How to use Article Forge and WordAI with RankerX

By | December 6, 2021

This is a quick demo on using ArticleForge and WordAI with RankerX to create content for my affiliate site.

I used Article Forge to create the article content and blurb, then used WordAI to create the spintax of the article and blurb so it can be used multiple times and be unique.

I will update this with the indexing results and maybe add a Scrapebox demo.

Tools used:
Article Forge:
Word AI:

00:01 Introduction
00:33 Money Site
00:40 Web 2.0 Accounts
00:51 WordPress Social Share
01:19 Tumblr Permalink
02:04 IFTTT
02:55 RankerX Content Bucket
14:45 RankerX Campaign Scheduler
15:40 RankerX Diagram

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In this video i wanted to show how i’m Using article forge with rancorex To create some backlinks and traffic for For these some of the posts and for this Affiliate website So this is the article i’m going to be Targeting Um now what you could do what the best Thing to do first is to create a A web 2.0 blog or site to a link to Because you’d never want to link Any of these seo to tools to your main Uh Money site your main Website Unless there’s already a web 2.0 So in this case um i created a blogger Account and also [Music] A uh tumblr account And i just Installed a free plugin called sassy Social share to add some share buttons These share buttons there And just click on share and then it you Send it straight to your account Your web 2.0 account Um reddit is a bit more tricky but you Can blogger pinterest tumblr or Even tweets But this is i’m going to be using tumblr Click on it send it to their tumblr Account then they post it here And then what you need is the permalink

So you click on the post i just sent This post And you click on permalink And that’s the that’s the post url So that’s the url we’ll keep to one side That’s what we’re putting into ranks now You don’t obviously i just said you Don’t want to send it to your main site You know send it here and then The traffic juice will be passed to your Main site There’s another way to share your post Automatically is ifttt Um in the free account i think you’re Limited to two or three Um [Music] Applets So what you can do just uh set up one Account um And then send it straight from your you Look for the rss world feed on your rss Feed sorry On your wordpress site And whenever a new public post is posted You can send it straight to tumblr to Blogger To ready or wherever Um i’m not sure how many are limited to I’ve got a pro account Okay you get five outlets So they’ve increased a little bit Okay but that’s uh maybe i’ll show you Like another video to do that it should

Be pretty straightforward So i’ll close blog i’ll just keep this Time-lapse this is the one we’re gonna Send traffic to Um So i created uh a small Arch i’ll get into minecraft and show You Let me drag across my vps Okay so i’m uh from Minecraft you want to create a uh A Content bucket and blurb So i started the content back here Okay so protected words i’ll just Protect um [Music] Use machines And you go down here and click save And then go down here press plus So do um Article forge article So Keywords Adjusted fruit juice Sub keywords Health diet And this is the content i’ll just make It short uh 200 words You can do 500 which is 200 for now Save So now using the api to go to uh article Four and Create articles

This might take a little bit of time but In the meantime what we’ll do I’ll leave that running Um One thing you’ll notice here the top Where it says author name These are very generic and can be very Spammy Excuse me So what you want to do is use something With your keywords in it So here’s a tool like this uh just a Free bit of keyword tool dot io And i just printed fruit juice and copy Some of these uh Some of these keywords into a Um into a Document Then you spin text to my Actually i’ll show you what i’m doing Right here Okay so for spin tag this curly bracket First keyword The pipe Which is next to the left shift key and Hold the shift button And let’s just put your food just Recipes And food just a machine Okay the article just finished I’ll just finish off here quickly And fruit juice squeezer I’m just putting some of these keywords In

I’ll just finish it there So that’s our spin tax it will go in and Take um one of these Terms that we put in there Okay that’s that let’s go back to x Okay so health benefits of fruit juices And body So an author name and delete what it’s Got there And just grab what we put down And to make the preview It’s a name for you just have to work Out blah blah blah Refresh different bio So on Save And you can use your own Use the rank x3 spinner Uh wordy i Swimming right to anything else but i’ll Use birthday for this Should take a second This will give us a spontaneous multiple Times Adding all the pipes and the brackets And so on So we’ll save that Now we’ll go to blurb New blub Um Did i create i think i created one Copy this And now what you could do in this you Can put in um

Iframe if you put a nutrient bed and so On And put it back here And this was Okay Spin again Shouldn’t take too long I use wordy eye because it gives the Best results Okay so that one done Um so now we’ll go to [Music] Um i think i made a One Where is it gone He’s really fitted to use it sometimes Okay i’ll go to this one So this is my campaign when i make Um use keywords and money sites a Primary keyword did i select some Don’t have to pause and go find where i Put them Okay i have to rewrite them Full screen Okay so primary i’m going to put in a Few Which the menu will stop popping up Okay secondary um So you can do something like uh source Um Source Link And then generic could be something like [Music]

[Music] Yeah see This Here Okay so i’m going to do this one This one twenty Um make a url 20 So 40 20 20 A url to the money side this is where we Want to put the uh tumbler url Go away Okay I’m not doing tier two but you need to Click there anyway Okay So creating your accounts Okay now this is where we use the Content that we made earlier the content Bucket was Uh fruit juice machines whole I haven’t got one name so i just put one Here Use blurb select upload [Music] Top It’s images so Choose Random Okay And the diagram i made was ta1 with Indexes And let me give you this bit And save

Second just copy this across Okay Save Okay So we used um Article 4 to create the blurb and to Create an article So now we go to Turbo wizard Save my great campaign Okay this is the campaign I kind of messed up this Schedule here Um i can’t see the bulk way to Delete it for all of them As it was in the previous version i’m Going to go and quickly delete the Schedule Okay like i was it’s really funny to use I’ll just pause and carry on Okay last one to do Delete and back So now from here We can press start So now we’re going through the process And making the account and Doing all the work so it’s running now Um i’ll see how fast here i’ll just Leave for a few minutes i’ll come back To it Um so far it’s been about a minute and It’s already created 53 accounts So yeah it’s making good progress It’s going to take a bit of time to do

All that process Um i’ll just show you the uh The diagram made you click on wizard And then um you create a new one or you Open your existing one So this is the basic diagram i made i May even do one tier at a time because It makes sense that you can check your Links And then you can power up those links So this is the money size that’s my Tumblr blog url So i picked each one of these And i made a ring around it And then to make it more automated and Because i’ve paid for an indexing Service I’ve added an indexer to each of the uh The uh the resources So index them as well at the same time And that should create a big battery of Links for my uh for my money site But yeah i mean it’s it’s a little bit I’m Fiddly to use this but once you start Using a bit you’ll get used to it Let’s go back to campaign see how it’s Going Okay still running on creating the Accounts It’s 101 so it’s going So i think what i’ll leave this video Here because it’s going to take a little While i’ll leave this running

I’ll also show you another video how to Um check that the links the backlinks That it creates so these properties are Still alive and it’s got your url in There I’ll be using this great box of that And then maybe i’ll show you how to do Posting by screen box so i end the video Here i’ll see you next time thanks for Watching