SheerSEO Review and Demo | AHREFS alternative?

By | March 2, 2022

SheerSEO Review and Demo | AHREFS alternative?
Get Sheerseo lifetime deal
SheerSEO is an all round SEO tool with several tools.

My main focus was the competitive research and keyword research.

SheerSEO is available as a lifetime deal one-time payment, so no more subscriptions.

I found the tool to be a little slow but the data was very similar to AHREFS and other tools I tested.

There is an export function to spreadsheet or PDF which is useful.

00:01 Introduction

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s search engine ranking. It involves understanding how search engines work and creating content that will be relevant for users. The process is always evolving, so a website should always be updated with the latest changes to keep up with the latest trends. There are four basic types of SEO. Here are the main ones. On-Page SEO: On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing individual pages. It focuses on the content of the page, its HTML source code, and its meta description.

Search engine optimization is important for every business. The process is not as complicated as it seems. First of all, search engines like Google are constantly changing. This means that you need to optimize your website to get more visitors. You need to make sure that your site is optimized for the search engines. They try to give the user the best experience possible. In order to do this, you need to produce great content. If you can’t produce that, your website will not be seen by many users.

SEO is important because search engines like Google want to provide users with the best experience possible. The number one job of an SEO is to create great content. It is important to have an audience who is likely to purchase from you. Your customers are looking for content that will be relevant to the type of search they are searching for. However, if your website lacks content, you won’t get that audience. Hence, SEO is critical for your business.
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In this video i’m going to review Another appsumo deal This is for share seo This is selling for 75 one-time price And it’s a pretty comprehensive seo Platform it’s not going to compare to Ahrefs or semrush or whatever but the Advantage is that it’s a one-time price So you’d have to pay months if you’re Starting out we just want some basic Details This is pretty good I’ve only just tested a tiny bit but um It looks okay i compared the data to Another tool that i’m using and it seems Pretty good So you can rank tracking for up to 200 Keywords now there was a point out where I was paying 20 a month to track 300 Keywords And yeah In the united accounts it wasn’t really Worth it So what what i signed up for this one For was for the competitive research Because i’m paying uh Um paying 15 17 a month for sc ranking I want to see how this one compares and The data is pretty good Uh you can see backlinks for your Competitors main keywords you get pdf Reports You can cross 2000 pages per month site Audience keyword research guided i don’t

Know what that is Backlink explorer And so on Okay So let’s get to the where’s the Okay stack five questions Following Five domains one of keywords Is that worth it i don’t know For those who want to get our advanced License it’s 100 keywords 10 000 pages Scanned First background up sooner than talked About the economy for Okay i don’t know what they’re talking About Okay but there’s a lot of fashion Reviews but to be honest i don’t really Trust absolute reviews anymore I normally go to the questions first to See what Issues people have with what they How the vendors respond How does it help with link building Reply Put your backlinks Now system find blogs in your niche and Let our system find pokemon and purchase Them from us Interesting why do you want to purchase It from them Yeah our system find blogs in your niche And push okay no i don’t know Uh send blog

Okay i review think drop Identify toxic links I mean to be honest And if that’s i don’t know i’m not an sd Expert but from what i’ve Seen all links are pretty good Um Okay that’s enough for that let me get Into the demo let me go to their site First So there’s site um let me see the normal Pricing So normal pricing for single domain Monthly Okay so yeah okay i get it okay it’s a Single domain you guessed it 200 Keywords it’s basically your own Standard plan which is 10 dollars a Month it’s pretty cheap But i’ll pay one time And Advance tracking which is Okay so single domains was agency five Domains okay So you pay them the little bonus you get A little bit more But um it goes back to the front page So the main highlight is rank tracking Explore backlinks Excuse me Keyword research Competitors On-page seo Okay so this is the actual dashboard

Itself i just put in my site to test and I didn’t really know what was going on It wasn’t clear about what i had to do But you know i don’t really monitor Rankings that much I like using these tools for um Url analysis backlink analysis and so on So let’s see What options they’ve got here dashboard Ranking current history competitors Competitor keywords organic i do i go For organic research Uh backlink explorer Research queue will explore organic Research keyword gap index pages Optimization targets backlinks History explorer on-page seo Directory submission Okay so they put you in oh they charge You per listing That’s an interesting way to make money Just quickly from this filter Interesting someone quite cheap five Dollars but anyway Would it be that hard to get these Directors yourself i don’t know Link insertions wordpress Five Four Three two one okay too long Vlog review okay this is when i approach Other blogs Blah blah blah I hate these emotions i wouldn’t do this

So sure Oh it looks interesting How do you It’s a little bit unclear i haven’t been Through the Onboarding So i’m just doing this um Offhand I assume it’s looking for your brand Name in tweets Same with facebook Okay free url so 263 shares Zero likes be harsh Settings Okay So what was i This is what i’ve been using it for so Much organic research Actually not that one Um Which option options did i select Neither these ones um What’s going on ingredients with it No Oh here we go competitive keywords okay Just say for example um So if you saw my other review of sd Ranking i did Last week I think i did let’s do that Again All i want is to see with the ranking Keywords for a website And with sd ranking was pretty quick and

You have nice graphs and you have nice Filters to edit and so on I did notice when i tried this one’s a Bit slower but if you’re paying 75 one Off Rather than 15 dollars a month And you just want to get keyword reason Sorry uh Organic Keywords research It’s too worth it just give it a little While It’s a big sign with a lot of uh Keywords so See how long it takes While i’m waiting let’s look at the Uh the website again It’s a rank tracking oh it works for Youtube as well that’s good That is really good actually Because i’m paying uh Or what’s it called That’s another one i’m using anyway Ranking youtube i was paying like thirty Dollars a month For checking my youtube rankings But yeah i’m not really too bothered i Just I don’t bother mining too much but it’s Interesting to youtube as well google And bing On page analysis keyword research Is it done still going Reliable rank tracking

Local city mobile tracking new insights 40 almost 45 000 users is pretty Impressive I’ve never heard of them But i saw the deal on that zoom i Thought Looks like a good deal Okay but i don’t have any rank tracking Set up this is a little demo a keyword It shows the local source India russia usa and uk and they Probably closed The progress is a nice little Chart The rank difference date server feature And estimate volume Okay Page optimization excuse me Okay here we go we’re done So these are all the only keywords so Let’s see The most volume Let’s see how long it takes i probably Should have Oh they’re only given 30 000 entries Oops Let’s look at the filters So volume from 1000 To 200 000. Cpc is 0.2521 [Music] Words

Doesn’t matter keyword difficulty From 0 to [Music] 40. And yeah apply filters Okay it’s working way And after this we’ll test the keyword Research It’s taking this time I probably should have been to smaller Site Let’s go back to page optimization Let’s give you a nice clear Idea what you need to do Export and create backlinks To main account over here Interesting come on dude it’s not Looking good for the review taking so Long I did a similar test earlier wasn’t that Long So i don’t know why it’s taking so long Now I’ll just wait here and watch it Watch the Little balls ticking off what we call That I’ll be completely honest if i was Serious about research i would use Ahrs first choice and semrush up there But for me cost wise um sc ranking i Really like that tool As you see in my reviews i posted last Week i’ll probably link it to below

While putting a card above I really like ease of use and the amount Of data you can get how quickly you can Filter and sort it And you can export useful reports but The main thing is the price is very very Reasonable For what you get But this i put in fourth What am i on third place Because of mainly because of the cost so You get similar data But the cost is just a one-off price And if you’re a very occasional user It’s worth spending it just to get a District for one-off payment Rather than a subscription i’m sure over Time as is everything then improve the Software to go along So you get all those benefits but just Turn that one off payment It’s taking a long time here let me just Pause the video Okay talk about another minute when i Pause the video but here we go some Results So sort by volume So dreamcatcher 65000 luggage Cpc 80 cents Kilowatt 17 rank 8 Sma click 5000 almost Led lights The reason the reason i do this Let’s say for example i want to

Promote an Affiliate product at walmart i can see What’s getting clicks actually the Estimated keyword difficulty The ranked cpc and so on i can make Whole blog posts for example about led Lights And Keyboard difficulty is okay I can try and create some comments a Youtube video Um a twitter post a reddit post or a Blog post and try and outrank These sites Especially when the keyword difficulty Is lower you can make multiple pieces of Content and promote them and get Backlinks and get some authority You can actually outrank these pages Because traffic you’re not going up Against walmart direct you’re going up Against their subpages so you can’t rank Them And you can get some affiliate Commissions Or if you’re preparing your own products You can you can use this information and You know try and rank them and see what What you can see what’s what’s selling Well and so on so Ninja blender wi-fi extender Wall shelf launcher so you get an idea Of what’s selling And yeah so that is competitive let me

Go to keyword research I’m not used to let’s see Let me just put in Affiliate marketing Contains phrase contains both summary Small planets which Contains phrase And let’s see how this one takes I’ve got so many keyword tools that’s That’s a biq Um which i use sometimes Okay let’s do this all back for you Okay what did It’s affiliate marketing Giveaway 38 So i could do a blog post and include All of these as sub headers or sub Categories H2h3 headers And try and get some traction that way It’s very high cpcs Mostly people to make money online Amazon affiliate Marketing competition index keyboard Difficulty what’s competition index Oh no it’s gonna sort it Okay that’s interesting they take you to Another page to show you that why is There just to pop up Come on guys Affiliate marketing affiliate marketing Jobs how to start video marketing Volume 1000 Cpc 243

Let’s do a look for the example let’s do A low keyword difficulty Let’s do it from zero to let’s say 10. If you wanted to create a quick post try And rank And see what comes up Let’s see how many results of a total The filters do seem to be very slow Which is not great for any quick Research but i suppose you are paying a One-off price okay so High ticket affiliate marketing Definition So you can make a blog post on that and Add some high five high ticket for the Offers in there Hi hi affiliate marketing videos Um affiliate marketing udemy So you can create a free course in Affiliate marketing give it away free Add them to your list And then offer them something else and High ticket calls in the future that’s An idea Best free blog sites for affiliate Marketing And in my case i like to youtube videos I can make youtube videos on these Topics So it’s interesting it’s a good tool Um i’m not gonna go through the rest i’m Not really i haven’t really given it Enough time to collect information on my Website

So maybe i’ll do update to review later On But that was a quick demo and i say Quick by almost 18 minutes A quick demo and video of Sheer seo Here’s some interesting graphics So you see all those things set up i’ve Not done it anyway So if you if you are interested in doing Some good computer research or kind of Keyword research Click on the link below it’s an Affiliate link so thank you and i’ll see You next video bye