Creating Fruit Juice Machines Affiliate Site with AI Tools Part 2

By | November 30, 2021

In this series of videos, I will be creating content for an Amazon affiliate WordPress site using only AI tools.
In part 2, I started a buyers guide and exclusively used Article Forge to review products.
I also introduced a product table using free WordPress table plugins.

The tools I will be using are:
– Article Forge:
– Jarvis AI:
– Word AI:
– Rytr:

For the theme, I will be using my current favourite WordPress affiliate theme:
– Popcorn Theme:

I will be using images from:
– Envato Elements:

The reason I am creating this series is to firstly show the process of creating an affiliate website, but also to highlight the AI tools with real world example use cases.

I had some comments recently where people said the AI tools were not producing good content, well I will put that to the test.

Follow along, subscribe and leave me a comment if you want to see anything in particular with the tools.

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This is part two of my series on Creating an affiliate site with ai tools If you managed to watch uh the video Released yesterday part one You’ll see that i created two new Completely new posts So what i’ve done since then i added uh Some featured images i made in canva Very simple images And i also Started a new A new post Um it will be a buyer’s guide on best Whole fruit juicer I also had a little play with some Product tables So i wanted to add a Product table in there that i can you do With a free plugins I’ve got access to aawp plugin Which is a premium plugin But you can’t put that on your site and Sell your site So i thought i’d rather do everything As cheap as possible because we’re Already spending money on ai tools and I’ll try and use as many free plugins as Possible So this plugin is Um The second I think it’s called ninja Ninja tables yes well ninja tables they Also had a play around with table press

With table press you need to add a lot Of css and A lot of customizations that’s always Straightforward to use Uh ninja tables There were some Was another one i tried Um Wp table builder this one looks good but Um I went to the facebook group i was Actually a member of that before And a lot of complaints about slow Updates and Large plug-in sizes and slow tables and So on So i thought i’ll stick with the ninja Tables Because it seems to be pretty good a lot More users and Good reviews Um so let me show you let me show you The new post so i created a new post Called best whole food juicer Uh short intro and he adds more text Here Um i’m eating jarvis for that And then i’m going to add a small table In here so be our picks for best Hopefully juice i put the Best three or five products And this whole bit of text here this This review I did in article watch completely i

Don’t think i’ve edited it at all i just Put it straight into wordpress And the reason is all of the facts and Figures were 100 correct everything was As it is on the amazon listing Obviously rewritten and make it all Unique And that is why article 4 is now my Favorite ai writing tool Because i don’t even need to write Reviews anymore so if i’m just doing Like These uh These these these love such a low value Of These small affiliate sites i can save Time by getting article forge To write the review for me i think i set This one to 500 words Yeah this was about 500 words Then i added a column two columns at the Bottom uh 70 30 split added a few pros One con i looked at the reviews and just See what people are saying Added the picture html from amazon Recite stripe and also the added a Button and put the amazon link in there But this is going to be like a buyer’s Guide so i thought a lot of content Would be good so i might I might do another 500 words for the Other few products And what do i grab another product now Um i use so this was my article for the

Article let me pull it up So what i did was put a review of The product name I thought let’s see if actually if they Can actually find the product and give Me the correct information and it did So that was that was incredible so let Me create a new article let me pick Another product Um okay so Um whole fruit juice i’d like you to Tell yeah Okay don’t say Excuse me Three inch large feed okay so this is Another one 47 reviews four and a half stars And this is what i’ve Done Okay i’ll do [Music] I’ll do this one here free shipping okay It’s 104 ratings hundred and ten dollars So i made a quick uh spreadsheet to keep Track of all the links so i know i’m uh So i can create a copy from the Spreadsheet this will be product2 Um and it’s called it was this one slow Masticating juice what’s the name of it Um i think that’ll be a problem for Article forge I can try and put in the whole title as It is And see what forge can present

Review of That Uh 500 words add titles Create article and here’s my main Keyword Okay Uh let me delete this Let’s try again see if it works Let’s try again Okay okay it’s working now okay So i’ll leave that to work okay okay i Think i did it twice Okay i didn’t see it was running before Um i’ll cancel this one That’s the beauty of having the limited Plan i can do as many as i want next Time i might use the bulk generator So while that’s the processing i’ll show You the uh Table So if i put it in here i’ll wait for the Article to come out This is my sample table so i put in the Table i did the amazon linked image The product title i picked three main Features And a check price text link So this will probably be three or five Products here And at the table you just put in the Short code and the table id So let me show you the uh The table itself Okay this is the table you see there’s

The table id and this is the free Version the pro version that they had Some other features but i think i’m fine With the With free So i’ve put in Two this one i didn’t I might have to Oh in the free version i can’t drag and Drop the uh The entries i need to make sure i get it Right first time or just copy and paste It manually Just a demo anyway That’s the article which is almost done Okay so you click on add data For the initial setup for image i use Html for title i just put um a Thing with a sentence Option For feature i use html for link html Because You get the reasoning editor and it’s Easier to format the text that you want Let me show you Add a new table Tables Table Demo table Okay add columns so i had Add image And here data type i set it to uh Html field because i’m bringing in the Image from

Amazon Okay add column This will pro And next was The title Oops not data sorry sorry sorry And column Was a title the product product title i Chose single line text field I could use the html text html text Option and make it bold but For now i don’t even know that Column and then it was uh Features And i chose Html And for the last one i did try the Button option for the link so it’s a Link I’ve got an option here for button link But it didn’t look that good so i just Chose html again Add column So now you’ll see you’ve got the image Field put just put in the click on text And put in html code amazon And go back to visual titles copy and Paste title features Um i just put a an order list in there So it’s just what this bulleted list Excuse me And for link i just put the text check Price i made it bold and i I blinked it

And a good feature is that you can Continue adding so if you put it on the Spreadsheet first And then go into here you’ll be a lot Quicker Maybe i should added another field for Features Um yeah maybe i may undo that Okay so that’s that Okay so table one And i’m gonna call it Best whole fruit juicer Okay update Almost done Excuse me Let me delete this one Now you also can’t um Sort it manually it’s a pro feature How much is pro let’s see oh no no no no No not here go Let me just click on that there So pro is 99 annually For 20 sites Uh i’m just lifetime So 399 lifetime for 20 sites Okay it’s not too too bad Dragon drop sorting so on okay for now It doesn’t matter i don’t need to Okay so Um i do you want to add it in reverse Order you want to do a fifth one and Then your fourth and so on So what i’ll do i’ll make this table and

I’ll come back to this Okay i just added the uh another column For features just to save a bit of time Let’s go back to the article it’s Finished so let’s see um Okay let’s see if we found the right one That’s something for fruits home for A 6.2 Big feet tube i think that’s probably The wrong one let’s see Yeah it was a bit harder to find that Product Unless it took some dimensions maybe I don’t know i think that hasn’t got a Name it’s harder to find it so let’s Forget that one Excuse me Um new article Um So i’m gonna look for a So that’ll be second place I’m looking for a brand name in there So the show door centrifugal that one Maybe I’ve got And one more This one here they’ve got whole fruit Here 3.3.15 yeah Come out with this one a second Okay second Third fourth and fifth In all 60 ratings Four star I don’t know that

Okay So this one will be uh fifth place Go through the process of actually let Me make the article first So i want a review of this So exactly what i did before New article Review of this Um And they’ve been sub keywords 500 words add title and create a new Article And there it goes I’ll give that a little while But the ones with brand names in there Should be easier to find so this is Charto Talisky So what you do is because i’m dealing With this article I put in the title here for the Number two product which is julion with Juicer machines Then put in the image amazon url it’s Not 100 necessary It just helps in your making the uh the Product box below and also when you’re Doing the table So you have to keep going back and forth Okay Let me close this one down this one And if you remember from yesterday’s Video there was uh There was a white box around the bottom

There it’s something to do with comments Um i’m not using comments the box is Left there so I’ve been told that in the next version Of popcorn theme it will be removed Completely And it’ll be optional but For now you go to customize And you put in the css code I remove the comments container Okay Okay It’s almost done I’ll put up pause and i’ll come back to It Okay just finished took about three four Minutes which was the long serve at away So let’s see the results if it’s Completely uh Authentic So the Cut I’ve got centrifugal juicer Um okay 35 more jews and 20 more vitamins Excuse me okay let’s see that’s true Um Okay let’s see 30 Oops one Vitamins Let me see the reviews Um let’s go back to our tour It’s talking about 30 percent again i

Think it must show me in general about The 30 percent Producing more than a gallon of juice Per batch 400 watt motor Let’s see if that’s correct Okay 20 more juice Is that what it said Start different truth in 2010 victims Okay Now where’s the motor Um Speed read it Oh what is it how many watts I lost my A 400 watt motor okay Okay that’s right 400 motors that’s Something correct Um safety lock reverse function Db double one model Where’d i get this model from let’s see Excuse me Let’s say anywhere This looks double one Okay that’s not true then I know it’s dual speed i read that 30 inch shoot Okay this one was not as good as the Last one Maybe that product’s been around for Longer and it’s got more of a Footprint online I think three point two inch I’ve got the dual speed Okay 65 millimeters about three point

Two here Like okay didn’t mention the warranty I’ll show you that 3.2 That’s really a capsule i reckon Let me take all these model references Three or four stainless steel Construction Okay i don’t know what that is Overall a couple of modifications and It wasn’t bad So copy that i’ll put it into the uh Document and i’ll Touch up a little bit So all i’m doing is ctrl c ctrl v Uh maybe i should put in a little Is it ruler what’s it called And it’s not spacer Separator Which is a small separator okay And it also says h3 uh h2 I know h3 i think yeah h3 Because our picks is h2 that’s h1 And i’ll just change just to do this bit So now what I’m going to do Is going to duplicate this section here Oops on the whole whole the whole column So duplicate And then i’ll move it down to below the Oops Oh god Undo that one and come back Down down Against the bottom

So let’s grab the uh the images This is the bagot First we’ll get the very large image Html Put it in the spreadsheet i forgot to Get the title And Which one is it this one I’ve got Centrifugal Juicer okay i’ll do that So control c And then control shift v to remove Formatting Um unlimited product link Text link full link ctrl c And ctrl v Okay features I said bugatti okay so Uh 1500 rpm low speed 15 000 up in low Speed 2100 rpm High Speed so i’ll put that in features Ctrl shift v Um Okay 12 row Also sharp blades Ctrl c Ctrl shift v And one more like three Um What i bought for the other one Speed tube okay i’ll do the tube Uh 3.2 inch i think it was

Okay 65 millimeter features Um Oh it’s 2.5 It does a whole apple I’ll put on the 2.5 2. 2.6 up two point six Six five millimeter 2.6 Inch Okay So That got so now we want the Html so first we need the Product image And then we want the [Music] Link And then the uh pros and cons I’m sorry that’s the feature Let’s copy the features Oh no sorry that’s for the table i’m Getting confused myself Okay pros and cons Um 20 more juice 400 Watt motor And let’s do this I don’t like capitalized Oh i didn’t change this it’s not it’s a 2.6 inch shoot I’m basically three point i change that Yeah because that’s 2.6

Um Compact design okay compact footprints Same Cons okay let’s look at the reviews Loud okay Okay i’ll leave it the same can be loud Okay save draft let’s do a quick preview Okay look at my affiliate disclaimer There It might be a bit too much text Um I’ll finish and see how it looks might Be too much text Already on a thousand Okay that’s fine so now we want another Product And what i’ll do i’ll finish this off And then i’ll show you the end result In the next part already almost half an Hour So that is the first box guys the best Halfway user so i’ll create the featured Image i’ll add the Table The text here and i’ll add All five products see how that looks so Thanks for watching i’ll see you next One