Vidmingo Review | Wistia and Vimeo Alternative | Video Hosting

By | March 13, 2022

Vidmingo Review | Wistia and Vimeo Alternative | Video Hosting
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Vidmingo is al all in one Video Hosting platform.

Vidmingo offers fast, secure hosting and streaming for a variety of video types including MP4, AVI, MKV and more.

For a one time payment, you can get video hosting for life!

Vidmingo is great for:
– Video Course hosting
– Training videos
– Sales videos
– Video Ads
– Affiliate Marketing videos
and much more.

You can place videos ads on your videos and use CTA buttons and text.

Plus you can integrate multiple major mailing platforms including Getresponse, Aweber and more.

If you are looking for an alternative, check out my Muse AI video hosting review:

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While you can upload your videos directly to your website, they are much larger than what is ideal for web hosting. This can eat up bandwidth and storage space on your server, and can also cause problems for viewers. In addition, if your videos are not viewable on all types of devices, they could get damaged and not be seen properly. To avoid these problems, consider using a video hosting service. This will ensure that your videos are accessible to as many people as possible.

Professional video platforms offer technical support and are compatible with existing CMS platforms. They use multiple servers to store your videos locally, ensuring that your videos are available to millions of users without sacrificing quality. They also have an experienced team to answer your questions. A good video hosting solution should integrate with your email platform. It should also automatically generate a GIF thumbnail and provide a link to your video. It should also provide metrics for your videos, including the number of views per minute.

The most reliable video hosting platforms provide customer support and technical assistance. They are also compatible with existing CMS platforms and are easy to use. Moreover, videos are stored on multiple servers and directories, which is known as a Content Delivery Network. This ensures that your videos are available to as many viewers as possible without reducing their quality. These features help you manage your content and increase your revenue. If you’re looking to make money online, you’ll want to consider video hosting.
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In this video i’m going to be reviewing A new video hosting platform called Vidmingo With vidmingo you can replace your Existing vimeo or wistia accounts Even your free youtube account because This is professional level highly secure And very fast video hosting services for All your video needs That includes training videos product Demos Um training courses even affiliate Videos sales videos whatever you want You can host it on vid mingo and be sure That will be served On i think they said they’ve got 60 pop 60 servers around the world So it will be delivered at the highest Rate to your viewers At all times So this is the sales page for vidmingo There’s a lot of data on here that go Through all the main features so you can Obviously upload your videos or you can Import them you can do live streaming Or you can do pre-recorded streaming you Can all also start video chapters This is their Data about 60 pops around the world And you can block content And you can import your videos from Google drive dropbox onedrive and And you’ve got unlimited bandwidth if You can initially have 50 gig storage

With plenty You can add up to 60 on the videos embed Your videos whatever you want so this is Important especially if you’ve got like WordPress title any html sites And you want to import you want to embed Videos but you don’t want all the Youtube branding and all the youtube Related videos So this is your one-time payment secure Video hosting platform And i forgot to mention if you buy it Today as the video is going out you get 20 off using the coupon code at the top Here mingo 20. So it’s only value for the first 24 Hours i believe And also you get full visibility and Privacy control and you get password Protection I have an account i’ll show you the Dashboard in a second let me show you a Couple of other details here There’s a lot to read here so yeah i Recommend you click the link below and Go through all But here’s a very impressive video Hosting service i’ve tested it very fast So they go through more about Their offering And it’s faster than some major cdns Which is very good and all this for One-time payment which is incredible you Can’t upgrade your account at any time

If you need more storage space or Whatever you need Okay yeah upload your video record it Customize and publish straight away And let me go through the package just Down the bottom somewhere More of the features More highlights Let me just get straight to the pricings Right at the bottom i think You get a 30-day money-back guarantee Okay so the two lights are personal and Commercial Forget the personal license it’s not Worth it go straight for the commercial You get a 50 gig storage allowance And all of the features you can Create commercial videos monetizable Videos and so on you can add video ads To your videos if you want And there’s so much in here so that is Available today for sixty seven dollars But if you’re getting it quick enough And use this coupon you get twenty Dollars off so you get forty seven Dollars These are the creators and there’s a lot Of information anyway let me get into Their dashboard right now This is my personal dashboard here I’ve uploaded two videos to test service But i’ll go through some of the features Here so along the top here you’ve got Your wallet balance so just in case you

Want to Transfer your videos into other sizes Or you want to add more storage space You put someone in your wallet This is your bandwidth meter along the Top here 10 terabytes which is amazingly Massive you don’t i don’t even have hit That much This is the uh storage size so you can See i’ve got i’ve used 0.04 percent You can upgrade it anytime You get access to your tutorials and so On so the left hand side here you’ve got The main dashboard link You’ve got videos you can upload videos View view all your videos Look at your collections so for example If you want to create some training Videos for your course you can create a Folder in your collections and put all Your training in there so it helps to Organize Your files and videos You can import videos from 35 platforms Such as google drive You can configure the player and you can Direct use direct url So let’s look at configure player So who can watch videos so you can do Anyone you can to only me or people with A password Who can comment only me or anyone And uh where can this be embedded any

Where can it be embedded any domain no Domain or specific to me you can also do This on a per video basis to make it Easier if you’ve got a lot of different Videos to upload You can configure the appearance so you Can choose your branding your color Scheme your play buttons Like this looks like a little bit of Youtube it looks very good You can choose to show or not show logos You’ve got player control so some people Like to carry just a minimum you only Have a play button And and that’s it no on the button You can have a play bar volume option Sharing embed so if you’re doing Training videos and so on i’d probably Turn that one Off you can let me choose that play Speed which i find very important Full screen picture in picture theater Mode Playback resume video resolution rewind And vr 360. And the final tab here is pixel Integration So you can integrate a facebook pixel or A google Pixel Okay let’s click on up upload videos This is what i did earlier So you can upload a video um up to five Gigabytes that’s a maximum file size

You can Queue them so you can have 10 at one Time You can choose multiple formats and you Can upgrade your storage So the formats are avi mp4 mkv webm mpeg And mov So these are the videos i’ve uploaded This was just one of my previous youtube Videos so you can see You’ve got some buttons on the bottom You can manage it you can delete it copy Links Let’s click on the video So from here you can edit the title You can change the appearance are saying Per video basis To change the appearance color scheme if You want Exchange invisibility so i can change it To anyone Only me people the private link or People with a password Comments so i probably turn this off And we’re going to be embedded so any Domain a specific domain say from a Course website it can only be embedded On that on that course domain so this Bit of security Okay So you can add your own thumbnails You can edit your player controls as i Showed earlier You can have call to action button so

For example You can add a Sign up now or buy now or more Information button if you want You can have text or an image or button Sorry You can collect email leads so you can Integrate autoresponders I’ll go through the list in a second but All the major ones are included You can have overlay ads So watch time more information or ads or Text So after a user watches a video you can Choose them to go to a link or whatever And more video settings so context menus And icons and so on Let me show you the integrations quickly Um where is it Let me just find them I was looking at it earlier Okay i found it it’s on the leads so you Go to lead to click on integrations And from here you can integrate Mailchimp aweber get response Active campaign send grid Convertkit and send lane So it’s pretty much pretty simple you Just click on integrate and you follow The process normally it’s the api key You use integrate Also you can uh send videos and emails And so on There’s another function in a call

Stream where you can actually stream Directly to your to your channels And then from here you can manage the Stream You can go live and record straight from This application So you can choose to Stream or record your if you’ve got Multiple displays like i have you choose A display you can choose window and so On so it’s very It’s very good tool Okay it’s not showing that’s fine yeah So you can you choose your screen and Your webcam with your screen only that’s All in one package Um text to speak and do voiceovers I’ve not tested this but i’m not sure Which service they use But it’s probably google or amazon Service I think it’s google And you get um character balance you get All sorts of stuff here okay tools So they give you some stock images they Give you stock videos And you can do video to gif Which is very useful And analytics let’s see So you can do the analytics on the video Engagement and so on And multilingual videos you can create For yourselves videos someone in Different languages

So this is video mingo now what does This replace it replaces wistia it Replaces vimeo It replaces youtube Um i’ll link to another video service i Review called muse That one it costs about ten dollars a Month So this is a forty seven dollar one-off Price And you can host your videos And you can stream and do so much more With this all-in-one tool It looks really good and they promised a Lot and they talked about how it’s Ongoing projects not one off So they’re going to keep investing into It and they’re going to keep improving It so how do you recommend it i’ve got Some bonuses for you I’ll link them down below I mean i’ll link to the the offer down Below but bonuses you’ll be getting our Video marketing video full training Course I’ll give you an e-book on how to create The perfect video I’ll give you 43 Amazing royalty-free stock videos High quality And i’ll give you 30 4k background Quality freestock videos Plus also i’ll give you access to many Other courses and trainings

So all is available by the link below Hope you find this video useful do sign Up it looks like a very good useful Service And i’ll see you next time