Warlord Secrets Review – How to Make Money by Answering Questions on Quora

By | September 14, 2021

Warlord Secrets Review
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Warlord Secrets is a training course with software download.

The essence of the course is making money by using Quora.

I have been through the training and I found it to be useful and easy to follow. I highly recommend at minimum the front end for $12.95, OTO1 and OTO2 are great value to get you going fast!

I have created some unique and custom made bonuses especially for this product.

My exclusive bonuses are:
Extra methods for Quora keyword research
Unique Content generation for Quora fast
Repurpose existing content fast

My bonuses will boost your output and create ranking content fast.

Warlord Secrets OTOs and Upsells:

OTO1: Pro – $27/$17
OTO2: DFY – $37/$27
OTO3: Unlimited Traffic – $97/$67
OTO4: Traffic Mastery – $67/$37
OTO5: Resell Rights – $97/$47

Quora, for those that don’t know, is a question answer platform. Little did I know that marketers are leveraging the platform to make serious commissions – without a website, YouTube channel or email list!

Just answer questions and point the visitors to your offers.

The training teaches you about which keywords to go for, how to set up you account, how to setup sites on Quora, how to keep your affiliate links safe from banning.

00:01 Introduction
01:33 Members Area
02:47 My Custom Bonuses
06:45 Software Download
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Hello everyone it’s forehand from 400views.com And in this video i’m going to be Reviewing warlord secret Now not only is it a great name i do Like the product name But i’ve been through the training it’s Actually a really genuinely good Training And it’s a system that is Not i can i’ll never say guaranteed but If you follow the system properly You are very certain to make some money Using this these methods in the training And this is all about um answering Questions on quora And finding the right questions to Answer with the right traffic and the Right keywords Also how to put your links in there and How to make sure your your posts stay Active on quora Now this is the sales page not Completely at the time recording But it is genuinely 100 beginner Friendly to get by traffic to any link So you can send the link to send the Traffic to your videos to your blog to Your Affiliate products Um you don’t need a website you don’t Need an email list you don’t need fancy Funnels You really don’t need to spend any money

Using this method apart from the initial Front-end course Course um you know it’s you don’t Really need to learn too much i’ve never Used quora much in the past I went through the training i had my Counselor up i was answering questions Within I think about the first 20 Minutes uh we can go through the solar Panel sales page it’s quite long it’s a Lot to read But i’ll jump straight into the members Area and show you around the training Okay so These standard welcome videos These are the two people Behind the promotion of this product Phil and dan And then you’ve got will weatherly and Roman palmer So robin has created the software that You can use in addition to this and will Has done all of the training which is Really good So you get the stand we’re not standing You get a case study which is what i Love i love case studies i like watching The Training in action in a real scenario And with this course you get a overview And a full case study The main training covers identifying the Buyer questions

Navigating your search ninja keywords Additional keyword hacks content Generation staying safe for keeping your Posts and links active on quora Monetization and three extra traffic And the final section on the front end Is the software’s included So it’s downloadable file excuse me So um what i’ve done i’ve actually made Some bonuses especially for this product So briefly the training identified gaps On what what we can use to expand on This Let me just find my bonus page one Second So i’ve just recorded a couple of videos For you so this first one is some extra Methods for Quora keyword research That weren’t covered in this training So only get these for my bonuses the Second bonus is a Unique content generation for quora So this method will teach you how to Make completely unique content very fast And the third bonus is how to repurpose Existing content very fast For queer answers All of these bonuses are only available By the link below and there’s some Additional bonuses from the vendors Themselves Let me talk about the oto there are a Few of them and a couple of them are

Worth it The first oh so the front end of this Product story is 12.97 And the otr one is the pro version Which is 27 for the downside of 17 And that will be uh Be some information about how philip Used some hashtags Um Oh sorry How can we use a system to 10x’s traffic With hashtags Oto2 is a done for you which i think is Worth it It’s 37 with a downside of 27. And will will has done a lot of work and And will give you a lot of resources Um so you get hundreds of resources Including core templates key hundreds of Keywords software emails are done for You reviews and funnels So this will give you a jump start on Everyone else if you purchase this Upsell episode two Um oto three is unlimited traffic So you can put a pixel onto Phil and dan sales pages so you get Extra traffic And otr four is the all-in-one solution For Traffic mastery and oto 5 is the Standard resell rights So This

Is an amazing system it’s launching on The 14th of september at 10 a.m eastern Which is i should know by now 10 a.m eastern to uk Which is four Three three o’clock Three p.m on On the 14th of september And the promo launch is lasting until The 17th of september So this is a Really good course especially if you Don’t want to bother making a list and Building a website and building up a Brand new network It’s basically a shortcut to earning Affiliate commissions And the training is pretty comprehensive And will go through all the process In detail it’s very easy to follow and Highly recommended for 12.95 I know you’ll get better quality Training than this And plus with my bonuses I’ll teach you the extra methods For core keyword research i’ll show you How to write content unique content very Fast And also how to repurpose existing Content And use that for your queries So if you found this useful the link to Buy is below And um

I’ll see you next video thanks for Watching bye Hello i’m back again i’ve got to the end Of the recording i completely forgot to Mention Um the software section so this software Is this here is uh this is the quora Auto poster It’s available in the last module let me Just get to it the last module here Automation software And what this basically does is you can Automate the posting of content to Correct onto questions And this software is included with this Um With this training And i believe there’s a free trial or Maybe it’s a low paid plan to Actually use the software in conjunction With a Writing tool But to be honest gesture training itself Is more than enough to get you started And this software you can use at a later Date To really boost your question answering On quora But yeah i just thought i’d mention it Because i forgot to mention in the main Review thanks for watching bye