RankerX Review | RankerX Black Friday Discount

By | November 21, 2021

RankerX Review | RankerX Black Friday Discount
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Rankerx is the best backling tool and the one of the fastest backlinking tools available.

With RankerX you can quickly build high quality, high authority backlinks to:
– Rank Websites
– Rank YouToube videos
– Rank GMBs
– Rank Soclai Properties

RankerX has wizards to guide you through the process – if you buy via my link, I will send you a training video free of charge.

RankerX is always updating the properties so you always have a great selection of high authority sites to post to.

RankerX integrated with WordAI, ArticleForge, 0Captcha, 2Captcha, SpinRewriter, TheBestSpinner, Kontent Machine and many more.

Watch my WordAI review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQouEzdadyA

00:01 Introduction
00:34 RankerX Features
01:46 RankerX VPS
03:50 RankerX Discount
04:00 RankerX Pricing
04:57 RankerX Changelog
05:51 RankerX Update
06:04 RankerX Demo
07:20 RankerX Campaign
11:26 RankerX Captcha Integration
11:47 RankerX 0Captcha Integration
12:17 0Captcha vs 2Captcha
13:05 RankerX Content Integration (Article Forge)
14:07 RankerX Spinner Integration (WordAI)
14:27 RankerX Indexer (IndexInject)
16:40 RankerX PBNs
17:10 RankerX Email
18:30 RankerX Sample Site
18:41 Rankerx Sample Domain Authority
19:22 RankerX Bonus

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Hello everyone this is fern from Phonereviews.com And in this video i’m going to be Reviewing a an seo tool and a Backlinking tool called rancorex I’ve had it for about a year now and i Use it for ranking websites um My social properties and my youtube Videos And what i like about rancorex is that It’s really fast and it’s really Effective for good quality sites to link From And let me just go through the Sales pages so you get a little bit more Detail on what it offers So you can see the blurb here map it Says get backlinks on thousands of high Quality high authority websites Um to easily rank your website youtube Videos and local seo for gms for example Um Okay So why choose rancor x they’ve got some Wizards now um rank rex is tricky to use So what i’ll do if you buy it via my Link below and then you send me a copy Of your receipt via my website click on The link to send me a screenshot I’ll give you access to a training video That i’ve made Um on how to set up a campaign to rank a Youtube video to rank a social property Or something

So you can follow that guide to start Working with minecraft straight away Because it is tricky to use Um they have got wizards but you need You need to do certain things before you Start working with wizards and it can be Tricky Um so yeah they’ve got higher 30 Websites such as wordpress.com tumblr And weebly And they do have sites regularly in Their change log they always tell you How many sites they add so they’ve got Some Edu sites and all sorts Um safely intelligent link building Strategies youtube video ranking local Seo and so on it is very fast and Lightweight there’s another app that i Use Another software is really slow it was Same sort of money But it was resource intensive and i Needed a b3 vps to use it So um this is this works pretty well i’m Actually running this off of vps as you Can see There’s a couple of testimonials here Okay so they’ve got authority websites Um undisputed success rate on strategies Pbs management and what i like is that You can add your own Your own pbn sites so for example i’ve Got a lot of wordpress sites even some

Google news sites So if i import them by putting the Details into your incorrect i can set up Campaigns just to post to those sites On the fly so you don’t need any other Software backlinking software you can do All in rancor x Supports multiple platforms custom sites And so on Um there’s a lot of integrations and Some of them you do need so i highly Recommend having a capture service So i used what i’ve been using to Capture for years But ryan creek’s actually launched their Own platform called zero capture And it’s uh i think you get three times More Captures for for every dollar compared To capture two captures is reasonable So that’s sometimes something new Also just integrated with article forge And bloody eye plus spin rewriter So what you need to start with right Quick you need a capture service and you Need proxies i’ll put a link down below For some proxies i use You don’t need special expensive Dedicated ones you’re not scraping huge Shared proxies The properties i use they uh I think they’re less than a dollar each Um i use 10 20 just depending on what I’m doing

Okay that’s that Let me show you the pricing Okay so as of right now they’ve got a Big black fur day black friday discount So 200 off for the coupon That’s only for very limited time So the pricing is you can You get seven day trial and you can pay Monthly 49.99 Uh you can pay annually for That’s only 600 And that will have about 40 a month That’s if you pay one time annually or You can go for lifetime which i have You get 200 off it’s normally 999 And you’re just a one-off course and you You get to keep it for life and all the Updates And with right clicks you can only you Can store up multiple machines but you Only have one active session So Keep that in mind you can buy additional Licenses Add them to your account Um where’s the change look Um let me just find it i can’t see it Okay i found it okay so the training Works and now they just updated uh added Three web 2.0 blog premium sites Uh three web 2.0 profile premium sites 39 web 2.0 blogs html by point web 2.0 Premium profile sites 12 wiki sites 52 forum sites

Uh a new platform bb press I don’t know why it’s lagging okay Um lots of other changes they fixed Authority and so on seo management Software Same date same date the next one before That was October there are more sites some edu Websites More forum sites you see they do update It quite a lot So let me actually show you inside the App itself Um Launching from scratch Okay so So um once you install it you put your Details and you get this icon first Thing to do is click on update and do an Update so i just updated mine Click on open application and run inside Your browser And you can see i’ve got a test campaign Running just to show you So um they’ve got some wizards But i’ll go through them uh that’s a Bonus i’ll go through the whole wizard Process Let me show you an example of a campaign It’s a bit tricky if you do forget what You’re clicking on here but it’s a bit Tricky but let’s click on the name Um i can’t show you inside the campaign Because it’s already running

Went through with it One thing you have to remember is always Click on save when we say save button Okay so you’ve clicked on the eye So this is the actual campaign itself So this is where you um you add your Your money side url now one thing with These with these type software you don’t You don’t put in your your main website Address ever Because you could destroy it um The best thing to do is always send it To Secondary sites obviously for example um I use tumblr sites so i’ll i’ll have um I’ll set up ifttt To post my blog post to a tumblr site Also my youtube videos and so on And then i will send links to the tumblr Site So that’ll give that some authority And that will give some juice back to my Main site but you don’t ever want to Send it to your main site If you’ve got social media profiles like For twitter pages you’ve got youtube Videos whatever you can put those urls In here but don’t put in your main Website urls in there So uh just a campaign name uh use anchor Text on my site or use keywords Um You put your your um your urls in here So it’s url

Keyboard one keyword two You can create a new profile or use Existing profiles You can use their own anchor x email Which one add your own gmails or if You’ve got some cultural emails you can Use that But everything here all these sort of Things you have to do is put in the Settings beforehand before you actually Get into the campaign So this way you choose a site to post to So you should premium sites all sites Some people i do the old way but Actually on all sites Over here i wanted to put on premium Sites Okay and then same for tier two you can Put some Which is that one there You need to set up your buckets Beforehand so this is your actual Content So the way it works i you have to create A Small article or import using article Footage or any other options And um it will bring in that content and It you can set up a spinner for it as Well and it will reuse it on different Sites Know now insert your links into there But also into the Stats content bucket

There’s also blurb So blurb is where Um blob is where i’m going to put in my Uh my youtube video Um embed code So that is that um you can choose Maximum number of links per article And you have to set have your blood so You can choose your blurbs I would recommend you set images you can Just put a keyword and we’ll search for Them Just choosy position And then you choose your Your your diagram your what your post is So you can create your own It’s a bit friendly using the diagram Creator but Um the ones i normally use are Prima premium authority tier one And Um I think this is one For one for all Then you set your start dating start Time because you can save it And then go into the campaign and get Started or you just do Start date start time just based on your You’re using a vps is your server time Obviously And then um You can drip feed it over multiple days Normally with rank rex i i just let it

Blast over one day just let it get Working so i put i’ve got 10 proxies in There and i let it get working Let me run you over some of the options Quickly Um i probably need to blur some of this Stuff out but along the top you can see These are the general general settings Um so you enter your proxies And your capture and your build capture Let me show you because you’ve got a Couple of them right now Actually it’s really really hashed out So you see they put a new they’ve got a Little header here it’s three times Cheaper than two capture And this is their own site called zero Capture 0.3 cents per thousand captures And 0.99 per thousand google captures So it’s fast and it’s cheap Um because there are services linked Straight with their own corrects So you just go in there you make an Account put on 5 10. i think 10 might be The minimum Um I don’t can’t see okay so two capture Which is what i normally use is one of a Thousand Uh image capture and They are zero point three two characters Two dot ninety nine per thousand for Google capture they’re 0.99

Uh 40 captured per second there’s 57 Caps per second Efficient under workers for trying to Work and so on Just by capture i’ve got money with them But i never use their service So it’s very fast compatible three times Cheaper and so on very good I know some people spend hundreds on This but i don’t i don’t do massive Massive backlinking I keep it moderate Send this yes the same options will Capture so you choose your drop down The two captures are captured by capture Image and these things not recommended Now uh anti-capture remote Uh content don’t need to blur it if i do So i either stand up for article four so You put in your api key And it will use them article forge Article four just great because you just Put in a keyword and it will generate an Article for you based on those keywords You can set it to short medium long Whatever you want and you can use the Api key to import it Or you can just i think with that you’re Limited to 200 000 characters with Article forge Per month or you just create a manual Article inside article forge and then Class that’s unlimited and then you can Bring it into

Anchorage and then you can spin it from Inside there But it’s also a links with article Builder content machine and ultra Spinnable article Spinner um I don’t use i didn’t use best ben but i Use uh wordy eye So just put an api kit you can wear the Eye i think wordy eye is right now the Best um The best spinner Everyone clicks not the name of it but It’s the best builder i’ve used Um but my long term i’ve always used Spin me right because it’s cheap And reliable and it does a good job of Spinning i use i probably use spin Rewriter the most for When i’m doing quick spinning rewriting But for actual articles i always use Word ai now But there’s quite a few options there Indexer yep i need to blur this but um Index inject is the cheapest most Reliable service so that’s what i pay is Ten dollars per ten thousand url Submissions per month But it’s it’s a subscription plan it’s Annoying it’s not a Pay-as-you-go plan So i just paid ten dollars and i can Submit Ten thousand euros for the month but

Plenty of services that you can if you Click on it we’ll take it to the site You can just see what’s What um their index is not working right Now it actually blocks so if you see Some sites that you don’t like from the Backlinks you’d actually block the urls From here and it won’t you won’t use That site anymore Some of them at outside to someone you Don’t really want to use that Um contents this way you add your Content Let me show you this example So when you’re using your When you’re bringing an article so this Is an article i made with wordy eye Sorry say with article forge and i spun It with where the eye So you add your title you have your Content and You see it’s been used 315 times I’ll give you some best practices In the Training how to uh use this properly Same with blurbs you want to uh Um you enter your your name you enter The content and then you spin it this is Where you want to add your youtube embed Urls And you see it spinning on the fly okay And next the wizards In multiple wizards i don’t know why Where else are we okay custom size i

Don’t use custom sites But something i will be using is the Private network So with this You can add your your own wordpress Sites or any other websites I’m not sure if there’s a Compatible list But so for example i’ve got a load of uh Google news sites so i’ve got a Selection of google news sites on Affiliate marketing i can post to those Sites In a campaign i make one bucket And i can post those sites am i using The url and the details put them all Inside or in cracks I can make a separate account um my Troni account to keep my wordpress site Secure um This we add your you’ve got your own Email or gmail account you add them in Here So you can choose a site that you want To post to from here you can save as a Bucket So later in the campaign process you can Uh You can quickly just choose your sites You want to post to I think that’s it So the video didn’t get a bit long that I wanted it to but um anyway i hope you Find it useful

And like i said round correct is a bit Complicated to use but once you use it Several times you get used to it And with the training videos i’ll create For you Um you can get a good idea on how to Quickly start campaigns And get some backlinks now backlinks are Not good without indexing so you want to Use the indexing service or I’ve got a free video in my facebook Group how to scrape box To uh to index So that’s another that’s another good Good tip for you But minecraft is it’s better than a few Other ones i’ve used it’s really fast Um let me show you one actually on the Sample site This was a campaign earlier do some of The the urls they output Um so you see i’ve got my affiliate link Here Uh so you can set the title you can set The The content you can also protect words That you want to Rank for and so on and this is the Domain authority for that site so that Site is a 52 da35pa And what you can do you can send traffic To these Links and these links will link to your Your social media

Sites and that site will into your main Site So that’s the whole That’s why i put the effort in to get Battling so you want to send send you Some traffic to your To your site via these social media Sites and so on so it could be like Blogger wordpress.com or Twitter or tumblr And so on Besides the Staff the review online craigs i hope You find it useful don’t forget if you Do pick up find my link Go to my website click on the contact Button give me a screenshot of your Receipt And once i verify with my stats on the Back end and i’ll say i’ll give you Access to the video training on how to Set up campaigns to Get back into youtube videos and Everything i’ll go through the whole Process Thanks for watching i’ll see you next Month bye