 days 17 days 16 days 9 days This is the early ones These are some more proofs from the

Group i’ve got to mention there’s two Full case study videos so end to end Creation from the inception to the Video uploading and the whole process Um chris shows you how you made two Completely different channels in two Completely different niches i’ve got Both monetizing in just 30 days So these are some more results in the Group I didn’t get my one in in time i thought I would have been there too Um okay cpm so cpm is cost per million Says cost per thousand and what Advertisers are paying for every Thousand views So as you can see Um See up to 155 cpm on this channel If you remember my screenshot from Earlier My own channel after launch I had a cpm of 150 southwest 20 is very High Cpm and in the training chris tells you You won’t need his target The second part of the training as i Mentioned is how to boost your video Rankings So to make sure that your videos get to The top of the search result As you saw useful for my results my Screenshot that works as well

So yeah also just case study inside the Training for that So here up here chris i got from Position 32 to number one in 20 minutes Okay this is more about chris He’s one of the few marketers i would uh I have full faith in because i know from Purchasing most of his courses that they All work And he puts a lot of time and left into Them make sure he presents it well then He gives all the information he can And with the uh sign up of the Facebook membership he gave me more Information they don’t share in other Groups So that’s good to have Um he goes through his product portfolio We know they’re all good quality Inside the course Um his Faqs okay I think i’m mistaken it’s not 47 dollars A month 37 a month for the uh for the Group I’ll show you on my review page i forgot To mention that um also one of one of The features of the group is that you Get into the you get into monthly Competitions If you hit a certain milestone And you you submit your proof Into the thread that you create inside The group then you can enter it into a

Competition i actually won the first Competition And chris kindly sent me a uh 50 pounds about 65 Amazon gift card So that was really nice And the second competition winner i Forgot what they won Anyway there’s a monthly uh competition Where if you hit your set of milestones You end to give your proof and yeah you Get you get a nice gift So that’s what’s an incentive so to get You active to get you working hard and Pushing you to Not just sit on the course once you Actually work And that’s good it’s a really good Facebook group they give a lot of Information there Okay um And one thing i should mention is that Once you once you sign for the course I recommend you go through all the Training step by step I just see here without spending money On anything else Now as with anything you can’t just sit On training you have to actually invest In yourself This is a business it’s not just a Youtube entertainment channel it’s a Business it’s going to make you money It’s not just there for fun

And if you want to make money you have To spend money Now what uh chris said is that you can Spend as little as five dollars or as Much as 50 Depending on how far you want your Trying to grow Now um i would aim to budget for between 40 and 60 dollars To get going And all is covered in the training but I’m uh Yeah you will need to spend a little bit Of money if you want to Get fast results if you want to go Slowly take several months that’s fine You follow the train and go slowly no Problem But you always want to want to recoup Your investment quickly Let me go through the training section Now i’m not going to click on the actual Individual topic so it’ll give way too Much i’ll just give you an overview Now chris just added this during the First quarter of 2022 He’ll be adding a new section to the Course covering affiliate marketing with Youtube So like i said this is not just a one a Training course it’s an ongoing course And it’ll be updated now and you’ll have It for a lifetime That’s that’s great news

Okay so this is the main monetization Training Now what he highly emphasizes is every Video has got information that is Required to uh To succeed actually get your channel Going So um what he does is he breaks all that Into easy to follow videos it’s all Completely over the shoulder training Some you see all the main topics here so Youtube channel setup customer on your Channel creating the videos outsourcing Videos Uploading videos how to get watch time Subscribers Creating a second channel update Getting approved and this is a part of The case study So you show you have three week results Then you go through the analytics and ad Types and then recommending niches And the second part of the training is The ranking So you go through understanding how Youtube works optimization how to boost Your rankings adding ctr and all of These topics here and another case study Guide research and what next The string is very comprehensive and if You follow it as best you can you will Succeed Um i’m not the best youtuber out there But you see from my own results i’ve got

Three fully monetized youtube channels Making me passive income so even if i Don’t upload for a while And those videos are still relevant Let’s do everything videos i’m still Making money from the videos So yes i hope you found this review Useful Don’t forget if you want my bonuses you Can only get them by buying on this page And clicking on one of these links That link or on the text links here only Got one button for some reason But yeah so if you find it useful please Let me know let me know below give me a Thumbs up subscribe But more importantly sign up for this Training because you will get a lot of Benefit out of it and you can also have Your own Uh fully monetized youtube channels That you can just uh run on autopilot Outsource videos or Invest your time work on it yourself Thanks for watching i’ll see you next One bye