WriterZen Review | Semrush Alternative | Clean Interface

By | March 8, 2022

WriterZen Review
WriterZen is available here: https://appsumo.8odi.net/15OBBx

WriterZen is a great tool to do keyword research and create content.

My main uses are keyword research and topic research including finding keyword clusters.

WriterZen also has as content creator and AI writing tool plus it makes use of Google Natural Language Processing.

WriterZen is currently available for a limited time as a one off payment for a lifetime deal.

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In this video i’m going to be reviewing Writer zen Writer zen is an all-around seo tool and It’s back on appsumo on a lifetime deal Which is Priced very reasonably I purchased this about a year ago which I believe was their first lifetime deal And since then it’s come a long way it’s A lot faster it’s a bit cleaner the Interface And they’ve added a lot of a lot of new Features Let me scroll through the deal page if You click on the link below in the Description There’s a link to the deal it’s an Affiliate link so thank you So what i like is that you can It’s about the content generation i Don’t use it for the ai writing tool Which i did because i’ve already got Jasper for that which i think is still The best Um but they’ve got a writing tool They’ve got content generation they’ve Got Topic clustering they’ve got um Keyword research So it’s actually a really nice All-around tool Um they pull data from the keyword Database and alternative to send martial Uber suggested ahrefs

Let me see so I’ll show you inside the control panel In a second let me just go through the Deal so yeah this is the last page on The check i’ve never used that on there Um so it’s lifetime access to the To the app to the tool So you get um uh If you if you buy tier one you get all Future features upgrades for the basic Plan if you get two codes sending plan Three code advance plan Um you must redeem your code in 60 days You can stack up to four codes And it’s only for new writers and users Who don’t have an account already Because apparently they upgraded their Whole system so they can’t really Upgrade the old deals to new words So it creates a bit of an issue And as always without seeing where you Get a 60 day money back guarantee so if You’re not happy with it you can just Refund it’s not an issue Okay features and all plans so you get Serp overview and ahref analysis Uh insight segmentation export function Golden keyword filtering i think this is A new feature now Golden keyword is is really known as Keyword golden ratio Uh one of my former which i say mentor i Don’t know i bought a couple of courses From this guy called doug huntington

And he was the first person i heard of Mentioning keyword golden ratio he Worked out a formula of using the number Of searches And the all-in title results and he made A spreadsheet And as part of his course he gave all The details how to do it And since then a lot of people have Jumped on this they made courses and so On But i’m i’m pretty sure he was the first One that came up with this phrase Keyword golden ratio it’s actually a Really useful working ranking feature You can just search for the results in Any way So they’ve got that feature built in now I did do a test on this and it does use Some credits because it searches all of The i’m not sure if you by individual Line by line keyword But you can use a lot of credits um i Don’t know what this is sales by keyword Simulation Shareable links and so on so these are The plans so i think i’m on the what was The single plan then So my plan is slightly different i’m on The older one but with this this is Enough to get anyone started if you’re Doing just simple research you’re not Doing agency work or a lot of you know Hundreds of sites

So you get 50 keyword lookups per day 50 content briefs per month we’ll go Into these into detail later on 50 topic lookups per day 25 000 Words Uh checks per day 25 000 keyword credit per month so you Have to check this summer per day Somewhere per month Uh 5 000 air writing words per month Which is not enough really that’s why i Don’t use this as an ai writing tool I’ve got jasper or javascript we’re Going to call it i’ve got multiple other Tools anyway Uh 3000 keywords per import and 3 000 Word limit per check and 20 keywords Okay that’s fine Now what i always recommend with Absolute deals is you always go through The The reviews don’t always look at the Reviewers because not all of them are Honest in my opinion But always go through the reviews look At the replies but always go through the Questions that’s where you get the real Feel of the product Let’s see how they’re replying to Questions and see what See what people are saying about the Product So yeah read through this bit it talks

About um Why you need writers there and what’s New and so on so like i said there are There’s been many new updates Um there’s they added a google natural Language processing optimization That i think is an add-on for all plans I’m not sure if it comes to any of these These plans Um and so here’s a lot of A lot of information here Okay let me finish this let me go to Question have a quick quick read through Where are They okay questions so Let me see I guess i’m trying to save a bit of Money about buying uh Credits from google direct integrated Okay Um Now what i like they do have very web i Think every every week or every other Week their webinars and stuff so it’s You can’t join those and get a feel of The product I think the products here today it’s not One of these fly-by-night products they Seem dedicated to it and they’re working Hard to improve it all the time Let me see anything interesting Keyboard Keyword research tool And word checks well okay please yes

There’s two things there so the twenty Five thousand words checked Is plagiarism checker and twenty one Thousand credits is for keyword research That’s important clarification Sometimes these deals are always clear Okay Okay that’s enough for that let me go to The actual Thing itself so this is the this is my Control panel So um This version 2.1 1.6 Okay so you’ve got topic discovery And that’s what i use sometimes content Creator i don’t really use keyword Explorer i use and plagiarism checker i Don’t use So they give you a recommended workflow So you set your level of beginner Intermediate or advanced And you go through the tutorials And or you go through their case studies So it’s quite interesting quite useful I just started a keyword uh Research task So just say for my uh my My website fruit juice machines Um i enable the keyword calibration all Of the features Okay so So you get the server overview we’ll Show you the rank backlinks and what are The referring domains

Domain rating Um so see organic traffic and organic Keywords okay So You see it’s quite competitive But this is just for the term fruit Juice Okay so then on the left hand side you See a lot of tabs so you’ve got search Volume Average 12 months highest lowest uh can I get rid of this i can’t Cpc so that’s interesting to see if the Words that you’re trying to rank for are People are bidding on so you know They’re good keywords to go for Uh keyword ideas this is useful so you Can click on it now you can’t think Further down There’s keyword ideas phrase match ideas Having same terms also search for These are all things that you could put Into an article or you could put several Articles and try and rank for those Topics search volume so 1.56 million And this is keyword data and they’ve got Another type of insights among clusters Okay so This is the what’s the golden score Okay not showing me exactly okay so Fruit juice it’s got an average trend High volume high cpc Two word count all entitled 1.35 million But fruit juicers only got all entitled

289 Golden score i don’t know how they rank This I’m not sure how they rank this golden Score That’s 2.113 100 that’s I think the lower the spore the better Maybe This is a low compression fruit juice Recipe there’s low Ppc competition Um three word count cpc Volume 880 Then you got fruit juice and machine My website got fruit juice machines okay This is high cbc and bonus for Don’t 100. what the Ranking is for golden sport anyway So that’s i’ve got five pages of this i Can download all of these let me see I can export Export all Uh Fruit juice And Extra labels excellent Let’s see the uh export Just loading on the other screen Come on excel Uh yeah continue Come on come on come on okay So this is the Export so how many keywords were there Total so it gives me the full

List i believe Yeah this is useful because you don’t Always get the foot you only get the First one with ahrefs you’ve got the First 1000 on the basic plan So i’ve got 4 453 so i can manipulate This data and put it into a table and Just Sort it how i wish i can I do my own keyword coloration cube Keyword polymer ratio calculations Whatever i need to do Let me get rid of this Okay let’s look at insights Oh sorry let me go back here so totally Is 452 Phrase match Total search is 60 000 does it put up it Doesn’t okay having same terms Great fruit juice passion fruit juice i Can go into more Um niche specific To get more data So for example best fruit juice best Fruit juice is And Mango passion fruit juice These are all informational that i can Use to get traffic to the site and i can Recommend a Use machine or someone Also search for so orange juice Cranberry juice pruning juice it’s not The best topic but

I’m just basing on my public site Okay that’s mine okay now let’s go to Insights Okay so questions Uh prepositions comparisons alphabet and Numerical So can fruit juice in a can Fruit juice can be concentrated in a Okay so it is bad for you These were good questions so you can Take multiple questions i put them into One blog one blog post And mix it up can we export all of these Let’s see Keyword data Juice And let’s see how it exports What it looks like I’m not trying to export them before Okay just loading up okay so Okay yeah so just That’s all the can questions Is okay this is useful this is actually Useful I don’t know of another tool that does It like this ah gives you loads of data But It’s always easy to get into it but this Is good So i’m keep all this and you use a Couple and make a blog post So i like that feature Uh prepositions So fruit juice without adding sugar

Uh fruit juice hairs and so on Comparison so it gives you a lot of data For um for one search There’s much to love at hrs and some Other tools this this tool has a lot of Potential to give a lot of Data for content creators and Writers okay clusters let me see So keyword classes are cranberry juice Oranges Best orange juice Fruit juice okay this is interesting to Me So fruit juicer food juice and machine Okay we’ve got that data Okay there’s a lot of pages here let me Export this as well I don’t know if we’re limited By the amount of exports we can do Don’t specify Okay is that all of the okay we’ve Covered all of that now let’s go back to Try another feature so let’s go back to The dashboard Let’s go to topic discovery And let me just put fruit juice again If i use fruit juice United states english Okay took about a minute to get the data In the topic discovery you can see all Of the uh similar topics to your keyword So the main main topic is fruit juice So i’ve got a topic all about fruit Juice workout

Which is an interesting topic that i can Add to my blog Um food use lowers so blood pressure Diabetes whatever So fruit juice and body so what it does For your body And Food just detox Um food use cocktail pure fruit juice Fruit juice iron so you can make topics About the Nutritional benefits of fruit juice Produce acidity Fruit juice versus There’s so many topics here that you can Make blog posts about Let me click on these let’s see Um which one Just refugees work out so let’s see So Nine first two ninth is employee before Work out that’s not exactly related Just found me this page i can use to get Inspiration And google insight dual suggestion sites So fruit juice first whatever Related searches Okay that’s going okay So it’s very useful to especially if You’re if you’re always struggling for Content ideas This is one of the best Tools that i’ve got that i’ve used To give me content ideas i like the

Layout it makes it really easy to see It it separates ahrefs gives a lot of Data up front it’s not always easy to Know what’s going on And and also ahrefs is really expensive Even for the base plan which 120 Including tax You don’t get as much information Because they do they have limited Account a lot since well since what two Years ago when it was a bit more the Limits were a bit higher Now they’re pushing you towards the Middle plan That’s what really annoyed me with those Hrefs Um so yeah so just using this topic Discovery you can get a lot of Information and a lot of content ideas That’s very useful let me go back to the Dashboard next one is on this one Content creator i’ll be honest i haven’t Really used this one Let’s start a new project so my limit is Zero of seventy that per day Okay i don’t know what happened there my Camtasia recording software has crashed Uh so i was talking about the content Booth so so now the plan is 50 content Briefs per month So it’s not too bad so let me go back to It so Let’s call it Food juice

Uh us english and Okay i’m not using this pool so let’s Say fruit Fruit juice Writer’s name Because you don’t know anybody please Recreate it okay let’s see how much it Costs So one time credits for Global nlp 60 nlp credits is 19. Credits 49 600 credits 4.9 And keyword credits 20 000 extra keywords and 19 dollars not Too bad Ai system so it’s 99 a month And So it’s It’s unlimited was unemployed it’s Actually technically overall cheaper Than my preferred application Or jasper I’m not sure what the templates are like And train with 175 billion parameters to Give more information So it’s interesting interesting option i Will try in the future maybe i’ll do a Comparison javascript Writer’s end So yeah so these plans are 27 a month For the basic you’re getting for 59. one time back to my content Okay it’s right here yep

Priority load didn’t i So okay so i need to have the Okay i’m a bit confused about how to use This the deadline this one What exactly oh i’m going to proceed Keywording fruit juice okay So let’s see what happens I’ll pause it and i’ll come back when it Finishes Okay just come back So 20 content on the first page Um So try to have some contacts first by Your google article of google articles And it gives you just give you the Examples updated the data today To give you the word count Okay so this is gonna be a long process For me to write to something So you can you can make an outline here And give you insights Ideas Interesting You expect my keywords to include So Let’s see Two years in heading And let me see fresh fruit All right let me see what comes out Physical activity Okay Opportunities keywords You actually chosen a better Seat keyword

Okay i’m not going to sit here and write All of this but um Interesting This is my first look at this as you can See it’s just the paragraph introduction Okay this is gonna be a lot of input for Me so i’m not gonna go through all of This but it’s a feature to help you Write the content Uh pleasure isn’t checker i don’t have Any content to check So i’ve got forty thousand limits I’m not gonna go through You know how that works she’s putting a Text message for plagiarism I think there was a cheaper tool i Forgot why it’s called Um What’s it called If you google play dream checker there’s A cheap one that we pay a couple of Cents per credit So that that works out very cheap But overall Writer zen is a Very It’s unique in a way because it makes Everything easy to find It’s easy to do um topic discovery which Is really useful And keyword research and all the stats They present it really well And i think the base plan the actually The 69 dollar pad is enough for most

People probably But if you find that you want to do a Lot of writing i think you can stack it After you buy it I’m not sure Um They don’t specify anywhere Because normally they put it in the in The blurb here But maybe just if you want to buy you Can stack it Up front and then cancel one plan later Because you cancel individual plans if You want later on for maximum and get a Refund within 60 days So in this plan you get the 50 kilo cost Per day which is plenty Um 50 content briefs per month which Should be more than enough 50 topical Per day which is plenty And all these features here and this for One time price you saw it was 27 you Want to pay monthly for this for this Plan here So you see the bargain you’re getting so Overall i highly highly recommend this Product if you have eighth reps and so On you probably don’t need this one But if you don’t and you’re looking for A good seo keyboard tool with some other Options such as keyword golden ratio and Golden keyword as they call it This is a very good good product highly Recommend it if you click on the link

Below Um you’ll be able to get this deal i’m Not sure how long it’s around for i Think you won’t be there for long Because It’s been there for a couple of weeks Already So you highly recommend it and thanks For watching i’ll see you next one