How to find Organic Keywords for Affiliate Marketing

By | February 22, 2022

How to find Organic Keywords for Affiliate Marketing
Get SE Ranking here 14 days free trial, no card required!

I started using SE Ranking very recently, I have been using the competitor analysis tool in particular.

I love the ease of use, the easy filters and the reports.

SE Ranking has a 14 day free trial with no card required, I used that first to test the tool and it was great, I upgraded the same day!

I am paying £13.90 per month on the lowest plan.

I was paying $119 per month for AHREFS to do exactly the same thing!

SE Ranking is a real alternative to AHREFS, Semrush and the rest.

00:01 Introduction
00:38 SE Ranking Competitive Research Demo
01:39 Narrow down keywords
02:11 Filter Data demo
05:09 Serp Features filter
06:10 SE Ranking Pricing
07:50 SE Ranking Discount
08:25 Keywords Report Export Demo
09:15 Keywords Report Example
11:23 SE Ranking Quick Overview
12:00 SE Ranking Free Trial
12:15 Conclusion

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In this video i’m going to show you a Feature of a new tool i’ve been using Uh the two let’s call it sc ranking and The feature i’m going to talk about is Competitive research Now i’m working on a project where i Need to Find out organic keywords i’m using them In a special way to do something Um and i needed to Well i didn’t have access to ahrefs Because i counsel my subscription Because it was just too much 121.99 whatever it is And i only use a very Occasionally But se ranking is very affordable i’m on The cheapest plan and I’ve got a lot of information out of it Already So i’ll give you an example Let me think of a big American Uh website let’s say So a match just leave it on domain and It’s on google and it’s also us so if You click on it you’ll go straight to There data so it’s very quick I’ll show you some some details on the Top here Um Okay currently Okay so the organic traffic is 575

Million what i’m interested in is the Keywords i just want to see the organic Keywords And just say for example i wanted to I was part of the walmart affiliate Program and i want to outrank them On a product that they sell by creating A blog post article or something and Getting here ranked with seo To show you all the traffic paid traffic And so on and yeah it’s increased for This time So let’s get into the keywords so if you Click on the this 47.1 million obviously You can’t work with that many keywords That’s just ridiculous now what i like About this firstly the easy layout it’s Easy to see what’s going on And you can easily filter down to what You want now with ahrefs and semrush you Could do the same But they’re very expensive and also ah Especially because i used it most Recently It’s very um there’s so much going on And You can easily get lost just trying to Get your data out So i prefer this system of filtering Let me show you so You can include keywords that you want To look for or exclude so in this case i Want to exclude that’s what i’ve been Doing

First let’s exclude walmart Press enter and also you need to be Exactly they won’t do a uh A wild card search so you have to Include the full keyword So let me to uh Walmart Me Ps5 Let’s just let’s just do these ones okay Take the Acceptor whatever you call it And then you click apply so we’re on 47 Million 33 000. Now we get down to Uh 46 million that wasn’t wasn’t a Massive amount Okay so now we want to i don’t need word Count i don’t need characters Difficult so you look at the difficulty Column So i want something easy between 1 and Let’s say 40 Apply filter Now we’re down to 41 million okay so It’s one in the millions okay search Volume Let’s say you want it between 1 000 Let’s say 100 and 100 thousand Apply Okay now we’re down to five million okay I’m not worried about the future

Position competition Um Escapes Between zero and What’s their scale 0.5 this is zero Point zero point five So well we earned 5.3 million 1.2 million okay cpc Uh between zero point One and Let’s see So weight one and one 234 thousand Okay traffic Between 100 and Let’s say 5 000. Okay now we’re not two thousand three Hundred seventy seven So you all you can see that the Difficulty score in their rating is very Low The search volume so i don’t know what Type a it’s not the capital of taiwan Okay so food so let’s start selling this Food The difficulty of 13 we’ve got 60 000 Search volume they’re in position four Competitions very large cpc there’s some Value there And that’s their traffic So just say i want to i want to promote This product i made a page about Taipei food frozen food And i can i can make my youtube video i

Can add images i can write an article And A faq page or something on it And with the right amount of traffic and So on you can actually Work your way up and bump yourself above Walmart Obviously it’s not easy but these were Tools to to help you get an idea on And most out there what you’re up Against And also just see what’s what people are Searching for in walmart And if you’re on amazon you can um sell These same or similar items use the same Keywords Gone blue Okay i don’t know racquetball balls Baby drawers Actual drawers though Yeah I mean there’s a lot of data here and if You know if you use filters to get it Down is it you can bring it out to a Manageable level Also i’m on the cheapest plans i can Export actually let me see i forgot how Much i can export Um Let’s pricing Okay so i’m on Okay so I’m not going to into it too much but This is like a ranking tool but um

I don’t monitor my my rank my my keyword Ranking in any of these tools Is my cheapest plan so they give you Options to actually if you want ranking Every day every three days a weekly So i want to just i want the cheapest Options i don’t want to use it for Ranking and i’m going to choose monthly So i’m paying 13 pounds 18 months which Is about 15 16 I’m not bothered about all this stuff But you can see his 10 projects and 250 Keywords ranking Which is not bad Excuse me I’ve been a website audio 30 000 pages For your site so that Must be per month I can mine to four thousand backlinks i Can check backlinks for 20 domains a day Which is not bad And now this is what okay you i can Produce 100 reports a day And i will get a thousand results per Report And that is on the cheapest plan But i’m thinking upgrading to the pro Plan where I don’t use projects and things but um Where is it okay So i can do 5000 reports per day which Is more than i need but what i want is The Results in the report

Also you get access to historical data Um which is not necessary for my need You get all these additional features i Won’t go through all those now i’ll do That once i actually Use the product a bit more But um If you choose me annually you get 60 of This time works out 11 pounds 5 a month Which is 100 and Something pounds a year And they offer free migrations if you’re You’re in ahrefs or san martial probably That’s what they’re talking about you Can switch ac rank or maybe other tools I don’t know Okay cookie notice anyway so Yeah so that is why i like this tool i Think it’s really good Because in just uh Barely a minute maybe two minutes um you Can get all the data you want download It into it so download it i didn’t Okay let’s export the report So in excel report you can maximum 10k Rows and the csv is no limit but i think My account is image to a thousand so Let’s see what Happens it comes out really quick Okay Downloaded Oops Dragged in the wrong place Open it quickly

Where’s they’re gone Okay fine One second i’ve just messed it up one Second Okay Where is the report okay well this one Here we go Okay let me drag it across Okay so this is the report let’s see if I’ve only got a thousand Yeah they give me exactly a thousand So with this report you can do all the Manipulation that you want you can add Gradients and sort it and do whatever You want to make it easy for yourself I did have a really complicated Spreadsheet once when i did all that and Had it All these formulas to Do all these things and give me some Graphs and things to find the keywords Frankfurt but I’ll take that up Maybe i’ll show you one day So this is The report Uh you can sort however you want [Music] Press ctrl t it makes it a table you can Sort it quickly so It’s really sorted is it always not Sorted by search but let’s do it by Search volume so oh just a small list So yellow standalone that is

Quit okay now I don’t know okay but i don’t know what How that tubing is Anyway sorry i’m getting off track So you can go through all of this and You can just Pick out the products that you want to Promote and then you can Look at the difficulty level so black Tubing only got difficulty of four Okay i’m curious i need to see what this Is Black plastic tubing for what okay for Trains Okay Not much of a market to make money out Of that Affiliate but you know Anyway let me close this one now okay Get rid of that Let me close this Like this Okay so of course you can you can do all Sorts of stuff with it you can include Keywords Uh you can include setup features so if You want to make youtube videos you can Include all the ones with or without Youtube videos Jobs okay so Sans club Traffic share traffic costs and so on Anyway so i’ll leave the video here I will do a full review of the

Of the whole um Of the whole package um Projects Keyword research Backlink checker report builder Okay i think i saw they added a new tool On page seo check that’s all that in There little document there So change auto complete They’ve got some interesting tools And i’ve never heard of them before Someone introduced them to me the other Day And yes if you want to sign up there’s a Link below there’s an affiliate links Thank you for your user And Yeah there’s a 14-day Free trial oh no i can’t see it but There was definitely a 14-day free trial And i forgot what the limits are but um As soon as i used it and i saw the data And what i could do I just signed up straight away for the Paid plan I went for a monthly one to try it And yeah i think i might even upgrade to The pro how much 25 45 Compare this to it depends what you do With these tools but I used to do this a lot with ahrefs as Well i used to do that to get the Competitive analysis

I was paying 120 dollars a month with tax And i use it a couple of times a month And I mean if you’re using all the time it’s Worth it but for me it wasn’t worth it So again yeah there’s a link below if You do use it thank you very much and I’ll see you next video bye