Mailerlite New Features + New Pricing | Getresponse Killer?

By | March 2, 2022

Mailerlite New Features New Pricing | Getresponse Killer?

Mailerlite will be releasing a completely new version on 22nd March.

The new version will be quicker, more user friendly and have plenty of new automations.

They may be a real competitor to Getresponse with these new features – the speed upgrade was definitely required.

There will be a change to the pricing too, there will still be a free plan with some upgrades, a new Growing Business plan @ $10, Advanced plan @ $21 and Enterprise.

The Growing Business plan loses 24/7 live chat support and does not have the advanced automations but does have unlimited sites.

The existing Mailerlite plans will be renamed Mailerlite Classic and remain the same, get your account now to lock in the current pricing:

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In this video i’m going to talk about The email i just received from Mailerlite it’s about the new updates That they’re launching at the end of the Month To be exact it’s the 22nd of march So this which is published today it’s The first look at the new mailerlite Version And there’s some good and bad things A good thing is it’s going to be a brand New interface it’s going to be super Quick And it’s going to be a lot of new Features new automations the bad thing Is the plans are changing so right now The plans are really easy you’ve got Free plan and paid plan and that pay Plan is based on how many subscribers You’ve got Not on the features so you basically get All the features but whichever level you Are you’re paying for your subscribers That makes sense Let me just go through some of the Highlights of this uh post So for 10 plus years they’ve been Um evolving if you use it right now You’ll see it’s it’s very usable and It’s a very good option it’s very cheap Which i like And it’s very feature rich But it’s very slow and clunky and a bit Awkward to use

And i’ve been using get response and That’s very quick But the plus with me light is that Deliverability is very good Sounds very happy with that They’re increasing improving their Infrastructure A new design new dark mode and new ui Flow which is very important A new revamped reporting dashboard Because the dashboard reporter now is Pretty average More of a focus on e-commerce and new Ios app i’m not bothered by that stuff I’m not really using facebook but um i’m I’m interested in the multi-trick Automation Which sounds exciting And the good thing is they’re keeping The existing mailer light but they’re Calling it mainly like classic And the important thing is that everyone Signing up from the 22nd will have the New account only For everyone signing up now Can get on the existing mailing like Classic plan So yeah essentially they built it from Scratch Will be just the main thing faster Future-ready infrastructure reimagine Interface and so on Okay new reporting dashboard Um instead of your best performing

Automations which is nice Sign up forms and website pages Seem like there’ll be a lot of Information there More advanced automation so the Automations are good now They’re a bit fiddly to set up But they’re promising more advanced Automations Uh multi-trigger workflows now More advanced is more expensive so i’ll Get to that in a second Um there’s a lot more here Okay so before like i said there were There was two price plans free and paid Depending on your subscribers but you Basically had all the features But pretty much apart from the add-ons You get all the features but now they’ve Got a growing business plan Advanced plan and enterprise plan This window on the right hand side With the red profile red heading is the Old plan so you see you’ve got for the Free plan you get 12 000 Emails per month and zero to a thousand And i limited for the paid plan ten Dollars Then went up by five dollars to the next Plan But the new pricing um There is okay new pricing so Let me get into this So you still get the free plan up to a

Thousand subscribers 12 000 Monthly emails but an issue that someone Raised in the comments because you only Get one user And they realize how common it is that People are using this for their clients Says they’re the admin and they give an Account to their client They say i mean i don’t think it says How many users there were It just said multi-user So they were very generous before but i Think now they’re cutting back they’re Still accepting feedback so we’ll see But in the free plan now you get one User same email same limit Um you get some more features i think You get all landing pages And i think you can i think unlimited Websites i’m not sure i’ll check further Down now the next time up four thousand Subs is the same price Ten dollars Uh you get three users same unlimited Email 24 7 email support only So you lose the live chat support now This was useful when i first joined up Because i wasn’t sure about a few things And i jumped on the live channels Helpful Rather than waiting for an email to Reply So we’ll see that someone also made or a Few people mention in the comments below

As well in the on this post sorry on This post i mean I’ll put a link to these in the Description Um that they’ve they will miss the live Chat support And you see here you get all these Standard stuff you get unlimited Websites now i think before there were Only let me just put it across Wasn’t it snapping okay before there Were let me see so in paid plans you get 24 7. live chat And another thing is html today you get Full custom page simulator in the Any premium plan in the previous version Um you get email automation fully Emailed to automation also recently be Testing everything Um Let me see where is it Okay so in premium plan you get free Website one one free website with five Landing pages But now you get unlimited so you Basically get what they said was the Sites pro upgrade for the For the paid plans now Um where is it Here so you’ve got unlimited websites Unlimited landing pages and all these Features Which was An upgrade

I don’t well we’ll see if i use them or Not And let me see what else I think these are new features password Protect projected Protected pages that’s in the Plan called Advanced plan so the advanced plan is 21. it starts at 21.4 000 subscribers Now if push comes to shove i’ll probably Have to go onto this plank because i Want to see what the Um enhanced automations are So is it’s a big jump on the price So we’ll see if it’s worth it apparently For the first 30 days you get the Advanced plan So you can see what works for you I think you get it free as a free Upgrade So i suppose that’s good you can test it For 30 days see if you like it And let me see what else is different Yes you lose the custom html user editor In the Growing business plan Which i suppose is more sacrifice Depending on your email what you do But you get a standard email automation Builder You don’t get multiple multiple Automation triggers You get automated email sequences but You get that free as well and you get

Rss campaigns i don’t know if you if you Got that here And you didn’t Because i’m going to Publish a review on something called Uh send fox and i like that because they Had an rss campaign for websites and for Social media so if it works in the same Way i’ll cancel send blogs and keep this It’s better to have it all in one This is more about websites this is About selling products and This is interesting Um e-commerce integrations to Get all these standard features did you Get quizzes here let me see Okay no you didn’t So you get surveys and quizzes Previous tests and so on to load my time Zone Which i don’t think you get in the Current version but i know i get that And get response Dynamic email content auto reset Campaign that got that anyway And unsubscribe page builder yes not Vital for me Um you get a lot of reports the list Growth reports and this all available in The free plan as well which is what i Like they’re very generous with their Free plan An email support basic for the free plan Priority for the paid plans

And we use live chat So that is the Outlook for the new uh for the new plans So let me see bill yearly Works at nine dollars a month at Nineteen dollars that’s 108 and 228 up Front And push up to 2500 so 17 and 30. This one was 15 So it’s small with two dollar Increase On that one and then thirteen fifties How much do they go up to ten thousand Yeah anything up on exceedful Pricing They go over I don’t know anyway mine is just small So does it doesn’t matter to me How did they go 500 000. Okay so aim to be right here okay so Even right here It jumps up here a little Bit but anyway Um i’m looking forward to the changes Hopefully it’ll be Quicker And um i was a bit worried i will even Get a response and i just got off live Chat with live chat with them i’m going To Cancel my plan but if i cancel it now I lose all my data immediately even Though i’ve paid for the month which is Annoying so i have to make sure i cancel

Pulling the Before the next bill comes through And yeah i’ve already moved all my stuff Over to melee line i’m really looking Forward to this this new setup I wouldn’t mind paying for the advanced If the features are good But time will talk let me quickly look At the comments because some of them are Pretty pretty good Sorry on page Okay Um share emotion Between sub accounts maybe It’s fine If this was the comment i read about the Person saying that they set up for their Customers and they want to be the admin And they say that they’ll take into Consideration hopefully it means it Actually will And this is a pre-launch campaign to get Feedback so this is good constructive Feedback Well done seb Um it truly is a deal break only having One user if you’ve got client set setup An idea Uh yeah people are very excited Everybody’s talking about their youth Interface Right now it’s dead slow Uh Some people talking about the extra 50

Bucks here could cost which is Difficult but yeah they’re going to keep Classic for a long time so you can’t Stay with that Let me read this again Sorry I’m not funny okay Okay well There’s some good comments and then some Funny comments Um so yeah hopefully If you do want to sign up click on the Link below And you can sign up for a free account And yeah i hope you found this video Useful it’s always exciting when there’s New features and new versions especially A new user interface because a lot of Work So hopefully it works well and i’m Actually kind of happy now that i Switched from great response So yeah i’ll see you next video thanks