TuneReel Review | Royalty Free Music

By | December 3, 2021

TuneReel Review | Royalty Free Music
Get TuneReel here: https://swiy.io/tune

TuneReel is a fantastic royalty free music service for social media, podcasts, corporate, weddings, client work etc.

They have a large catalogue of music and hundreds of filters to narrow down the perfect track.

The offer an assistant tool to narrow down your choices called VMSU (Visual Music Supervisor) which is handy.

The standard licence is $69 or the extended licence is $99 .

The standard is fine for most small content creators such as myself, with under 10k subscribers.

The extended licence allows for client work and 10k+ subs
Watch my Uppbeat review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3V4QEZ7GdI

00:01 Introduction
01:47 TuneReel VMSU Tool
02:16 TuneReel Demo
15:35 TuneReel Licencing
16:22 TuneReel Licence Example
17:00 TuneReel No Attribution
18:23 TuneReel Track Download
20:50 TuneReel Pricing

What is Royalty Free Music?
If you want to use music in your project but do not want to attribute the author, you may want to buy a license for royalty-free music. You can use the license to create and distribute commercial projects without worrying about attribution rights. Additionally, licensing provides higher quality than free music. While a free license is a good deal, you may still want to purchase a license for multiple projects. To protect your interests, make sure the license you are considering allows you to modify and reuse the music in different media.

Before purchasing a license, read the license very carefully. It should have detailed information about how you can use the music. There are restrictions in the license, and you must follow them. You may also want to look up the FAQ section of the library to learn more about the types of uses that the music is available for. However, if you violate the license, you might face copyright issues. It is important to understand the rights and obligations of the music before you purchase one.

When you license music from a website, you must ensure that the music you choose is free from copyright issues. A free song or music track will be in the public domain, so you will have to attribute it appropriately. If you are planning to use a piece of music for your video, you can use a free one on a website that offers royalty-free music. If you do not have a license for the original version of a song or video, you must credit the original author of the work.
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In this video i’ll be reviewing tune Reel Tunal is another royalty-free Music platform that you can use on your Social media videos podcasts and so on And um they’ve got a massive selection Of music and audio And you can use it on monetized and also Non-monetized channels This is their main page here you can Browse the library go to favorites look At your orders So let’s go through just this birth bit Here So we’ve got a big big selection of Royalty-free music They’ve got a nice tool that will help You find your Prefer genre music Um associated with your youtuber podcast Advertiser small business owner and so On of high quality track for your next Project I have sampled some of them use and it’s Pretty good It’s much better than the youtube free Audio library which is Really I’d say not very good it’s a bit dead And dreary and You know i just got fed up using it Um let me see so you can launch their What’s it called virtual music Supervisor

Which help you quickly find your track Once you acquire license whether Individually or through your membership Have the right to your music in you or Your client’s project so you can use it For commercial projects as well if you Buy the appropriate license And you can monetize it everywhere Official artists Spotlight selection Okay so popular search terms youtube Semantics someone reading Okay so let’s go back to the uh Let’s try the Vmsu Okay so the pop up so you just pick the Kind of music that you want so dark in Between upright Um i’ll choose bright Slow medium or fast we’ll try first Actually in the background it’s already Using the these selections here to Create filters Uh song tune background music or Soundtrack like music will pick Background music No vocals please And should be loading Okay it’s loaded So how many are here does it say Okay it’s got 12 pages So let’s sample if you know it says say Get free that’s because tuner will work Kind enough to give me an account to uh

Sample all of the audio So once you sign up you can download any Tracks favorite them and so on And They’ve got the dislike button on my Youtube who Want to remove it Let’s sample a few [Music] Okay there we go That’s fine Generic okay you can If you like that one show similar tracks This is really my first proper look at It because i’ve downloaded one or two Tracks to test it But i’m going to go through more details You can Download something else I’m hoping i don’t get trouble playing These samples because uh Um like i can’t white is my channel you Have to Get the license download and they give You a Pdf of a license So it should be okay [Music] Carefully laid back This is a travel video Okay Um Tiempo de bella Excellent

Let’s pick another category so okay Let’s see mood Um Okay i’ve got all these filters let me Clear the filter and start again Okay so now Uh mood Carefree aggressively aggressive Excuse me It’s a new track So their times are actually aggressive In sports [Music] Okay sounds good workouts Excuse Me let’s try another country crime Thriller spy Okay that’s part of aggressive okay you Can filter it down a lot more You know i don’t like that it’s clear Aggressive Let’s go back to Pause that Comedy funny Balkan village Okay um Relaxation and meditation Surrendered mine let’s try that one I can show you the timing on the left Just like Okay you can download the watermark and Be three to test it I think it says tunerial throughout the Track

Okay that was a bit dull It’s a little bit slow to update Um Upbeat energetic okay let’s look some Other filters Excuse me Genre I’ll try a few without Filtering further All these top three are new Okay Hip hop Can you make a playlist i think you can So let’s see what favorite does Okay just favorite zip [Music] Does this mean vocals Probably does This is my remedy never no negative Energy let it free let it be interesting Okay i like that nice and clear which One’s got vocals Because not all the sites um give you a Symbol You have to filter it down Okay uh Let’s see other filters project type Okay this is nice Can we cancel the uh So you’ve got aerials landscapes i’ll be Like scenic music business advertisement Documentary education family children Fashion food Hollywood film

Um inspirational religious intro outro Let’s try that Maybe i need to do an outro intro Just stomp rock 50 seconds Okay cancel that one Um Nightlife science and technology Let’s try that Oh i’ve got to try this cryptomania How is the scripture [Music] I’m not a musical person but Okay pick another selection Slow motion time lapse Clarity Tutorial Through the tracks i need Okay let’s try this Now for me it depends on the story i Suppose it would work for some tutorial Not for my thought tutorials It’s a bit too much for beating a bit Too loud Probably can’t hear me Um I was dreaming [Music] I do like that system because once you Actually start playing it does very play Very quickly you can fast forward and Someone down the bottom So although i wasn’t overly keen with The interface at first but once you Start using it

It’s very easy to navigate Okay so Featured instruments I’m not familiar with the instrument so I wouldn’t There’s a massive selection here you can Really filter it down Okay pace Let’s do fast pace So there’s 499 Tagged fast pace We’ve had that one already Um Let’s try this one Clear All um vocals no vocals artists if you Know them Oh they’ve got too many Beats per minute There’s a really fast one Okay 148 300 let’s try that Oops let’s click it there we go Okay i think it was two oops let me Clear this I think i’ve broken it Now let’s do 117-300 It doesn’t like me taking my beats Let’s do it duration then so I know they’ve got some like 20 minutes I’ve seen some Give me a second Okay most popular newest longest of the Longest

So if you’re doing a youtube video or Another Social media video you want to keep Looping the audio You just choose a 10 minute video here And just put this one straight in it’ll Be one long continuous tune Disturb this topic That’s very quiet Um okay let’s choose let’s choose mood So Mode action I messed up the filters Let’s try again Um let’s do dark What you hear and see okay this video is Way too long i should have been finished Few minutes ago Just gonna quickly go through other Features they’ve got i’ll show you the Licensing and so on I’m not surprising yet but let me go Straight straight to the pricing one Second uh you don’t need blog favorites Okay let’s see what favorites shows Let’s show you the mood or you can sort It you can sort it as well duration This new shows in the tracks Okay so the way it works is Each track has to have an individual License for a project Um now i was a bit unclear on their Licensing so i didn’t contact them to Find out

If i need to Um Give a A citation give reference toward Towards the uh Track or Towards the site or whatever in my Youtube description And they said no you don’t need to Um but you do need to get like i need to Double check with them if i can just get If i can be lazy and get a license for My site for the youtube channel or if It’s per video it’s probably per video Which i assume it is Because Okay because i’ve got the full account You can have extended or standard Oh this is attribution required Let me see the one i downloaded earlier Because they didn’t say that to me um In the email Am i logged in here i’m logged in Oops i want to play i know Did you see the license It did play okay Let’s look at the license Okay where possible the buyer is asked To attribute and create the tracks in All promotion where possible Now i’ve got an email from them and they Did say Let me just find it Um

Okay yeah so One of the free tracks Of the week there’s no need to provide For people although they appreciate it Okay so you don’t need to fully Attribute it Which is fine because i know That’s why i choose the youtube audio Library Um is because You you have just a you can filter it so You can have a Just um no attribution required music So now i’m very lazy with uh Recording all the details So that’s good So let me download one of those tracks The favorites Just to see the license So cryptomania I’ll do this one Okay go to checkout Okay so this is what they put on the Actual pdf itself so i’ll just put Project title i don’t know if it’s per Video per channel i just do And you need the name So i’ve read the terms and conditions Which i have I did read it before i contacted them To continue And i think it generates a license and It gives me a download link so let’s Give it a second

Okay preparing the tracks So it gives you an order number And the okay let’s down at the track First Okay 22 megabyte web file Let me just wait for the license i want To see if it’s any different The handy thing is with the license you Can You can download and you can if you have A youtube claim or something you can Just get the license Okay let’s see if this is anything Different Okay i said as well so you don’t need to Uh attribute that’s fine Okay so what it does it puts i think it Puts your project name in there Somewhere Because at the end it puts your name There so license to Um where’s it gone I did see it It goes through all of these so here I’ll show you some of these for the Extended license You can use it for channels with over 10 000 subs Podcast and the film corporate personal License for Social media videos with under 10 000 Subs podcasts and they film same thing But just different restrictions Okay

It’s very legal very technical but Dissatisfying so it’s fine um i think i Was like see from here Okay so even the previously downloaded The ones without with the with the uh Oh what’s it called I’ve completely lost it they call one Second With their name in the in the track so It’s uh Watermark that’s a watermark so we’re Down to the watermark one it gives you a Record of that so you can If you like it go back and find it um Anything else for me to show you here Okay let me show you the pricing i need To log out i think It’s not log out Okay so where’s the pricing Pricing pricing here we go I want to give a bit more detail about Licensing so You can do on a per track basis so 17 For Track Uh monetization personal use not client Work Youtube facebook podcasts Up to 10k subscribers at the time Licensing And any product of yourself or extended 47 which is quite cheap i’ve seen them Go for 2 300 for average work Um everything else is fine and you’ve

Got A universalist for tv broadcast so Membership So the basic unlimited is 69 annually And i feel like for that so if you’ve Got your own youtube channel that’s for You but if you do client work if you’ve Got bigger more than 10k subscribers you Want to go for the 99 pro unlimited So again even the basic one is fine for Monetization Youtube facebook podcast everything Here’s their table So everything’s fine here so if you’ve Got over 10 000 subs go for the pro Extended Same if you think indie films corporate Content Less than ten thousand budget over ten Thousand budget so it’s a big project Go for the extended i mean you’re Spending that much money A hundred bucks for nothing I’m saying for wedding Oh not for clients if the client work You’ve got the 99 Um audio books Video games and so On so how does it work You can last as many tracks that you Need to there’s no limit Um So it’s perpetual legal clearance for Use of the track in a single production

Okay it says per video Also attributing an instant artist okay So yeah so it’s important so every License it generates some money for the Artist so you have to Therefore each project which is good Um okay we’ve covered this So once you’ve generated it it stays Forever Depending on the agreement Yeah that’s what i noticed they are a New company their their track list is Growing I’ve not heard a lot about them that’s Why i was keen to do this video Okay um there was a section on I think about us maybe they talked about How many tracks they had and so on Okay Um Based in l.a I don’t know why i read it I’m not sure again let’s see if there’s All of youtube copyright Claims you just Enter your details and you can put in a Uh a claim um You’re putting a claim right if there’s An issue no problem Let’s see I’m not sure if it could have been on The front page I’m sure i’ve read the ad 300 tracks a Month

Anyway maybe i’ve already somewhere else I don’t know but anyway So that was my very long and extended And long-winded reviews 25 minutes Almost shouldn’t have been that long But sometimes when you’re looking at Something like this but there’s a big Catalog of Products to look at you have to spend a Bit of time going through it And i just want to go through and show You Um Okay Let me try this quickly before i finish Let’s do calm that’s what calm brings us So you’ve got a lot of ways to find your Tracks here you’ve got keywords you’ve Got loads of filters you’ve got their Vmsu So plenty of options anyway i’ll leave It there thank you for watching if you Got this far Check out my review of upbeat so i’ll Put a link to that below That is also a another loyalty free Music service and then it it really is Better than youtube audio So hope you enjoyed it give me a like Subscribe see you next time bye